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This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action. Release of the full text of a Commission order constitutes official action. See MCI v. FCC. 515 F 2d 385 (D.C. Circ 1974).

March 8, 2002
Linda Haller 202-418-1408
Email: lhaller@fcc.gov


Washington, D.C. Ė As part of Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Michael Powellís initiative to improve the Commissionís effectiveness, efficiency and responsiveness, Donald Abelson, Chief of the International Bureau, today announced the Bureauís new structure. The restructured Bureau will consist of three Divisions: Policy Division, Satellite Division and Strategic Analysis & Negotiations Division. The reorganization consolidates the International Bureauís work on international policy and spectrum issues and the Commissionís role in bilateral, regional and multilateral organizations.

ďThese changes will enable the Bureau to best serve the Commission and the public in authorizing satellite and international telecommunications services and in leading the world in developing procompetitive and transparent regulatory approaches,Ē Mr. Abelson said.


International Bureau Staff Contact: Jacqueline Ponti at 202-418-0436.

News about the Federal Communications Commission can also be found
on the Commissionís web site www.fcc.gov.


Office of the Bureau Chief
Bureau Chief: Donald Abelson
Deputy Bureau Chief: Anna M. Gomez
Deputy Bureau Chief: Roderick K. Porter
Associate Bureau Chief/Chief of Staff: Jacqueline M. Ponti
Associate Bureau Chief: Linda L. Haller
Assistant Bureau Chief: Jacquelynn Ruff
Chief Engineer: Richard Engelman
Chief Economist: Douglas Webbink
Senior Legal Advisor: Christopher Murphy
Senior Legal Advisor: Alexandra Field
Administrative and Management Office
Assistant Bureau Chief:
Thomas Sullivan
Deputy Assistant Bureau Chief: Sarah Van Valzah

Policy Division
The Policy Division conducts international spectrum rulemakings, develops international telecommunications policy, and licenses international telecommunications facilities, including submarine cables. The Divisionís focus in developing international telecommunications policy is to achieve low calling rates for U.S. consumers and to facilitate competition in the provision of international facilities and services. The Bureau also coordinates within the FCC and with other U.S. agencies on spectrum rulemaking and other issues. In addition, the Division provides expertise regarding foreign ownership issues. Further, the Division provides assistance to U.S. trade officials and represents the Commission in international telecommunications trade negotiations. The Policy Division coordinates and consults with other Divisions within the International Bureau, as well as other Bureaus/Offices within the Commission, to share expertise and provide advice and guidance on areas within the purview of the Division.

Division Chief: James Ball
Deputy Division Chief: Breck Blalock
Deputy Division Chief: Claudia Fox
Assistant Division Chief: George Li
Assistant Division Chief, Engineering: Ronald Repasi

Satellite Division
The primary mission of the Satellite Division is to serve U.S. consumers by promoting a competitive and innovative domestic and global telecommunications marketplace. The Division strives to achieve this goal by: authorizing as many satellite systems as possible and as quickly as possible to facilitate deployment of satellite services; minimizing regulation and maximizing flexibility for satellite telecommunications providers to meet customer needs; and fostering efficient use of the radio frequency spectrum and orbital resources. The Division also provides information and expertise about the commercial satellite industry in the domestic spectrum management process and advocates U.S. satellite radiocommunication interests in international coordinations and negotiations. The Division shares its regulatory expertise with foreign administrations, and advocates an open, transparent, non-discriminatory global satellite radiocommunication environment.

Division Chief: Thomas Tycz
Deputy Division Chief: Fern Jarmulnek
Deputy Division Chief: Cassandra Thomas
Senior Engineer: John Martin
Branch Chiefs:

    Policy Branch

    Systems Analysis Branch

    Engineering Branch

Jennifer Gilsenan

William Howden

Robert Nelson

Strategic Analysis and Negotiations Division
The Strategic Analysis & Negotiations Division serves as the organization within the Commission responsible for all intergovernmental and regional leadership, negotiating, and planning functions. As such, the Division oversees the Commissionís global participation in: (1) international fora such as those held under the auspices of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU), including World Radiocommunication Conferences; (2) various regional organizations, such as the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC), the Inter-American Telecommunications Conference (CITEL), and the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD); and (3) cross-border negotiations with Canada and Mexico. The Division coordinates bilateral and educational outreach on behalf of the Commission by facilitating on-site exchanges at the between FCC experts and foreign government officials. The Division also maintains ongoing relationships with foreign regulatory counterparts. In addition, the Division performs economic and policy analyses regarding the international communications market and regulatory trends, including implications for U.S. policy.

Division Chief: Kathryn OíBrien
Deputy Division Chief: John Deasy
Deputy Division Chief: John Giusti
Assistant Division Chief: Linda Dubroof
Assistant Division Chief: Karen Onyeije
Senior Engineer: Larry Olson
Branch Chiefs:

    Cross Border, Negotiations &
    Treaty Compliance Branch

    Regional & Industry
    Analysis Branch

    International Spectrum &
    Telecommunciations Branch

    International Radiocommuncation Branch

James Ballis

Patricia Cooper

Pamela Gerr

William Luther