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Application with Supporting Brief
By SBC Communications Inc., Southwestern Bell Telephone Company, And Southwestern Bell Long Distance For Provision Of In-region, Interlata Services In Oklahoma

CC Docket No. 97-121

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sbcpage1 The Complete Application, including the 103-page supporting Brief, is available here for download in the form of a single zip file.

455 KB, 28 WordPerfect files, 1.7 MB unzipped

To download a zip file: click on the highlighted file name above, then use your browser's normal save function to save the zip file to your computer. Once it's on your system, use an unzip program to unzip the downloaded file.

UPDATE 11/16/97:
This is a revised version of the zip file that was originally posted on 4/11/97. The original zip file was updated in order to replace a damaged file containing the Affidavit Of Richard K. Keener (keener2.wpd). The corrected file was renamed keener2.doc.

The Brief in Support of the Application is also available separately here in WordPerfect and Adobe Acrobat formats. The Acrobat Version is provided so that when you view it on your screen or print it out on your printer the format will be virtually identical to the original formatting regardless of the computer platform, operating system, browser, or fonts that you may be using.

To view the Acrobat Version of the Brief, you must have Acrobat Reader software installed on your computer and configured as a "helper" or "plug-in" application in your browser. If not, you need to download, install, and configure the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software . If you already have the Reader installed and configured, you can go ahead and View the Brief Now (103 pages, 261 KB).

posted 4/11/97
revised 4/16/97