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Released: July 1, 1999


Dr. Robert Lucky, Corporate Vice President, Telcordia and Chairman of the FCC's Technological Advisory Council ("TAC"), a Federal Advisory Committee that consists of a broad array of well-known technologists, has requested that interested members of the public submit white papers covering any of the topics under consideration by TAC's three focus groups. These focus groups are:

1. Spectrum Management

TASK: Assess and report to the TAC the current state of software defined radios, cognitive radios, and similar devices, predict future developments for these technologies, and suggest ways that the availability of such technologies might affect the FCC's traditional approaches to spectrum management, as well as ways that the FCC could facilitate experimentation and commercial deployment of such devices.

Assess and report to the TAC the current state of knowledge concerning electromagnetic noise levels and the effects of such noise on the reliability of existing and future communications systems, including whether the FCC should focus more closely on electromagnetic noise levels in addressing spectrum management issues; and suggest technical approaches for obtaining adequate empirical information concerning electromagnetic noise levels.

Charles L. Jackson, moderator


2. Accessibility for Disabled Persons

TASK: Assess and report to the TAC current technical trends in telecommunications services; suggest any changes that might decrease, rather than increase, the accessibility of telecommunications services by persons with disabilities; and suggest how the FCC might best communicate to designers of emerging telecommunications network architectures, requirements for accessibility

Gregg Vanderheiden, moderator


3. Network Interconnection and Access

TASK: Assess and report to the TAC, from a technical/economic perspective, telecommunications common carrier network interconnection scenarios that are likely to develop, including the technical aspects of cross network (i.e., end-to-end) interconnection, quality of service, network management, reliability, and operations issues, as well as the deployment of new technologies such as dense wave division multiplexing and high speed packet/cell switching

Marvin Sirbu, moderator


Additional information on TAC and these focus groups and their topic areas can be obtained through the Internet at: http://www.fcc.gov/oet/tac/

White papers should be limited to twenty-five pages including references and appendices and should specify in their heading the focus group and specific topic being addressed. White papers should be sent directly to Dr. Robert Lucky, Room 3Z367A, 331 Newman Springs Rd., Redbank, NJ 07701 with electronic copy on disk, or e-mailed to snanney@telcordia.com. White papers should not be sent to the FCC.

Submission of a white paper will constitute permission to edit and post the paper on the TAC focus groups' internet web sites. Dr. Lucky reserves the right to select only those papers that are appropriate for such posting.

Posting on a focus group's web page is intended to provide the public with an opportunity to present its views and to provide information to the public. The posting of a white paper does not constitute consideration or adoption of the views expressed therein, either by the FCC, the TAC, any focus group or any staff or members of these organizations. Posted white papers do not constitute recommendations of the focus group to the TAC, or to the FCC, nor do they represent TAC recommendations to the FCC.

The present notice is a function of the staff support that the FCC may provide its Federal Advisory Committees. This notice is not related to, and does not initiate, any FCC proceeding. It is not a request for comments. White papers offered in response to this notice will not be reviewed by the FCC or FCC staff.

For further information, contact Robert Kimball at 202-418-2339 voice, 202-418-1944 fax, bkimball@fcc.gov.