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Internet Access & Information Service Provider NOI
FCC 96-488

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Comments revised 3/26/97
29 out of a total of 41 comments were filed electronically with the FCC for the NOI part of the proceeding and are provided here in the following zip file:

file size date posted file index
488noic1.zip 588 KB, 29 files, 1.98 MB unzipped 3/26/97 Table 1

See the Master Index list for a master listing of all of the commenter's names (whether or not they submitted disks).

To download a zip file: click on the highlighted file name above, then use your browser's normal save function to save the zip file to your computer. Once it's on your system, use an unzip program to unzip the downloaded file.

Caution - This is not a complete set of the comments filed in this proceeding. For a complete set of all comments filed, contact International Transcription Service (202) 857-3800, or the Commission's Public Reference Room, room 239, 1919 M Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Comments in Zip File
488noic1.zip (588 KB)
Commenting PartyFile Name(s)
Alliance for Public Technology aptcmts.fcc
America Online, Inc. aol.cmt
AT&T Corp. esp-com
Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies and NYNEX acncm.dos
CAIS, Inc. caiscom.wp
Christensen Associates internet.wp5
Cincinnati Bell Telephone 000151
Commercial Internet Exchange Association comments.wp5
Compuserve Inc. and Prodigy Services Corporation csprnoi.com
DSC Communications Corporation dscnoi.doc
General Services Administration gsanoi.doc
Internet Access Coalition noidis~1.doc
Internet User Coalition inxsnoi.sum
Juno Online Services, Inc. junocom.wp
MCI Communications Corporation comments.mci
Motorola, Inc. motoro~1.doc
Pacific Telesis Group wp64~1.doc
Rural Telephone Coalition tdsnoi.wpd
Telecommunications Consultants tca96263.wp
Telecommunications Resellers Association comments.tra
U S West, Inc. 96-262~1.doc

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first posted 3/26/97