List of All Reply Commenters
Access Charge Reform NPRM (FCC 96-488)
CC Docket Nos. 96-262, 94-1, 91-213
  1. ACC Long Distance

  2. Ad Hoc Telecommunications Users Committee

  3. Alarm Industry Communications Committee

  4. State of Alaska

  5. Aliant

  6. Alliance for Public Technology

  7. ALLTEL Telephone Services Corporation

  8. American Association for Adult and Continuing Education, et al.

  9. American Assocation for Retired Person, Consumer Federation of America, and Consumers Union, and Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel

  10. America On-Line

  11. American Communications Services, Inc.

  12. Ameritech

  13. Arch Communications Group

  14. Association for Local Telecommunications Services

  15. AT&T Corp.

  16. Bankers Clearinghouse, et al.

  17. Bell Atlantic Telephone Companies and NYNEX

  18. BellSouth Corporation, Bellsouth Telecommunications, Inc.

  19. (People of the State of) California and the Public Utility Commission of the State of California

  20. Colorado Library Education and Healthcare Telecommunications Coalition

  21. Commercial Internet Exchange Association

  22. Competitive Telecommunications Association

  23. Compuserve, Inc. and Prodigy Services Corp.

  24. Consumer Project on Technology

  25. Cox Communications, Inc.

  26. Gallegos Family Network

  27. General Communication, Inc.

  28. General ServicesAdministration/Department of Defense

  29. Georgia Public Service Commission

  30. Consumers' Utility Counsel Division, Governor's Office of Consumer Affairs

  31. GVNW Inc./Management

  32. GTE Service Corporation

  33. ICG Telecom Group, Inc.

  34. Internet Access Coalition

  35. IXC Long Distance, Inc.

  36. LCI International Telecom Corp.

  37. Maine Public Utilities Commission

  38. MCI

  39. Media Access Project, et al.

  40. Minnesota Independent Coalition

  41. Minnesota Internet Services Trade Association

  42. National Cable Television Association, Inc.

  43. National Exchange Carrier Association, Inc.

  44. Ohio Public Utilities Commission

  45. Ohio Consumers' Counsel

  46. Pacific Telesis Group

  47. Personal Communications Industry Association

  48. PSINet, Inc.

  49. Puerto Rico Telephone Company

  50. Roseville Telephone Company

  51. Rural Telephone Coalition

  52. Southern New England Telephone Company

  53. Southwestern Bell Telephone Company

  54. Sprint Corporation

  55. State Consumer Advocates

  56. TDS Telecommunications Corporation

  57. Telco Communications Group, Inc.

  58. Tele-Communications, Inc.

  59. Teleport Communications Group Inc.

  60. Texas Association of Broadcasters

  61. Texas Office of Public Utility Counsel

  62. Time Warner Communications Holdings, Inc.

  63. US West, Inc.

  64. United States Telephone Association

  65. WorldCom, Inc.

first posted 2/19/97
revised 2/26/97