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DA 98-1949
Release Date: September 24, 1998

Automated Reporting Management Information System (ARMIS) Data Now Available on the Commission's Internet Web Site

As a part of its ongoing efforts to provide telecommunications data to the public, the Common Carrier Bureau is pleased to announce that ARMIS information is now available on the Commission's Internet web site at http://www.fcc.gov/ccb/armis/db/. A web browser capable of viewing web pages containing frames is required to access the data.

The ARMIS database contains key financial, operational, infrastructure, and service quality information from the largest incumbent local exchange carriers.

The ARMIS database allows users to custom select data by report, year, company, study area, or individual data items. Data are available for years 1990 through 1997. The data will be updated regularly to reflect corrections and future carrier filings. Brief descriptions of the eight ARMIS reports now available on the internet are provided in the appendix to this notice. More detailed descriptions of the reports and carrier filing requirements are available on-line at the database web site, and at the ARMIS web site, at http://www.fcc.gov/ccb/armis/.

Help is available on-line to provide guidance in retrieving, saving, and printing ARMIS data. For further information, please contact the Reporting Management and Analysis Branch at (202) 418-0840 (voice), (202) 418-0484 (TTY), or E-mail to armis-hp@fcc.gov.

Action by the Chief, Accounting Safeguards Division, Common Carrier Bureau, FCC.


ARMIS 43-01 Annual Summary Report contains a highly aggregated comprehensive view of carriers' financial and cost allocation processes. Table I contains revenue, expense, reserve, and investment data. Table II contains interstate access demand data. This report is filed on a study area basis (i.e., by state). Prior to 1996, it was submitted quarterly. Beginning in 1996, it has been filed annually.

ARMIS 43-02 USOA (Uniform System of Accounts) Report contains the financial operating results of the carriers' telecommunications operations for every account in the Uniform system of Accounts (USOA). This report consists of three series of tables containing income statement, balance sheet, and general corporate data. This report is filed on an operating company basis.

ARMIS 43-03 Joint Cost Report contains the allocation of the carriers' revenues, expenses, and investments between regulated and nonregulated activities as specified in their cost allocation manuals and Part 64 of the FCC rules. It consists of a single table which is filed on a study area basis.

ARMIS 43-04 Access Report contains data regarding the separation of the carriers' regulated revenues and costs between the state and interstate jurisdictions (as defined in Part 36 of the FCC Rules) and the allocation of interstate amounts among the access charge categories (as defined in Part 69 of the FCC Rules). It consists of a single table which is filed on a study area basis.

ARMIS 43-05 Service Quality Report contains data on the quality of the carriers' customer service. It consists of several tables that provide data on installation and repair, switch outage, trunk blockage, and service quality complaints. Until 1995, this report was filed quarterly. Beginning in 1996, the report was filed annually. With the exception of Table IV.A, which is not filed at the holding company level, the 43-05 is filed at the study area and holding company levels.

ARMIS 43-06 Customer Satisfaction Report contains the results of surveys of customer satisfaction conducted by the local exchange carriers. Prior to 1996 (when reporting requirements changed), the report was filed semiannually, and it also contained results of measurements of dial tone response and analog transmission quality. Beginning in 1996, the report has been filed annually at the study area and holding company levels.

ARMIS 43-07 Infrastructure Report contains data regarding the carriers' telecommunications infrastructure. It contains data regarding the technology and functionality of switches and transmission facilities, as well as construction budget and plant investment figures. The 43-07 is filed at the study area and holding company levels.

ARMIS 43-08 Operating Data Report contains operational information regarding network plant, lines, and telephone calls. All of the tables in the 43-08 are organized by jurisdiction. Tables I.A. and I.B. contain outside plant data; Table II contains data on switched access lines; Table III contains access lines by customer group; Table IV contains telephone call details. The 43-08 is filed on an operating company basis.