Federal Communications Commission

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February 20, 1997

COMMON CARRIER BUREAU OUTLINES ACCOMPLISHMENTS SINCE ENACTMENT OF THE 1996 ACT A Compilation of Major Proceedings and Initiatives by the Bureau

The FCC's Common Carrier Bureau has released a report detailing its accomplishments since enactment of the Telecommunications Act of 1996 (the 1996 Act). Since the 1996 Act was signed into law on February 8, 1996, the Bureau has taken the lead on implementing many of its pro-competitive, de-regulatory provisions set forth by Congress.

"The Bureau has done an outstanding job rising to the challenge Congress put before us. Together with the rest of the Commission, we've kept our promise to meet or beat every statutory deadline in the 1996 Act," said Bureau Chief, Regina Keeney. "Our goal is to create competition in all telephone markets, including both local and long distance, to ensure that consumers will have the best possible options when choosing a telephone carrier."

In the report, the Bureau outlines the major proceedings on which it has had primary responsibility and which are designed to introduce more competition in the local and long distance telephone markets. The report also highlights the actions taken by the Bureau to encourage more public participation in Commission proceedings.

Since the 1996 Act was passed, the Bureau has hosted 15 public meetings on various issues such as access charge reform, universal service, and the formal complaints process. In addition, the Bureau established the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service which issued a Recommended Decision on the universal service provisions of the 1996 Act.


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