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DA 01-1366
Released: June 8, 2001


The FCC's Technological Advisory Council, a Federal Advisory Committee comprised of a broad array of well-known technologists and chaired by Dr. Robert Lucky, Corporate Vice President, Telcordia, will hold its first meeting Wednesday, June 13, 2001 at 10:00 a.m. in the Commission's meeting room at 445 12th St. S.W., Washington, D.C. Dr. Jules Bellisio, Chief Scientist and Executive Director, Telcordia Technologies, will serve as the Council's Executive Director. The list of Council members is appended to this notice.

The Council helps provide technological insights that the Commission needs to stay abreast of innovations in communications and related industries. The purpose of this first meeting under the Council's new charter will be to organize the Council's efforts to fulfill its responsibilities under the charter.

Members of the general public may attend the meeting. The Federal Communications Commission will attempt to accommodate as many persons as possible. Admittance, however, will be limited to the seating available. There will be no public oral participation unless requested by the Chair, but the public may submit written comments to Julius Knapp, the Council's Designated Federal Officer, before the meeting. Julius Knapp's email address is jknapp@fcc.gov. His U.S. Postal Service mail address is Julius Knapp, Deputy Chief, Office of Engineering and Technology, Federal Communications Commission, 445 12th Street, SW, Washington, DC 20554.

For further information, contact Kent Nilsson at 202-418-0845 voice, 202-418-2989 tty, 202-418-1918 fax, knilsson@fcc.gov. RealAudio access to the meeting and other information about the Technological Advisory Council may be obtained through the Commission's web site at http://www.fcc.gov/.

Technological Advisory Council Members and Affiliations

Name Company
Lucky, Robert, Chairman Telcordia Technologies, Inc
Boakye, Kwame Harris Corporation
Briggs, Fred WorldCom
Estrada, Susan Aldea Communications, Inc.
Ferren, Bran Applied Minds, Inc.
Goldberg, Larry WGBH Educational Foundation
Green, Richard Cable Television Laboratories, Inc,
Haseltine, Eric Walt Disney Imagineering
Hatfield, Dale University of Colorado
Hemrick, Christine Cisco Systems, Inc.
Hendricks, Dewayne Dandin Group
Jackson, Chuck Consultant
Kahn, Kevin Intel Corporation
Konston, Kalle IIT Research Institute
Lapin, Gregory ARRL RF Safety Committee
Liao, Paul Panasonic
Lim, Wah Hughes
Lu, Willie Siemans
Nagel, David AT&T
Negus, Kevin Proxim, Inc.
Newman, Stagg McKinsey and Company
Ransom, Niel Alcatel USA, Inc.
Roberson, Dennis Motorola
Setos, Andrew New Technology Group, News Group
Shah, Nitin ArrayComm, Inc.
Sharp, Gerald Pathnet
Sicker, Douglas Level 3 Communications
Singer, Barry Philips Research
Stevens, Jessica Telegen Corporation
Vanderheiden, Gregg University of Wisconsin-Madison
Zitter, Robert M. Home Box Office