Recommended Decision of the
Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service

Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Version

The Recommended Decision is available here in Adobe Acrobat format so that when you look at it on your screen or print it out on your printer it will look identical to the FCC's original version regardless of the computer platform, operating system, browser, printer, or fonts that you may be using.

To view the report you first need to download, install, and configure the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Software . If you already have the Reader installed and configured as a "helper" or "plug-in" application for your browser, you can go ahead and ...
view the entire report now in Acrobat format (1.5 MB, 489 pages).
This version features a fully hyper-linked (clickable) Table of Contents.

Does NOT include updates made by the Errata that was released on 11/19/96

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Last updated: 11/13/96