Communications Act of 1934

as amended by

The Telecommunications Act of 1996

Subtitle B - Violence


(a) FINDINGS. -- The Congress makes the following findings:

(1) Television influences children's perception of the values and behavior that are common and acceptable in society.

(2) Television station operators, cable television system operators, and video programmers should follow practices in connection with video programming that take into consideration that television broadcast and cable programming has established a uniquely pervasive presence in the lives of American children.

(3) The average American child is exposed to 25 hours of television each week and some children are exposed to as much as 11 hours of television a day.

(4) Studies have shown that children exposed to violent video programming at a young age have a higher tendency for violent and aggressive behavior later in life than children not so exposed, and that children exposed to violent video programming are prone to assume that acts of violence are acceptable behavior.

(5) Children in the United States are, on average, exposed to an estimated 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence on television by the time the child completes elementary school.

(6) Studies indicate that children are affected by the pervasiveness and casual treatment of sexual material on television, eroding the ability of parents to develop responsible attitudes and behavior in their children.

(7) Parents express grave concern over violent and sexual video programming and strongly support technology that would give them greater control to block video programming in the home that they consider harmful to their children.

(8) There is a compelling governmental interest in empowering parents to limit the negative influences of video programming that is harmful to children.

(9) Providing parents with timely information about the nature of upcoming video programming and with the technological tools that allow them easily to block violent, sexual, or other programming that they believe harmful to their children is a nonintrusive and narrowly tailored means of achieving that compelling governmental interest.


Responses to Industry Submission of
January 17, 1997
(electronic mail correspondence not listed)


American Academy of Pediatrics
American Medical Association
American Psychological Association
Ameritech New Media
Benton Foundation
Block, Robert S.
Cantor, Joanne (professor, Communication Arts, University of Wisconsin-Madison)
Center for Media Education, American Medical Association, Center for Media Literacy, Children's
Defense Fund, Children Now, Cultural Environment Movement, Institute for Public Affairs of the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Media Center
of the Judge Bater Children's Center, National Alliance for Non-Violent Programming, National Association for Family and Community Education, National Association
of Elementary School Principals, National Association of School Psychologists, National Coalition on Television Violence, National Council of La Raza, National
Education Association, National Institute on Media and the Family, National Parent Teacher Association, Public Media Center, and Teachers for Resisting Unhealthy
Children's Entertainment
Children Now
Children's Defense Fund
Coats, Senator Dan
Collings, Tim (professor, Engineering Science, Simon Fraser University, British Columbia)
Concerned Women for America
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Cosmos Broadcasting Corporation
Deem, Richard
Douglas, Andre J.T.*
EEG Enterprises
Hutson, William E.
Institute for Public Affairs, Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America
Joint Congressional Letter (signed by 16 Representatives and 7 Senators)
Langley, Scott
Lessie Bates Davis Daycare*
Media Access Project (on behalf of Peggy Charren)
Michigan Decency Action Council
Morality in Media, Inc.
National Alliance for Non-Violent Programming
National Association of Famity & Community Education
National Coalition on Television Violence
National Institute on Media and the Family
Para Technologies, Inc.
Presbyterian Church (USA)
Public Broadcasting Service
Raff, James C.
Salvatierra, Hector Garcia
Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression
University of California, Santa Barbara Research Team
VideoFreedom, Inc.
Waikman, F. Joseph
Writer's Guild of America
*Received After April 8, 1997
Reply Comments
ABC, Inc.
American Civil Liberties Union
American Library Association
American Psychological Administration
Bronsnick, Andrew
Center for Media Education, American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry,
American Psychological Association, Center for Media Literacy, Children's Defense Fund, Cultural Environment Movement, Institute for Public Affairs of the Union
of Orthodox Jewish Congregations of America, Media Center of the Judge Baker's Children's Center, National Alliance for Non-Violent Programming, National
Association for Family and Community Education, National Association of Elementary School Principals, National Association of School Psychologists, National
Coalition on Television Violence, National Council of La Raza, National Education Association, National Institute on Media and the Family, National Parent Teacher
Association, Public Media Center, Teachers Resisting Unhealthy Children's Entertainment.
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Family Research Council
Media Coalition Inc.
National Association of Broadcasters, National Cable Television Association and
the Motion Picture Association of America - Joint Reply Comments
National Campaign for Freedom of Expression
People for the American Way Public Broadcasting Service
Surreply Comments
Block, Robert S.
Hamilton, James T.
Omegapoint Communications (L.Lynn Hinderaker)
Soundview Technologies, Inc. (H.Lee Brown)
The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press Informal Comments Received
Aaby, Patrick
Abbott, Lori & James
Abeyta, Mrs. G.
Abrams, Andrea
Abro, Christine
Ackerhalt, S.
Ackerman, Linda
Ackerman, Mildred
Ackerman, Scott S.
Adam, Linda
Adams, Bruce & Carol
Adams, Penny
Adams, Sharon & Mack
Adamski, Brenda
Adelmann, Debbie & Wally
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Ager, Pat
Ahlmor, Pamela
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Allen, Denise
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Anderson, Brad & Valerie
Anderson, Dan & Holly
Anderson, Donna P.
Anderson, Jane
Anderson, Karen M.
Anderson, Kathy
Anderson, Kim
Anderson, Lorraine
Anderson, Melvin H. & Lurlene M
Anderson, Steve & Susan.
Anderson, Sue
Anderson, Susan
Anderson, Terry G..
Anderson, Vicki
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Andreasen, Erik, et. al
Andresen, Karen
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and Coventy, Stanley
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Anthony, Lorraine
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Arra, Linda & Tom
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Educacion de la Familia)
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Babcock, Peggy
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Backer, Cathy
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Bahr, Jayne
Bailey, Barbara
Bailey, Melissa
Bailey, Shawn
Bailey, Teresa
Bailey, Melissa
Bainett, Carla
Baird, Tamra M.
Bakeman, Sandra
Baker, Lara
Baker, Leesa
Baker, Lynne
Baker, Maydell
Baker, Michele
Baker, Ralph
Baker, Tera L.
Bakker, Linda, et. al
Balan, Debbie
Balcone, Dyanne
Baldauf, Maria A.
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Ball, Patti
Ballard, Vicki
Balm, Ted
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Barton, Charlene
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Bartoszek, Jan,
Basile, Kim
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Baumgartner, Judy
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Becker, Marlene,Gaudio, Bern
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Benton PTA
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Bittner, Tracy
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Bizzarri, Viola
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Black, Pat
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Blair, Lynn Dee
Blair, Wade & Dana
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Blake, Madeleine
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Bland, Kathleen
Blandford, Brian
Blatnik, Suzanne E.
Blaugh, Cheryl
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Bloecker, Julie
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Bollinger, Mindy
Bolton, Tammy
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Boman, Michael L.
Bond, Cheryl
Bonner, Ruth & William
Booe, Tinka
Boron, Sandra
Boske, Sally A.
Bostany, Joe & Janet
Bostran, Deborah
Bouchard, Melissa
Boucher, Michael & Pamela
Boughton, Gail
Bowan, Jeanne
Bowden,Kathy (DuBree, Beth)
Bowers, Noah
Bowman, Craig E.
Bowman, M. Anne
Bowman, Ruth S.
Bowser, Daniel
Boyd, Linda
Boyd, Sally P.
Boyda, Laurel
Boykin, Gene
Boykin, Gloria
Boyle, Renee
Bracken, Steve & Tina
Brady, Matt & Shauna
Brage, Sue
Brandt, Thomas
Brandt, Thomas J.
Branson, Michelle
Brawn, Kathleen
Brayman, Dawn
Breedlove, Mary M.
Breen, James D.
Breihan, Jeannette
Brenner, Mr. & Mrs. Marc
Bressette, Bill & Susan
Brewer, Paige S.
Bridges, Helen M.
Bridges, Kimberly A.
Briggs, Shauna Lyn
Brily, Ronald L.
Brinton, Natalie,
Brochu, Laurie A.
Brockman, Pam
Broderick, Janet
Brody, Diane
Broodhead, Teresa
Brooig, Heather
Brooks, Melinda
Bross, Vernice
Brothwell, Bob D.
Brown, Avis
Brown, Christie
Brown, Deborah
Brown, Diane
Brown, Karen, et. al
Brown, Kathy
Brown, Kaylene
Brown, Shari & Brad
Brubaker, Linda
Bruce, Shelly J.
Brull, John V.
Brunk, Sakina F.
Brunson, Burnece
Brunson, Teresa W.
Brunswick Preschool PTA
Bruorton, Darlene
Bryant, Keith G.
Bryce, Mrs. Marlene
Brynteson, Susan
Buchanan, Doug
Buchanan, Jerry
Bucher, Terry
Buchner, Sharon
Buckley, Velma J.
Budz, Virg
Buening, Stephanie
Buesching, Kathleen
Buggeln-Bosworth, Leslie
Buhlen, Victor
Bullard, Virginia
Bullock, LuAnn
Bungard, Barb
Buntz, Mark A.
Burdoin, Erica M.
Burke, Lynn
Burleson, Bill
Burmeister, Jack
Burnam, Marvin
Burns, Linda
Burrell, Sissey
Burton, Diane
Burton, Lara J.
Busbee-Young, Lisa
Bushie, Robin
Bushong, Laura
Buster, Charlotte
Bustos, Terrence
Butler, Caroline
Butler, Geraldine
Butner, Robert
Byers, Sherrie Thomas
Byrd, Derrick
Byrd, Edith
Byrd, Valerie
Cabe, Dorothy
Cabe, Helen
Cahill, Chris & Lisa
Caldwell, Mrs. James
Caleca, Denise
Calkins, Kathy & Mark
Callahan PTA
Calloway, Gladys
Calvert County Council of PTAs
Cameron, Mariah
Camp, Linda J.
Campos, Carol
Candill, Mr. & Mrs.L. Albert
Canfield, Carol
Cannon, Connie
Cannon, Dr. Earl
Cantwell, Chuch & Laura
Caplan, Carolee
Capraio, Janet
Capri, Mr. Les
Capri, Sonia
Cardwell, Mike & Kelly et. al
Carlton, Danette
Carlton, Susan J.
Carlton, Sue
Carluzzo, Mike
Carmosino, Mary
Carnes, Aleta B.
Carney, John W.
Carney, Patricia
Carol, Cathy
Carpenter, Cori
Carr, Allan C.
Carrero, Helen
Carroll, Marilyn
Carroll, Tami, et. al
Carson, Renee
Carter, Carol J.
Carter, Joni
Cartes, Deborah
Cartes, C.D.
Carton, Robin
Carver, Elizabeth
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Casey, Geraldine
Casey, Kelley
Casey, Mark
Casey, Phyllis & Patrick
Cash, Betty
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Castro, Ivelisse
Caulfield, Nancy
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Cedillo, Minerva
Celley, Patricia
Cerattan, Holly Smith
Chambers, Doris
Chandler, Jude
Changnon, Marc
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Chaplin, Rebecca C.
Chapman, Sandra
Chase, Katherine
Chavez, A., et. al
Chebuhar, Nancy
Cheesman, Creta
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Chen, Sharon
Cheng, Susan
Cherven, Arlyne
Chiariello, Kathy
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Chorey, Mary
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Christy, Cindy
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Chu-Fong, Frances
Chudoba, Jane C.
Chung, Cathy
Claborn, Judy
Clantier, Debra
Clanton, Shane
Clark, Eileeen
Clark, Jerry L. (and Favorite Hill
PTA Members)
Clark, Lauren
Clar, Leticia
Clarke, William T.
Clautrec, Francois
Clayton, Debbie
Clement, Debbie
Clement, Steve & Debbie
Clementz, Lisa A.
Clermont, Julie
Cleveland, Bev R.
Clevenger, Robin P.
Clibourn, John A.
Click, Eva H.
Clifford, Mrs. Alice M.
Cline, Terry
Cline, Sharon (Community
Crime Prevention Council)
Clubb, Mary F.
Cnota, Carrie, et al
Cochran, Dana
Cocker, Vickie
Coffin, Kathleen M.
Coghill, Kathy
Cohen, Bonnie
Cohen, Mr. Mark
Cohoon, Edie
Colbeth, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Cole, Terry
Coleman, Bobbie & Curtis
Colie, Hannah & Christopher
Collins, Jani H.
Collins, Karen & Michael
Collins, Nancee
Colvin, Monica
Combs, Sharon
Cone, Cynthia, et. al
Coneys, Megan
Conley, Betty & Mark
Connelly, Sheili
Connolly, Ann P.
Conyers, IlieBelle
Cook, Donna
Cook, Georgeana M.
Cook, Janice L.
Cook, Willie & Virginia
Coombs, James & Josephine
Coon, Stephanie
Cooney, Henry & Eileen
Coons, Lela
Cooper, Hilma F.
(MCLINC Library Asso.)
Cooper, Karen & Kim
Cooper, Lester
Cooper, Mina A.
Copello, Miguel
Copelton, Jack & Lynn
Copp, Linda
Corbridge, Brenda & Wayne
Cordray, Shelley
Cornell, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Cornett, Sherri
Cornwell, Mr. & Mrs. Philip
Corry, Eldon
Cortese, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Cosnowski, Amy Marie
Costello, Rita M.
Cotswold Elementary School
Couch, Tammy
Coughlin, William J.
Coulter, Julie
Covelle, Rita G. (Morality In Media of MA) Cowell,
Pat, Terrie
Cox, Carol
Cox, Janice
Cox, Julie
Cox, Nina R.
Cox, Stephen
Coyra-Caliens, Madeleine
Crabtree, Barbara
Crabtree, Gene
Craig, Cindy
Craig, David C.
Craig, Scott & Karen
Cramer, Deborah
Cranford, Miriam
Crenshaw, Jean
Crescent View Middle School PTSA
Crew, Aubrey T.
Crocker, Lisa
Crook, Debbie
Crouse, Ja net'
Crow, Elaine
Crow, Robin
Crowe, Susan G.
Crystal Lake Elementary
Cuadra, Maritza G.
Cucher, Terri J.
Culen, Sara
Cullen, Donna J.
Cullen, Trisha
Culver, Diane
Cummings, Karen L.
Cummings, Shirley
Cummisky, Michelle S.
Cummisky, Paul
Cunningham, Kristen D.
Curren, Caroline J.
Currier, Kay
Curry, Nicole
Curry, Amy
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Cuvo, Tina
Cyr, Carol
Czerpak, Nina A.
Dacar, Dale & Shelley
Dahl, Brenda
Dailey, K.C.
Dale, Lori
Dalluge, Yvonne.
Daly, Rita
Daly, Mary Jo
Daly, Pamela L.
Daly, Tamera S.
Damiano, Sandra L., et. al
Daniel, Pam
Danos, Nancy
Dansby, Barbara
Darbyshire, Meliss
Darling, Mrs. Theresa
Darnall, Frankie
Daub, Mary, Jack & Sherry
Davidson, Debra M.
Davies, Lester A.
Davies, Patricia
Davies, Rebecca
Davig, Carrol
Davillier, Faneeman
Davis, Dale E.
Davis, Eleanor
Davis, Faye
Davis, James E.
Davis, Kathy
Davis, Marvin & Mary
Davis, Mr. & Mrs. Ray
Davis, Mrs. Paula I.
Davis, Sherry
Davis, Robin
Davis, Terry.
Davison, Ms. Irene
Dawson, Ann
Dawson, James
Day, Donna
Dearing, Julie
DeAtley, Dale
DeCesare, Karen & Kenneth
Decker, Harry J.
Deem, Patricia
Deese, Margaret
Deese, Mary & Phillip
DeFelice, Michele
DeFelice, Nancy
Defenbaugh, Penny
Degen, Diane A.
DeGering, David & Susan
Deishu, Angela
Del Molino, Angel
Del Rio, Aida
Dela Vega, Joseph
DeLa Cruz, Ellen
Delaney, Jean
DeLeomlus, Angela
DeLeon, Notolio
Delgado, Sally
Delorme, Elaine M.
Demonte, Linda
Demos, Adrian
Denby, Mindy
Denham, Rita
DeSales, Mary
DeSanto-Alvis, Reena
DeShazier, Paula R.
Deslate, Enrico
Desmond, Dr. & Mrs. Walter
Despain, Lynn & Merrily
DeValve, Bob & Jean
DeVillers, Donna M. (3)
Devlin, Donna
Devlin, Jayne
DeWitt, Rosemary & Ted
DeWitt, Leonard W.
DiBattista, Rosemary G.
Dickey, Donna L.
Diehl, Brenda
Diener, Kathryn M.
Dierkes, Kathryn
Dietz, Jessica
Diez, Mary
Dillon, Diana
Dilworth, Mrs. C.
DiMeglia, Blanca
DiNardo, Nancy
DiNardo, P.
Dingman, Laurie
DiPasquale, Angela
Dishman, Tressa
Dix, Walter
Dixon, Debra
Dixon, S.H.
Dixon, Teresa H.
Dodson, Fran
Domen, Anne
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Donahue, Gail
Donnell, Lillian
Dooley, Sharron
Doss, Ms. Cinderella
Dougherty, Deborah
Dougherty, Julie
Douglas, Andre J.T.
Douglas, J. Scott
Douglass, Mr. & Mrs. Patrick
Dowd, Elvia
Doxsie, Winnie
Drake, Marty
Drake, Victoria L.
Dreisiger, Pamela
Dreit, Melanie
Dreterle, Colleen M.
Dry, Gravesse
DuCette, Sarah
Duda-Mulligan, Gladys
Dugan, Mr. & Mrs.
Duguay, Gretchen
Duhon, DeWayne
Duncan, Mrs. Maggie
Duncan, Therese
Dunlap, Tiffany
Dunn, Richard & Susan
Duque-Estrada, Daniel
Durbin, Betty
Dvorak, David & Vicky
Dworaczyk, Nancy
Dye, Mr. & Mrs. Michael
Dyer, Tammie
Eagle Communications, Inc.
(Jane English)
Earnest, Anita
Easley, Patricia A.
Easterwood, Sharon
Eaydes, Lisa
Eberhardt, Sharon
Eby, Susan U.
Edmondson, Betty J.
Edmonston, Molly T.
Edmunds, Frank & Kathy
Edwards, Martha
Egbert, Lisa
Egerton, Debby
Eghert, Liz
Ehrenzeller, Cindy
Eisenhauer, Julie
Elam, Maj Carl (Ret.)
Eldridge, Brent
Ellis, Charnoise
Ellis, Donnie
Ellison, Sarah
Elsaesser, Mrs. Connie
Elvig, Lee Ann
Elwell, Martha
Emerson, Debbie
Emery, David
Emery, Roseanne & Luis
Endres, Lorraine
Engels, Linela
Englehart, Carola
Enright, Kelly & Ed
Enright, Jim
Epstein, Karen
Erdman, Lois
Erickson, Annette
Erickson, Donna
Erwin, Martha
Eskridge, Mary
Esplin, Keith & Caryn
Eubanks, Lillie
Eudy, Carol
Evans, Brenda K. (and Anne
Arundel PTA Members)
Evans, Hallie
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Eyestone, Susan
Fabris, Judy
Fafinski, Kristy L.
Fainell, Christy A.
Faison, David & Kim
Fallico, Susan M.
Fanshaw, Carol
Fascione, Helen C.
Fazio, JoAnn
Faziola, Marilyn
Federico, Valerie
Fedorke, Mrs. Helen Lee
Feeder, Maureen B.
Feehan, Kris
Feher, Mr. & Mrs. Stephen
Felan, Joan
Felder, Maureen B.
Felippi, Karen & Mark
Feninger, Camille
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Fernandez, John
Ferrara, Anna
Ferrier, Mrs. Debby
Ferro, Thomas & Jodi
Ferstenberg, Pauline
Fetzer, Jill
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Firestone, Kathryn
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Fleisher, Amanda
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Flippin, Pastor Wesley
Flori, Angela
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Floyd, Mary E.
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Follett, Sarah
Folse, Mrs. Laurie G.
Folsom, Claudia
Forbes, Carolyn
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Forrest, Jack & Arlene
Forslund, Shirley D.
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Fortune, Neil
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Foudray, RoxAnna L.
Fowler, Carol
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Fox-Ipock, Jacqueline
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Frankfort Intermediate School
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Fresquez, Adam
Freundorfer, Paulette
Frickle, Cynthia
Froehlich, Marion E.
Frosch, Jack W.
Frost, Deborah & Timothy
Fry, Greer
Frye, Debbie
Fuhrman, Karen R.
Fuller, Del & Martha
Fullilove, Carol
Fulton-Diamond, Laynie
Furman, Ruth
Furze, Steve
Fuss, Kathy
Futterman, Jamie
Gachman, Cindy
Gaissert, Cathy
Gallagher, Eileen
Gallagher, Laura, et. al
Gallaher, Mr. & Mrs. Robert
Gallet, Mayone W.
Gambaro, Pam
Gamble, Mason Britt
Gandhi, David
Gangitano, Jane
Gannon, Cheryl, et. al
Gannon, Mariann
Ganon, Michelle
Gapasin, Gina M.
Garafalo, Margaret
Garcia, Lisa
Garcia, Jorge & Maggie
Gardiner, Donald & Clara
Gargasz, Carolyn
Garner, Alesa
Garnette, Nancy S.
Garraro, Deborah
Garrett, Catherine E.
Garrigan, Colleen
Garris, Mary F.
Garvey, Marya Ann
Garvy, John W.
Gary, Dana
Garza, Delia
Gasken, Karen M.
Gatton, Sue
Gaus, Marian W.
Gautier, Margie
Gay, C.
Gayiso, Maggie
Geafue, Joan W.
Geanbuss, Louise
Geer, Tammy
Geiger, Linda & Dennis
Gencher, Ray
Gensler, Mark J.
Gerber, Mrs. D.
Gerber, Kelly J.
Gerstein, Helen Cerny
Gerstner, Marsha L.
Gessell, John & Lynette
Gettys, Laura
Ghidossi, Kathleen
Giacomelli, Camille
Gibb, Chris
Gibbon, Anne
Gibe, Lauren
Giberson, Sandra K.
Gibson, Loree
Gibson, Neil & Soleil Divine
Gigliatti, Michelle
Gilardi, Pat
Gildenhar, Phyllis
Gill, Kristine
Gillespi, Karen (Garfield School,
Gilliam, Chris
Gilliam, Mrs. Evon O.
Gillies, Judee
Giscombe, L.
Gladden, Dorothy P.
Glass, Mary & Frank
Glasser, Mrs. Nancy
Glick, Tammy J.
Glover, Darlene A.
Godfrey, Kelly
Goehri, Gilbert & Vickie
Goettge, Pam
Golar-Williams, Eleanor
Golden, Kathy & Chris
Golden, Nancy & Tom
Golding, David & Paige
Goldsmith, Dr. & Mrs. Lloyd
Golerno, Felicia
Golfis, Susan and David
Goltia, Jay
Gomez, R.
Gomez, Alicia
Goncalves, Maria
Goniwiecha, Mark C.
(Univ. of Guam)
Gonnerman, Cleta; Bryant, Sue;
Gardner, Irene; Sykes, Eveline; Peterson, Betty
Gonzalez, Johanna
Good, Charlotte
Good, Donna M.
Goodaran, Anne & Emery
Goode, Debra
Goodman, Jullia
Gordon, Beth
Gorman, Letta
Gottlies, Ruth
Gould, Fran
Gracykowski, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Gradert, Diana M.
Graf, Shirley
Graham, Mr. & Mrs. Tom
Grainger, Lynn Ann
Grant, Catherine
Grant, Mrs. Colleen
Grant, Michelle
Grant, Mrs. Nancy
Grant-Deahl, Claudia et. al
Grasswich, Mrs. Carl
Graves, Jean M.
Graves, Jeremy R.
Gray, Cindi
Gray, Deborah
Gray, Nannette M.
Gray, Shirley
Greding, Mr. & Mrs. James S.
Green, Edwina
Green, Nancy
Greenberg, Mrs. Elaine
Greenberg, Lloyd
Greene, Bill & Sheila
Greenland, Kristin
Gregar, Sonia
Gregie, Dee
Gregor, Pat
Gregory, Joyce L.
Gregory, Kathleen
Gregory, Tammy
Grenell, Brian
Gresham, Bryan
Gresham, Colleen L.
Grether, Claire Camp
Grice, Jo
Griebel, Frances
Griess, Cynthia M.
Griffey, Scott & Kim
Griffin, Jay & Family
Grimes, Carol,
Grimes, Irene
Grimes, Laurene M.
Grimes, Steve A.
Grogg, Lori & Mac
Gross, Montez
Groto, Mr. & Mrs. Norman
Grum, Bernice
Grutt, Rosemary
Gry, Greer
Guebert, Jeannine M.
Guemero, Kristen, et. al
Guerin, Chris & Roger
Guerny, Mrs. E.
Guihan, Tammey M.
Guimond, Kathleen & Scott
Guldan, Steve
Gumble, Chris
Gumble, Dan
Gunn, S.
Guntes, Diane
Gurgol, Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence
Gurley, Doris H.
Gurley, Mozelle R.
Gusafe, Peter
Gusafi, Marie L.
Gustafson, John & Cathy
Guthrie, David & Glenda
Gutierrez I.
Guyton, Medra
Haage, Cynthia
Haddock, Debi
Hadlick, Dorothea A.
Hafen, Kirsten C.
Hagan, Karen; Sonneberg, Carolyn
Haggerty, Donna K.
Hahn, Judy
Hahn, Kenneth
Hale, Marilyn C.
Hales, Ranee
Hall, Ann
Hall, David & Tracy
Hall, Kathryn
Hall, Kimberly
Hall, Lana K.H.
Hall, LaQuita
Hall, Ryan
Hall, Sharon
Halliday, Rose
Hamilton, Linda
Hamilton, Vicki & David
Hamze, Jill
Handl, January, et. al
Hanko, Charlie
Hannasch, Mr. Marvin
Hansen, Barbara
Hansen, Cyndy
Hansen, Debbie L.
Hansen, Doug & Holly
Hansen, Lorraine
Hansen, Mary Pat
Hansen, Sue
Harbison, Marie
Hardee, Janet
Harden, Paul & Linda
Hargrove, Mattie
Harkins, Carroll
Harless, M. Lucille
Harman, Theresa
Harmon, Loretta M.
Harms, Marsha
Harper, Jeannette
Harper, Jeen M.
Harper, Michelle
Harpin, Jeanne
Harr, Keven & Shawna
Harrington, Penny P.
Harris, Selena
Harris, Stefanie
Harris, Tina & David
Hart, Nancy
Hartman, Deborah
Hartwick, Dr. John R.
Hataway, Dr. Jack
Hatch, Cathy L.
Haughton, Tracy
Hawkes, Janice
Hawks, Joann
Hayes, Walter R
Hays, Janice
Hays, Mrs. Lesa K.
Hazzard, Sandy, et. al
Health, Carol D.
Heaps, Marianne
Hector, Vicki
Hedges, Candace
Heimish, Muriel
Hein, Susan S.
Heinemann, Margaret
Heines, Rick & Marci
Heitlein, Mr. & Mrs. Greg
Henderson, Betsy
Henderson, Marlene S.
Hendricks, Linda
Hendrix, Ed
Hendrix, Tina
Hennessy, Elizabeth
Henry, Margaret
Henson, Cathy
Herce, Regina
Herdt, Mrs. L.
Heredia, Marco
Hermes, Sharon
Herrmann, Linda
Herron, John R.
Herron, Kim
Herzog, Laurie
Hess, Tammy
Hess-Webber, Heidi
Hesseltine, Ruth M.
Hilbert, Rachel
Hildreth, Bev
Hilliard Debra L.
Hilliard-Green, Debra, et. al
Hilmer, Par
Hines, Phyllis M.
Hinkle, Cheryl
Hinson, Johanna
Hintzen, Cecily
Hipps, Sherry
Hirschi, Melanie et. al
Hiu, Michelle
Hladek, Pat
Hladilek, Pat
Hoang, Angela
Hoang, Linh
Hodge, Margaret J.
Hodges, Bill & Stacey
Hodges, Rita
Hodges, Robert & Cindi
Hodson, Suzanne
Hoeck, Linda M.
Hoeft, Pat
Hoffman, Carla
Hoffman, David R.
Hoffman, Dr. Gregory
Hoffman, Helen K.
Hoffman, Virginia.
Hofstetter, Irene
Hogan, Marjorie
Hogan, Linda S.
Holcomb, Helen W.
Holden, Nancy
Holdforth, Shari
Holland, Rita & James
Holm, Debra
Holmes, Diane
Holmes, Patricia & David
Holmes, Susan M.
Holston, Willie
Holt, Teri
Holwell, Ann M.
Homberg, Peggy L.
Homberg, Robert C.
Hontz, Penny
Hoogendyk, Michael J.(2)
Hoover, Judy
Hopkins, Robert & Pamela
Hoppel, Jane K.
Horbac, Deborah
Horn, Lori H.
Horn, Tracy
Horn, Jean M.
Horton, Mareid B.
Horton, Mrs. Chester T.
Hottmann, Monte K.
Houchens, Rob & Natalie
Houk, Lisa A. & F. John
Houseward, Diana
Houston, Janet
Howard, Kyle
Howard, Mary Jo
Howell, Matthew
Hoyt, Judith
Hubbard, Denise K.
Hubbard, Mary Ellen
Hube, Terri
Huber, Lana,
Huberg, Gail T.
Huberman, Susan
Hudak, Evie
Hudec, Susan R.
Hudon, Rayette
Hudpets, Susan L.
Hudson, Jim
Hudson, Sarah
Huerta, Jaime
Huey, Mr. & Mrs. David
Huff, Mary Anne & Raymon
Huffman, Mildred L.
Huggins, Kris
Hughes, Brenda
Hughes, Josephine
Hughes, Missy
Hulme, Debbie
Hulmston, Terralee
Hulse, F.
Hulse, Jody S.
Hulseberg, Janet
Hulsey, Doreen L.
Hummel, Betty J.
Hummel, Cynthia
Hummel, John A.
Humphreys, Ewell
Hundley, Tina
Hunt, Laura L.
Hunt, Paula K.
Huntsman, Lori
Hurst, Kathi, et. al
Husser, Joan
Hutchison, Kathy
Hutton, Susan
Huval, Lisa
Hyde, Frankie B.
Hyde, Linda
Hydis, Mr. & Mrs. Vincent
Hynes, Mrs. Delores
Hyson, Carolyn
Iannantuano, Anthony
Iannantuano, Louise G.
Icard, Glenda
Icard, Patty
Ihaq-Husan, Khadyah
Imhoff, Vern & Cindy
Ingua, Maritess
Innes, Joan & Mark
Irby, Mrs. Dorothy M.
Irelan, Dawn
Irwin, Dave & Ann C.
Irwin, Pamela
J.B. Watkins PTA
Jaber, Barbara
Jackson, Sheila G.
Jackson, Dana B.
Jackson, Glenn
Jackson, Mr. Joseph
Jacobsen, Kim
Jacques, Lucienne
Jad, Edward & Janis
Jailall, Jerry
James, Ann
James, Veronica
Janes, T.
Jank-Day, Carol
Janka, Mrs. Mary P.
Jankowicz, Nancy
Janocka, Yolanda
Jasinski, Gloria
Jeffery, Rachelle
Jeffrees, L.J.
Jeffrey, Georgia
Jelins, Barbara
Jenkins, Gloria
Jensen, Kent & Natalie
Jensen, David V.
Jensen, Sherri
Jerger, Karen
Jett, L.J.
Jett, William M.
Jim Hill Middle School PTA
Jimenez, Alicia
Jocson, April
Johason, Jessica
Johnson, Beth
Johnson, Colleen, et. al
Johnson, Divina L.
Johnson, Dorothy A.
Johnson, Karen S.
Johnson, Lisa Rae
Johnson, Pamela
Johnson, Relsa
Johnson, Sharon
Johnson, Sunny
Johnston, Bonnie & Mark
Johnston, Linda
Johnston, Maureen
Johson, Moretha E.
Jones, Bonnie
Jones, Cindi
Jones, Daniel
Jones, Donna
Jones, E.
Jones, Ellen
Jones, Joni
Jones, Karen
Jones, Loretta
Jones, Marilyn
Jones, Patricea A.
Jones, Ron
Jones, Sarah
Jones, Susan
Jones, Thriftone
Jones, Yvonne
Jordan, Teri
Jordan, Caroline
Jordan, Debra A.
Joseph, Charlotte
Joseph, Kathy P.
Joseph, Fauna
Juarez, Francisco
Juhasz, Linda
Jumic, Mrs. Theresa A.
Jurow, Jean B.
Kadian, Sandee J.
Kadish, Deborah A.
Kahle, Mary Pat
Kahn, Mrs. Ann
Kain, Carol
Kaiser, Joyce
Kaminski, Karen
Kamp, Rhonda
Kanally, Laurie
Kaplan, Jeffrey B.
Karogiannis, Angela
Karpen, Karen P.
KASN-TV (Miguel Copello)
Katz, Lisa
KAVU-TV (Jerry Larsen)
Kay, Erica
KBJR-TV (Robert J. Wilmers)
KCEN-TV (Gayle Kiger)
KDOC-TV (Charles Velona)
Keadey, Susan
Kealey, Walter G.
Keefe, Herbert
Keefe, Susan
Keegan, Pat
Keegan, Mary Ellen
Keegher, Thomas & Carolyn
Keeling, Wanda & John
Keenan, Sue
Kehne, Shirley M.
Kei, Annette
Keib, Jan
Keigler, Barbara S.
Keiter, Penny
Keller, Deborah
Keller, Jeff
Keller, Mammie
Keller, Mary
Kelley, Barbara
Kelley, Erma
Kelley, Richard L.
Kelly, Leigh
Kelly, Dr. Alfred J.
Kelly, Julie
Kelly, Kim
Kemper, Mrs. Julie & Bruce
Kennedy, Chad & Tammy
Kenney, Sue & McKim, Rhonda
Kentner, Tressa Sloan
Kenworthy, Elizabeth
Kerr, Cindy
Kershisnik, Ron E.
Kerwin, Debra L.
Kesler, Helen
Kettenring, Vicki
Keyes, Joe
Kibbey, Sandy
KIEM-TV (Thomas J. Spain)
Kiker, Joni
Kilanowski, Ray & Cheri
Killion, Brittani Jaye
Kilmer, Chad & Brenda
Kimble, Alison
Kimble, William
Kimmel, Denise
Kimmey, Robert L.
King, Darlene
King, Kathleen
King, Lynn Haggerty
King, Melvin & Gabriele
King, Tim & Cindy
King, Therra
King, Kathleen
King, Val
Kirby, Dorothy A.
Kisiel, Beth
Kison, Edith
Kissing, Vickie L.
Kitchens, Luella
Kite, Angie
KJCT-TV (Hammer, Jan)
Klein, Alice
Klein, Robert T.
Klein, Sharon
Klimowicz, Judith
KLRT-TV (Jerry Whitener)
KLST-TV (Phil Brassie)
Klug, Mrs. Patricia
Klusman, Michael C.
KMTV (Howard Kennedy)
Knapp, Ruth
KNBC-TV (Black, Carole)
Knippenberg, Joyce M.
Knott, Mary
Knowles, Edith
Knowlton, Lennie
Knox, Jeffrey
KOBI/KOTI-TV (Mark Logan)
Koedewyn, Kathy, et. al
Koellner, Therese C.
Koerner, Carol Cook
Koewler, Nick
Kofoed, Ruth
Kohler, Colleen
KOKI-TV (Capron, Hal)
Kolbeck, Maryann
Kolesar, Diane
Koletar, Karen
KOLO-TV (Charles Alvey)
KOLR-TV (Shook, Ellis)
Kols, Adrienne
Korn, Dana
Korumwride, Mrs. R.
Koval, R.
Kowalski, Leslie
Kozak, Rebecca
Kozluck, Maureen
KPAX-TV (Robert Hermes)
KPHO-TV (John Smith)
KQTV-TV (Jerry Condra)
Kraayenbrink, Jeff & Carina
Krampitz, Mrs. Jan
Kranitz, Heather
Kraus, Mark A.
Krediet, Sharon
Krellenstien, Marla
Kremen, Alexis
Krishnaiyer, Latha
Krock, Marilyn Spaw
Kroll, Anthony
Kroll, Lillian
Krolle, Kim
Krome, Jeanne A.
Kromis, Paula
Krueger, June
Krueger, Wilma
Krull, Deborah A.
Krull, Sharon
Krumrey, Rev. George
Krutul, Ms. Anne
KSDK-TV (Ardyth Diercks)
KTBS-TV (George Sirven)
KTNV-TV (Peter Bannister)
KTVT-TV (Brian Jones)
KTXL-TV (Michael Fisher)
Kuchinsky, Catherine
Kuehn, Elaine
Kuhn, Mary B.
Kulicke, Lynn N.
Kuling, Wanda & John
Kulka, Gina D.
Kulka, John
Kundmueller, Judy
Kunkel, Jamie
Kuo, Haw
Kurpinsky, Matt
KWCH-TV (Ron Collins)
Kwiatkowski, Danette
KWWL-TV (James Waterbury)
KXXV-TV (Jeff Cook)
KYMA-TV (F. Robert Kalthoff)
Lacy, Kathleen
Laffoon, Elizabeth
Lagasse, Judith A.
LaGrange, Ray
Lallian, Stril
Lamb, Mary
Lamberson, Frances M.
Lambert, Cheryl Ann
Lancaster, Dineen & Michael
Lanceford, Mr. & Mrs. Sheldon
Land, Jean
Landis, Marsha
Lane, Jordan I.
Lanegan, Colleen & Joseph
Lange, Mr. & Mrs. R.
Langford, Mrs. Stephen
Laredo, March G.
Larkin, Teresa
Larner, Mr. & Mrs. Ben
Laro, Laura
Laroux, Elizabeth
Larrabee, Barb
Larsen, Aulene
Larsen, Beverly
Larsen, Mrs. Gladys
Larsen, Jim & Karin
Larsen, Joseph V.
Larsen, Joy
Larsen, Robert W. (2)
Larson, Diane
LaRue, A. Dennine
Lashley, Mrs. Effie
Laska, Alvina
Latimer, Lowell F.
Lattimer, Karen
Laughren, Vickie
Lauren, Olga
LaVangie, Diane
Law, Betty
Lawler, Nancy
Le, My, et. al.
Leander, J.
Leang, Ray & Lucey
Learnard, Roger & Susan
Lebrecht, Margaret
LeCoultre, Susan
Ledgerwood, David & Gail
Lee, Gloria
Lee, Hazel
Lee, Jeong Hyeon
Lee, Jewell H.
Lee, Joy
Lee, Sally
Leezaich, Deanne
Lenter, Adam
Lentsch, Coleen
Leonard, Catherine
Leonard, Jane M.
Leonard, Monya
Leonard, Shyrlyn
Leone, Maria C.
Leong, Kai-Jen
Lesinsk, Eva
Lesniak, Mary Jean
Lessans, Elizabeth R.
Leszkowicz, Mr & Mrs. R.
Levens, Geraldine
Levin, Mrs. Wendy
Lew, Gloria
Lewis, Brent
Lewis, Jennifer W.
Lewis, Judy
Lewis, Sandra
Lewis, Thomas
Lewno, Pat
LeZotte, Connie
Libla, Marglie
Lichtensteiger, Frank
Likman, Diane
Lindberg, Linda McDonald
Lindstrom, Diana
Lindvall, Rachel D.
Line, Marilyn
Linker, Cheryl
Lipscomb, Lori
Lisiecki, Jean (2)
Lisonbee, Ken & Janis
Liston, Shauna
Litivin, Colleen, et. al
Littlefield, Ann W.
Lockard, Chris
Lockin, Particia
Lodenburg, Regina
Loesch, Jamie & Stamm, Adam
Lohmueller, Joseph
Lombard, Eleanor
Lombardo, Joanie
Long, Jill A.
Long, Larry
Longo, Judy
Loos, Monte
Lopel, Everludis
Lopez, Esteva Trevinto
Lopez, Phyllis
Lopez-Morgan, Mercedes
Lord, Greg & Joanne
Loschiavo, Lynne
Losell, Paula A.
Lotito, Carole M.
Lowder, Lela Maude
Lowe, Dan & Marlene
Lowe, Ruth W.
Lowe, Tom
Lowman, Rita
Lucarelli, Karen
Lucas, Bettie
Lucas, Gloria G.
Luciano, Jeanette
Luine, Mary S.
Luker, William
Lukfata/Oakhill PTA
Lumma, Carl & Amy
Luna, Esperanza,Chavez, Mary
Lund, Jann
Lundby, Deb
Lundy, Nancy M.
Lunger, T.
Lupton, Teresa
Lusterman, Laura
Lydon, Roberta
Lyon, Juneil F.
Lyons, Connie
Lyons, Cynthia
Lyons, Rachelle
Lytle-Barnaby, Ruth
MacAllister, Barb
Macbeth, Faye
MacGregor, Barbara
Mack, Mary
Mackey, Judy
MacLean, Shawn
Madariaga, Laura
Madera, Barbara
Madsen, Pam
Magerkeerth, Rod & Debbie
Magleby, Dana
Maher, Linda
Mahyh, C.
Maier, Donna
Maines, Blaine
Maines, Jean
Mainwaring, Carol, et al
Makely, Janice
Makeu, Debra
Makrey, Frances
Malbrough, Dave
Malizan, Carol
Maloney, Barbara
Maloney, Darlene
Malaoney, Jared M.
Maltos, Sandy Jo
Mammifrod, Kathleen
Manansala, Patrick
Manion, Carole
Manley, Lucy
Mann, J
Mans, Stephen
Manyon, Evelyn
March, Audrey Ann & Harold
Mariani, E.
Marie, April
Marina, Jody
Markell, Ginny
Maron, Rebecca C.
Marquez, Mrs. Pamela A.
Marr, Elizabeth
Marrazzo, Vivian
Marsden, Margie A.
Marse, Carol J.
Marsh, Alan & Regina
Marshall, Nancy & Brian
Marshall, Cindy
Marshall, Mildred M.
Marshall, Lori
Martin, Vera K.
Martin, Cecilia
Martin, Jackie
Martin, Mark & Kim
Martin, Peg
Martin-Viana, E.
Martine, Nancy L.
Martinez, Donna M.
Martinez, Cheryl
Martodam, Rita Marie
Marx, Gary (Amer. Association
of School Admin.)
Mashburn, Rev. Fr. Troy
Mason, Deana
Mason, Donald R.
Massing, Julie
Massington, Mrs. Mary J.
Masters, Nelda
Mastorakis, Heather
Mastorakis, John
Mastrangelo, Elizabeth D.
Matheson Park PTA
Mathurin, Carol
Matsumura, Chikako
Matthews, Helen W.
Maturkanich, Patrice
Matysiks, William & Margaret
Matzinger, Dorothy M.
Maucotel, Audrey
Mauer, Kathy
Maunu, Carol M.
Maurer, Mr. & Mrs. Timothy
Mauricio, Roquel
Maxwell, Carolyn
Maxwell, Lee
May, Catherine L.
Mayberry, Shawna
McAllister, Barb
McAndrew, Anne S.
McBratney, John
McBride, Stephen
McCafferty, Devani
McCaffrey, Jan
McCain, Rita
McCallion, Lucy C.
McCann, James S.
McCarthy, Kevin P.
McCauley, Sylvia & Tim
McChesney, Ann
McClain, Kathryn, K.
McClean, Annelle
McClellan, Janet R.
McClure, Diane
McCourt, Dawn
McCowin, Lisa
McCoy, Margaret
McCoy, Tracey
McCreery, Mr. & Mrs. Don
McCutchan, Laura
McDaniel, Janette M.
McDaniel, Marvin
McDermott, Kristen
McDonald, Kelli
McDonald, Sandy
McDonough, Susan
McDowell, Gretchen
McFall, Robyn
McFarland, Karen B.
McFarland, Meg
McGee, Mike
McGill, Deloise
McGill, Darlene
McGlory, Mr. & Mrs. John
McGowan-Whelor, Colleen
McHugh, Sally
McKay, Douglas
McKeever, Janice M.
McKenna, Dominique
McKie, Karen
McKinney, Christine
McKissic, Mrs. D.
McLaughlin, Darlene
McLaughlin, Deborah
McMahon, Lois
McManus, Illyana
McMullin, Lynn
McNair, Joyce
McNamara, Susie
McPhelin, Eileen
McPherson, Gene
McPhillips, Dolores
McQuade, Karen A.
McQueen, Jacquelyn
Meador, Arlean D.
Mecham, Dr. Steven R.
Medrano, Jazelle
Meeks, Robert & Ann
Meinholz, Brenda
Mellor, Ruth
Menard, Lucille S.
Menchavez, Rich
Mendenhall, Stephen
Mendenhall, Angela
Mendenhall, Julie
Mendenhall, Mr. & Mrs. Ken
Mendez, Myrna
Menotti, Kathy & Robert
Mense, L.W.
Mense, Lynn
Mense, Mary Ellen
Mense, Teresa & Steve
Mentzer, Donald & Karen
Mercer, Michael E.
Merchant, Dianne
Mercier, Jonathan L.
Merrell, Eileen
Merriman, Elizabeth E.
Merritt, C.
Mersch, Ron & Lynne
Merzel, Ray & Marilyn
Mescher, Debbie
Mescher, Keith
Messamore, Nancy
Metrejean, Anna T.
Metzger, Lois
Metzgor, Julie
Meyaard, Helen R.
Meyer, Jennifer
Meyer, J.A.
Meynen, Jill
Mezikofsky, Gloria
Micai, Toni
Miceli, Janice
Michaels, Jane
Michallis, Barbara
Michlovsky,Shawn; Jones,Emma
Middleton, Gail A.
Mihalyi, Joe A.
Miketa, James
Miketa, Midge
Mikovits, Laurel
Miles, Deborah
Millard, Rhea
Miller, Carolyn
Miller, Debbie
Miller, Douglas N.
Miller, Eileen
Miller, Kenneth & Shirley
Miller, Mary T.
Miller, Michael
Miller, Michaeleen
Miller, Peggy
Miller, Sherry
Miller, Sheryl
Miller, Susan
Millu, Karen
Milner, Patricia C.
Minchew, Helen
Mingot, Jerry & Penny
Miralgio, Barbara A.
Missler, Andrew
Mitchell, R.
Mitsinikos, Vickie & John
Mittan, D.L.
Mixon, Susan
Mixon, J.B.
Modeley, Melody
Moffets, Richard & Debbie
Mohler, Carol
Molloy, Rhonda
Molloy, Anne
Mongeot, Bernadette
Monsanto, Mr. & Mrs. Carlos
Montegari, Robin
Monteparo, Anne Marie
Montero, Marcia
Montgomery, Caroline et. al
Montgomery, M. Carol
Montgomery, Teresa Ochoa
Montmuno, Yvonne
Moody, Belinda A.
Moody, Nancy
Moore, Barbara & Gary
Moore, Brenda
Moore, Evelyn
Moore, Janice L. et. al
Moore, Julie Ann
Moore, Mrs. Laurie
Moore, Rhonda.
Moore, Tammy
Moose, Linda A.
Mophet, Terry
Morales, Mrs. D.
Moran, Patricia
Morehead, Doreen
Moresi, Gwen
Morgan, Linda M.
Morgan, Jean
Morgan, Kevin M.
Morris, Susan
Morris, Patricia
Morris, Herb & Lorene
Morris, Marya
Morris, Megan M.
Morrison, Georganne
Morrison, Carol
Morrow, Bob
Morse, Salle
Morse, Elizabeth
Mortimer, Rosemary
Morton, Nancy
Moseley, Barbara
Moseley, Melody
Moseley, Susan
Moser, Julie
Motwani, Vikas
Mougeot, Bernadette
Mountzoy, Judith F.
Moyer, Richard Paul
Mraz, Mary Kay
Mucha, Bonnie
Mueller, Dr. & Mrs. Edwin
Mueller, Fritz K.W.
Muldoon, Marian
Mullen, Bernadine
Muller-Hinder, Beth
Mulligan, Donal A.
Mulligan, Shirley
Mullins, Colleen
Mumby, Mrs. Cynthia
Munger, Kathryn H.
Muniz, Connie C.
Muralt, David
Murcheson, Mrs. Irene
Murdock, Ronald F. & Susan
Murdock, Romanie & Larry
Murill, Nancy W.
Murkowski, Karen L.H.
Murphy, Kari
Murphy, Mary
Murphy, Maripett
Murray, Mrs. James
Musel, Laurie
Mutchler, Teri
Mutos, Ruth
Myers, Cindy S.
Myers, Taffnayne
Myers, Rebecca
Nace, Carol
Nadel, Elaine
Nagel, Teresa A.
Naigle, Erika
Nairn, Janice (w/disk) (Maryland Coalition Against
Naiz, Pilar (Concilio para la
Educacion de la Familia) Nakagawa, Judy L.
Nasser, Akram
Natali, Virginia
Naughan, Marsha C.
Naught, Ethel M.
Nauroch, Mrs. Suzanne
Nazario, Ana (Concilio para la
Educacion de la Familia) Neal, Helen
Neeley, Gerry
Neibaur, Donna
Neiberger, Sue
Neidlinger, Walter & Jacqueline
Neill, Timothy
Neilson, JoAnn
Neilson, Ann
Nelson, Gail
Nelson, Jacqueline M.
Nelson, Theresa
Nelson, Dann, April, Brittany
Nelson, Joan M.
Nelson, Sue T.
Nelson, Roni G.
Nelson, Pamela M.
Nemec, Randy & Holly
Nesof, Darlene
Ness, Sue
Nettleln, Greta
Neubauer, Charles
Newcomb, Carol
Newhould, Kim
Newman, Glen C.
Newman, David L.
Newsom, Leslie B.
Newsom, Mary Thomas
Newton, Hallie J.
Newton, Suzanne L.
Nichols, Betty
Nicholson, Dawn
Nicholson, Lynn G.
Nickerson, Charles & Patricia
Nilsen, Richard D. (Big spring)
Noble, Mary
Noel, Charlene W.
Nokes, Kim, et. al
Nolan Kay
Nolan, Tammy
Norman, Mrs. Adalene
Norris, Mr. & Mrs. Bill
Northcutt, Mrs. Alvin
Northrup, Shan
Norton, Joan H.
Norton, Micki
Nossel, Laura
Nunes, Pauline
Nuzum, Joyce A.
Nuzum, Mary Lillian
Nyman, Jan
O'Boyle, Thomas & Louise
O'Brien, Liz
O'Brien, Loretta
O'Brien, Theresa
O'Bryen, Mrs. Alison G.
O'Connell, Lise
O'Donnell, Harriet
O'Fallon, Sandy
O'Grady, Clare
O'Leary, Mrs. M.K.
O'Neill, Vanda
Oakes, Linda
Ohanesian, Carole
Ojeda, Mrs. Mary O.
Okoronkwo, Dee
Olensleo, Marjorie
Oliphant, Barbara J.
Oliver, Margaret C.
Olsen, Cali
Olsen, Teri
Olson, Cynthia
Olson, Howard & Marilee
Olson, Mrs. Susan M.
Olson, Judith
Olszewski, Linda J.
Opalka, Mr. & Mrs. John
Opel, Dottie
Opp, Steve & Linda
Oschegger, Kelly
Ostermayer, Robin L.M.
Ostheimer, Kelly
Ostos, Sylvia
Otash, Colleen
Ott, Carlotta
Otto, Elizabeth
Overbaugh, Mary Ann
Overdorff, R.E.
Overton, Anna K.
Oves, Maria
Owen, Terry & Denise
Pace, H. John
Padilla, Reyla
Page, Stan & Gaye Lee
Page, Joseph H.
Pagni, Mistine
Pagriago, R.
Paisons, Agnes J.
Palm, Lucia
Palmer, Mrs. Ronald
Panchot, June M.
Pantoja, Maria
Papp, Lee & Jan
Pappas Telecasting of Opelika
Paras, Justin
Parchinski, Elvina
Parente, Cathy
Parker, Carmela M.
Parker, Liz
Parker, Peggy
Parkinson, Linda M.
Parr, Jack D.
Parry, Cricket
Parson, Meg
Parsons, Anne
Parsons, Carl W.
Partridge, Dixie & Jerry
Partridge, Lynn
Paskewicz, Michael
Pasqua, Stefan
Pastorino, L.
Pastoriza, Maria Elena
Paterson, Barbara H.
Patrono, Joseph
Patten, Bernadette
Patterson, Brenda
Patterson, Mr. & Mrs. Don
Patterson, Marie
Patterson, Joyce
Patton, Sarah
Paul, Sharon
Paul, Robin
Paulson, Rosalie
Pavero, Debra
Pavon', Michel
Payne, Carol
Payne, Frieda
Payne, Kathy
Payne, Lisa
Payne, T.
Peach, Michael
Pearson, Ronda
Pearson, K.
Pechal, Rosa Lee
Peck, Leland K.
Peebles, Sheila
Pegg, Dillard & Roxanna
Peiffer, Cindy
Peimm, Ken et. al
Pennington, Jay
Perkins, Scott M.
Perri, Lynda
Perry, Leigh Crank
Petcavage, Edward P.
Peters, Charles & Betty
Peterson, Erika
Peterson, Connie, et. al
Peterson, Michelle M.
Peterson, Nancy
Peterson, Tracey
Petter, H. June
Pettinichio, John
Petty, Mendolyn
Pfaff, Marie C.
Pfeffer, Laura
Pfeffer, Maureen
Pfeil, Mr. & Mrs. Gordon
Philbuck, Mr. & Mrs. Charles D.
Philippou, Phyllis
Phillips, Arthur & Phelice
Phillips, Beth & L.
Phillips, Helen L.
Phillips, Jackie
Phillips, Lori
Phillips, Richard D.
Phillips, Terry
Pichura, Hope M.
Pickett, Lisa F.
Piecora, Beth
Pierce, Lola
Pierce, Robert W.
Pieretti, Robin
Pifer, Peggy
Pike, Cynthia
Pilz, Deborah
Pimpari, Ronald P.
Pinciotti, Cyndy
Pindar, Jane
Pinkerton, Dorothy
Pinto, Mark & Donna
Pippin, Julie
Pisterman, Susana B.
Pitlyk, Denise
Pittman, Kay
Plant, Paula
Plantholt, Kate
Plemmons, Catherine M.
Pluim, Howard F.
Podulka, Ayaxy
Poehlmann, Linda
Polenz, Tami
Polhamus, Lisa
Politsch, Ardith
Politsch, Roberta L.
Pollard, Dawn L.
Pondelick, Carol
Pool, Ollie Ann
Poor, Mrs. Jerry
Portelli, John
Porter, Nancy
Porterfield, Margot & Mark
Posey, Patricia
Post, Don & Diane
Potts, Frank B.
Powell, Emily Cummings
Powers, Mary
Poye, Cathy
Pozdol, Judy L.
Pramin, Phyllis
Prestwich, Mike & Judy
Pricavage, Tammy
Proroh, Gerry
Pruter, Peggy
Pugh, Mary Ellen
Pullen, Mary
Quinlan, Barb & Don
Quinn, Marie V.
Quinn, John R. & Lucille C.
Quintera, Claudia
Quiroz, Edward & Jennie
Rabura, Mrs. Kathy
Radford, Teresa
Radonski, Gail
Raffa, Tony
Ragasa, Diana Jean
Rager, Lisa M.
Ragsdale, Johnie
Ragsdale, Mr. & Mrs. Joe
Rainwater, Kalina K.
Rainwater, Sue
Rainwaters, Jan
Raish, Dr. & Mrs. R.P.
Rajendran G.
Ramea, Winn
Ramirez, Mr. & Mrs. Anthony
Ramirez, Anthony
Ramirez, Daisy
Ramirez, Lori
Ramirez, Nancy
Rammell, Jason & Vicki
Ramsay, Brenda
Randle, Veronica
Randozzo, John
Ranish, Ann
Rankin, Sherrey
Rapanut, Marilyn
Raschal, Diane
Rascoe, Shelton E.
Rasmussen, Florence G.
Rasmussen, Lise E.
Rasslan, Ruth
Raulsten, Marsha
Raumaker, Sue
Rawlinson, Ed
Rayburn, B.
Rea Woodman PTA
Read, Joyce J.
Reamer, Monica M.
Rector, Milford P.
Redline, Donna
Reece, Carofino
Reed, Diana
Reed, Connie
Reefer, Marianne
Rees, Shirley
Rees, Shirley J.
Reeve, Scott W., et. al
Reheis, Florence
Reibel, Ronald J.
Reihl, Jennifer
Reilley, Pamella
Reilly, M.
Reimer, Alice
Reisinger, Mari
Reitmann, Virginia
Reitz, Dr. Kenneth
Remer, Holly
Rendel, Sue
Rennels, Ellen M.
Rep, Ronald L.
Rettig, Linda
Revis, Jean L.
Reyes, Dilian
Reynolds, Betty
Reynolds, Birdie B.
Reynolds, Nancy
Reynolds, Rev. Karen
Reynolds, Toni
Reynoso, Nora C.
Rfaff, Daniel
Rfaff, Sherri
Rhoads, Carolyn
Rhoads, Pearl
Rhoads, Terry
Rhodes, Beva M.
Rhodes, Beverly A.
Rhodes, Laura
Rhodes, Mary
Rhoton, Dawn
Rhoton, Dale
Rice, Carol
Rice, Keith
Rice, Marianne
Rich, Florence
Richard, Timothy
Richards, Teresa
Richardson, Carol
Richey, D.J.
Richter, Mary Etna
Rideout, Vicky
Rideout, Gretchen et. al
Riffle, Jamie
Rimington, Dorothy
Riner, Y. Madeline
Ring, Dr. Edward M.
Ringo, Margaret
Ritchie, Janalee F.
Ritchie, Kathryn V.
Ritenour, Mark
Ritter, Carol S.
Rittershous, Diane
Rivera de Ruiz, Elba
Rivera, Reva
Roach, Leana R.
Roach, Rocky
Robeau, Steve & Diane
Roberts, Beverly
Robertson, Cathy
Robey, Laura K.
Robinson, Angelo & Wanda
Robinson, Janis
Robinson, Jeanne
Robinson, Nancy
Robinson, Nannette E.
Robison, Kay
Robson, Laura
Rocco, Debi
Rodda, Kathy
Rodenbaugh, Donald F.
Rodenbaugh, Jolene
Rodenburg, Regina
Rodgers, Mrs. Patti
Rodley, Sandy (3)
Rodriguez, Karen
Rodriguez, Most Rev. Placido
Rodriquez, Megla
Rodriquez, Mrs. Rutt
Rodriquez, Lorraine
Roe, Hal & Kim
Rogers, Barbara T.
Rogers, Joseph
Rogers, Kathy G.
Roll, Mary Ann
Rollins, Frances J.
Rollins, Faye
Roman, Mrs. Georgie
Romani, Julie
Romney, Kathryn
Roof, Beth L.
Roosevelt PTA
Rosander, Carl & Melanie
Rose, Melissa & David
Rose, Janice M.
Rosen, Joshua
Rosen, Sharon & Rob
Rosenberg, B.J.
Rosenberger, Tom
Rosenburg, Carrie
Rosenkrans, Mary Lee
Rosette, Gladys
Ross, Richard L.
Rossi, Christine
Roszkowski, Dianne
Rothe, Rachel
Rothmeyer, Marsha
Roudi, Eileen P.
Rousey, Sharon
Roush, Sandra M.
Rowell, Ella
Rowland, Dorothy
Rowles, Kenneth
Rowles, Norma Ruth
Rowley, Nancy
Rowse, Kitty
Rubenstein, Paule
Ruberto, Mrs. Marianne,
Rucker, David M.
Rucker, Ellen A.
Rudd, Iain P.
Rudd, Mrs. Nay Lynn
Rudolph, Deborah
Ruiz, Susan
Rulec, Robert & Sandra
Rumaker, Sue
Ruprecht, Jennifer
Rusnak-Cauceglia, Carol
Russell, Teresa
Russell, Pamela
Russell, Wynette
Russell, Nicole
Russi, Karen,
Rymon, Karen J.
Sabatini, Elisa M.
Sabo, Joe & Jean
Sabshine, Melvin (American
Psychiatric Association)
Sacilowski, Mrs. Kathy
Sagartz, Mary Ellen
Sakesian, Debra S.
Salazar, Mr. & Mrs. Albert
Salazar, Marcella
Salisbury, Susan, et. al
Salisbury, Lucille S.
Salonen, Bill
Salter, Maud S.
Salway, Judy
Sanchez, C.
Sandberg, Cathy
Sandel, Lisa
Sandel, Mark
Sandell, Mark A.
Sanders, Mary L.
Sanders, Rebecca M.
Sanders, Laura and Carrel
Sanders, Betty L.
Sandigo, Alonso
Sandoval, Patricia
Sandquist, Bernadette
Sanko, Constance A.
Sansone, Cynthia
Santiago, Veronica
Santo, Morgan
Santos, Leticia; M.Van Overwall
Sarno, Diane
Sasso, Christine
Sauceda, Christine
Saucier, Nancy E.
Savage, Pam
Savishinsky, Debra
Sayotovich, Dale
Schaack, Karon L.
Schafstall, Deborah
Schantz, Ellen
Scheneman, Jeanne
Scheurich, Cindy
Schiff, Deborah
Schimizzi, Rose Mary, et. al
Schlemmer, Nancy L.
Schlemmer, Mark W.
Schlitz, Jenny
Schmidt, Meg
Schmidt, Suzy
Schmidt, Joseph B.
Schmidt, Arlene
Schmitt, Christy
Schmitz, Kristen L.
Schnabel, Becky
Schnarrs, Jerry & Jody
Schneider, Sister Mary Fabian
Schneider, Mary A.
Schneidler, Michael A.
Schorr, Dianne
Schott, Frances
Schrimpf, Mr. & Mrs. John
Schroeder, Diane
Schuarrs, Jerry & Jody
Schuirmann, Janice
Schulthies, Mrs. Judith Ann
Schultz, Dale & Rebecca
Schulz, David A.
Schumacher, Mrs. S.
Schumans, Dan & Shannon
Schwab, Judith
Schwartz, Lea
Schwartz, Sylvia
Schwartz, Catherine
Schwerdt, Julia J.
Sclavi, Holly H.
Scordato, Kathy
Scott, Kim
Scott, Shirley
Scott, Dianne M.
Seabolt, E. Diane
Sedlack, Leandra M.
Seehafer, Ruth
Segal, Sandra
Sehuette, Cheryl
Semsch, Lee-Ann
Senter, Karen K.
Seper, Carol
Serafin, Katherine
Serrano, Lisa
Session, Ernest
Session, Marva
Sesto, Sue
Settimi, Gina
Sevigny, Lisa
Shanks, Penny
Shanks, Monica A. et. al
Shanks, Kathleen
Sharoni, P.
Sharpe, Mark C.
Sharpe, Irene
Sharpe, Charles
Shaver, Toni L.
Shaver, Joyce
Shaw, Dorothy
Shaw, Carolyn
Shea, Jan
Sheanshang, Julie
Sheehan, Maryann
Sheehan, Marta
Shefflette, Mr. & Mrs. P.
Shelby, Regan
Sheldon, Andrea (Trad.Values)
Shelwren, Lois
Shepherd, Laurence A.
Shepherd, Suzanne
Shevatt, Lauri
Shevry, Mr. & Mrs. Silas
Shibelski, Jane
Shields, Ruth A.
Shinn, Kay
Shlick, Ken & Cindy
Shopkorn, Jana
Short, Deloris
Shott, L.
Shriner, Beverly
Shupe, Mr. & Mrs.Geoffrey et al
Shurtz, Dorothy Lynne
Sierra, Nichole
Sievert, Theodore & Mary
Silvester, Norma, et. al
Simmons, Marie
Simmons, Dr. William A.
Simms, Joan C.
Simon, Joan
Simons, Paul L.
Simpkins, Mr. & Mrs. Jack
Simpson, Judy
Simpson, Richard
Simpson, Clare
Simpson, Ada E.
Sims, Simon
Singer, Louise
Sintz, Terry & Linda
Sisti, Dixie
Skeba, David
Slarks, Lisa B.
Slaughter, Darnell
Smik, Karen
Smiley, Steve & Sally
Smit, Laura
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. Gary
Smith, Mr. & Mrs. David P.
Smith, Mrs. Mary Jane
Smith, Kathie Lee
Smith, Karen Ann
Smith, Samantha
Smith, Pat
Smith, Paul & Terri
Smith, Sherry & John
Smith, Edith M.
Smith, Clare
Smith, Ginny
Smith, Cathy G.
Smith, Joyce
Smith, Janet & Michael
Smith, Gloria J.
Smith, James
Smith, Barbara
Smith, Terrie
Smith, Cheryl
Smith, Joyce
Smith, Senator Bob,
Ms. Beverly J. Waitt
Smith, Ms. Ruth
Smith, Pauline
Smith-Peterson, L.
Smyth, Wendy D.
Snavely, Peggy
Snay, Patricia J.
Sneary, Sandra K.
Snider, Mr. & Mrs. Harold D.
Snider, Judy
Snowden, Carl O.
Snyder, Tina B.
Snyder, Kelli
Soales, Carlos
Sobczyk, Janet
Solomon, Sharon
Soltis, Janice
Sommerer, Robin
Sondgerotz, Cindy
Sorenson, Luida
Sorenson, Michelle
Sorrows, Tim
Sorrows, Eileen
Soucy, Kathleen
Southards, Elaine J.
Southwood, John
Sowa, Mr. & Mrs. Theodore
Spanow, Shirley
Spaulding, A.
Spencer, Dr. & Mrs. Gerald D.
Spiegel, Marilyn
Spille, Reinert
Spillers, Pat
Spimierto, Alexis
Spizzirri, Barbara
Spratt, Maggie
Spreggs, Barbara A.
Springer, Mrs. Tami
Spurgen, Mrs. Betty
Spurgeon, Daniel
Srikanchana, Suzanne
St. John, Kathy
Stacks, Mike & Jennifer, et. al
Stacy, Mr. & Mrs. Cass
Stagg, Mr. & Mrs. Phil
Stagg, Jolynn
Staheli, Joanne
Stalter, Renda L.
Stanley, Susan M.
Stanton, Brett & Renee
Stanuszewski, Sally
Staples, Cheri
Stark, Gilda, et. al
Starks, C.
Starr, Baxter, L.
Starr, Cynthia
Staton, Coni
Stauffer, Nancy
Steadman, Yvonne
Steeg, Deborah L.
Steel, Jane
Steel, Karen
Steelman, Janet
Steenson, Harriet E.
Stefanec, Susan
Stefanoe, Jeanne
Steffen, Denise
Steffensen, Marriann
Stehly, Claudia et. al
Steiner, Cynthia Holder
Stephens, Scott D.
Stephens, Kathy
Stephens, Mr. & Mrs. Terry
Stevens, Sue
Stevens, Sarah C.
Stevenson, Mr. & Mrs.Wlm.C.
Stevenson, Colleen
Stewart, Joanne
Stewart, Marli & Wayne
Stewart, Jacoline
Stewart, Charles & Fran
Stillings, Linda
Stillwell, Mary, et. al
Stiltner, Karen & Ronald
Stimson, Jeff
Stockey, Renee
Stoddard, Doug & Linda
Stoler, Carol
Stoltyner, Pam
Stone, Jimmy
Stone, Ronnie
Stone, Gayla
Stone, Dr. Lawrence A.
Storey, Karen
Stouffer, Rhonda L.
Strab, Debra
Strakon, Bette
Strand, Edward & Mary
Strasser, Dianne
Street, Rene
Strelow, Joan
Stringer, George & Trina
Strobl, Laura
Stroebel, Linda
Strong, M. Beth
Strubbe, Joseph & Karen
Strubhar, Robert J.
Stubles, Mary
Stucki, Carole
Stuntebech/Fogle, Claudia et. al
Sturgis, Christine
Suhr, Margaret
Suidut, Janet C.
Sullivan, Mary Ellen
Sullivan, Judy
Summers, Kathryn A.
Supini, Monica M.
Surgeon, Carol A.
Surr, John V.
Svendsen, Sara
Swackhamer, Susan
Swain, Lenore
Swann, Martha
Swanson, Barbara
Swartzwelder, Marge
Sweeney, Doria
Sweeney, Barbara
Sweet, John A.
Swenson, Carroll M.
Swisher, Mark
Swoverland, Edward L. & Crystal
Tabone, Fran
Talaue, Christian
Tarleton, Ethel B.
Tarleton, Betty G.
Taschereau, Armand & Donna
Tate, Sandra
Tate, Mrs. Naita
Taylor, Barbara C.
Taylor, Debbie
Taylor, Mrs. Andrea
Taylor, Marjorie
Taylor, J.A. PTA
Taylor, M. Todd
Teachout, Mary
Tebo, Lois E.
Tebo, Linda
Teeter, Sharon & Putman
Teevan, Pam
Tejo, Vivian
Terneus, John Lee
Terry, Kathryn
TerVeer, Karen
Test, Merle W.
Testa, Annamarie
Thai, Hai
Tharp, Bette Jo
Tharpe, Yolanda
Tharpe, Mrs. Brenda
Thein, Hayley A.
Theisen, Nancy
Thellen, Joan
Thibodeau, Rosemary
Thomas, Janet
Thomas, J.E.
Thomas, Catherine M.
Thomas, Ajay
Thomas, Carol
Thomas, Mary
Thomas, Heather L.
Thompson, Nancy
Thompson, Mrs. S.
Thompson, Michael
Thompson, Anne
Thompson, Cynthia
Thompson, Lori J.
Thompson, Lawrence
Thompson, Karen N.
Thorpe, Marsha
Threadgill, Cindy
Throneburg, Olga
Thrushman, Lucynda
Thullen, Debbie
Thurston, Jennifer
Tiches, Effie
Tidwell, Reed & Sheri
Tiedje, Margie
Tillent, Jenny
Tiller, Judy
Tillotson, Ms. Mary Ann
Timm, Ethel
Timmons, Dee Alice
Tisor, Brian
Tizekker, David
Toelle, Marietta
Tom, June K.
Toma, Mary U.
Torres, M.
Torvinen, Elaine
Toth, Brandy
Tovares, Deborah
Towns, Donna Penn
Townsend, Leslie J.
Tracy, Cindy
Traditional Values Coalition
Tramontanis, Gail
Traylor, Mary L.
Treasko, Elaine
Treat, Ruth M.
Trick, Courtney
Trieb, Mr. & Mrs. S.E.
Trine, Valerie
Triplett, Ted L.
Trout, Mary E.
Trujillo, Barbara C.
Trusty, Kimberli
Trutwin, Sister Mary J.
Tsai, Lena
Tschoepe, Leslie W.
Tseng, Catherine
Tsioles, Dina
Tsuly, Ann
Tucker, Gwen
Tufty, Betty Ann
Tuley, J.B.
Tumbarello, Michael
Tuminen, Cathi Connelly
Tunnell, Russell
Tunnell, Judy
Turley-Trejo, Lanae
Turnball, Rosaline
Turner, Billy & Glenda
Turner, Betty
Turner, Maria
Turyn, Mrs.
Tush, Beth
Tyler, Christi
Tyree, Susan W.
Ulrich, Robert
Ultsch, Mary
Unrau, Maren
Unswarth, Lydia
Updike, V. Lauri
Upton, Elvin
Upton, Denise
Urmetz, Mr. & Mrs. Walter (2)
Urmetz, Mr. & Mrs. Walter
Vacha, Mr. Charles
Valdes, Ernesto
Valentin, Nydia
Vallieres, Mary Ann
Valvove, Beth
Van Rautenberg, Brenda
Van de Graaff, Mr.
Van Antwerp, Margaret
Van Schepen, Dr. John
VanBrunt, Josephine
Vanderpool, Rhonda
Vanlishout, Harry & Theckla
Vanore, Karen B.
Vasko, Susanne
Vasquez, Julliette
Vatterott, Mary Patricia
Vaughn, Arlene
Vay, Mr. et. al (Francis McClure
Middle School)
Vazquez, Sra. Aida L. (Concilio para
la la Familia)
Vazquez, Marina
Vazzina, Mrs. J.
Vega, W.
Veit, Carolyn
Vella, K.
Ventura, Adelaide, et. al
Venugopal, Carol
Verdon, Theresa
Vergara, Connilee
Vero, C.
Verrastro, Colleen
Vested, Marie
Viaud, Anita
Villeporteaux, M.T.
Villosenor, Marguerite
Visser, Carolyn L.
Vlach, Michael & Linda
Vladeck, Mr. & Mrs. Jil
Vogtman, Susan
Voliva, Sharon G.
Vos, Marie C.
Vose, Ann B.
Votlz, Kimberly
Vuernicz, E.
Waber, Patricia D.
Wachtlen, James
Wachtlen, Ellen
Wade, Kimberly
Wadhwani, J.
Wadzinski, Susan
Waggoner, Sherry
Wagner, Jim & Rita
Wagner, Diana
Wagner, Donna J.
Waitt, Beverly F.
WALB-TV (2) (Jim Wilcox, Bob
Walees, Susan J.
Walker, Ruth G.
Walker, Mary Ann
Walker, Linda
Walker, Ed & Virginia
Walker, Gilbert W.
Walker, Karen J.
Walker, S.
Wall, Monica
Wallace, Patricia
Wallace, Al
Wallander, Mary Jo
Waller, Mary Frances
Walmsley, Lyne
Walsh, Donna Jo
Walsh, Diana
Walters, Debra
WAOW-TV (Laurin Jorstad)
Ward, Tiffany
Ward, Betty
Ward, Shari A.
Ward, Jeannie
Warnecke, M.
Warnell, Janet
Warsfield, Eileen
Washington Center PTA
Washington School PTA
Watermann, Jody
Watermen, Millie
Waters, Brandon
Watkins, Wanda
Watkins, Mrs. Peg
Watson, Mark & Beverly
Watson, Jill
Watson, Carolyn B.
Watson, Jill
Watt, Cathleen
Watt, Beverly
Watts, Pamela
WCCB-TV (Tarleton, Cullie)
WCIA-TV (Robb Gray, Jr.)
WCIV-TV (Stephen Brock)
WCSC-TV (James H. Smith)
WCYB-TV (Joe Macione)
WDIV-TV (Alan Frank)
WDTV (Mike Smith)
Weaver, Ms. Donna E.
Weaver, Mrs. Imogene
Webb, Mark, et. al
Webb, Barbara
Weber, Christine
Webster, Terri
Wegenhoft, John, et. al
Weidan, John
Weigand, Debora (Missouri
Assoc. for Family &
Community Education)
Weinhan, Annabelle
Welch, Mrs. Carl
Welch, Helen
Wellbrock, Terry
Wellnitz, Sally M.
Wells, V.F.
Wells, Tracey
Wells, Andrew
Wendel, Jo
Wenstead, Wilma
Wentworth, Fredrick A.
Werd, Corky & Robert C.
Werner, Dana
Wertke, Elizabeth
Wertke, Elizabeth (2)
Weseloh, Anna Marie
West, Kathleen
West, Janice
Westbrook, Michael
Westbrook, Lee
Westmeyer, Mr. & Mrs. F.T.
Westmoreland, Jill T.
Westmoreland, Iris C.
WFTC-TV (Steve Spendlove)
WFTS-TV (Jim Major)
WGAJ-TV (Louis Gattozzi)
WGAL-TV (Paul Quinn)
WGGB-TV (Mike Bock)
WGMB-TV (Damian Calato)
WGME-TV (Bill Stough)
WHBF-TV (Porter, Marshall)
Whech, Jonathan
Wheeler, Martha
Whelehan, Renee
Whipple, Lori
Whitcomb, Carol
Whitcomb, Lynn
White, Sharon C.
White, Mary E.
White, Linda
Whiting, Marcia
Whitley, Dolores S.
Whitlow, Fenton
Whitlow, Elizabeth
Whitlow, Brenda
Whitten, Patricia
Whitten, Mr. & Mrs. Mark A.
Whittore, Anita
WHNS-TV (R. Kent Replogle)
WIBW-TV (Kirk Black)
WICD-TV (Vann, Les)
WICS-TV (John Connors)
Wiebe, Sharon
Wiebler, Gertrude
Wight, Colby & Anita
Wilbas, Phyllis
Wilcock, Gail
Wilcox, Patsy
Wiley, Diane L.
Wilinski, Mrs. Rosalie
Wilke, V.E.
Wilkerson, Cynthia
Wilkes, Mr. & Mrs. Larry E.
Wilkinson, Genevie
Willey, Lisa & Cliff
Williams, Valerie
Williams, Phyllis
Williams, Judy
Williams, Lisa
Williams, Jerry & Frances
Williams, Lori S.
Williams, A. Thomasine
Williams, Alma S.
Williams, Connie
Williams, Jane & Weiver, Ellen
Williams, Debra
Williams, Wendy
Williams, Jeanne
Williams, Donna
Williamsen, Sarah
Williamson, Flo
Willie, Barbara
Willson, Evelyn O.
Wilson, Rev. Eugene
Wilson, Penny
Wilson, Nell L., et al.
Wilson, Leslie
Wilson, Florine
Windels, Sue
Windham, Sherry
Winefeldt, Angie
Winefeldt, Donald
Winn, Karen
Winter, Maureen
Wise, Peter
Wise, Mrs. Lois R.
Wiseman, Sallie K.
Wiser, Beverly, et. al
Witham, Christine
Withycombe, Brant
Witkowski, Diane
Witmer, Mary
Witt, Mr. & Mrs. Andrew P.
Witte, Renota
Witte, Jayne
WJZY-TV (Mark Conrad)
WKYT-TV (Wayne Martin)
WKYT-TV (Wayne Martin)
WLBT-TV (Modisett Dan)
WLOX-TV (Leon Long)
WLTX-TV (Richard Laughridge)
WLTZ-TV (Davis, Jim)
WLTZ-TV (Bartlett, Ron)
WLTZ-TV (Breazeale, Tom)
WMTW-TV (Kaufman, David)
WNCT-TV (Edward J. Adams)
WOKR -TV (Nielsen, Gary R.)
Wolfe, Jeannette
Wolken, Libby,
Wollmann, Jennifer
Womack, Stacy
Wong, Thomas
Wong, Roseta
Wood, Suzanna
Wood, Tara
Wood, Susan K.
WOOD-TV (Scott Blumenthal)
Woodall, Don
Woodard, Galen
Woods, Stacey
Woods, W. & Julie
Woods, Donna
Woodside PTA
WOWK-TV (Terry Cole)
WPMT-TV (John Riggle)
Wray, Lina
WRBL-TV (Jim Caruthers)
Wright, Robin M.
Wright, Theresa
Wright, Joey Jr.
Wrinecki, Marciel
WSJV-TV (Sargent, Kevin)
WSPA-TV (Conschafter, Jim)
WTAJ-TV (Louis Gattozzi)
WTOL-TV (Mel Stebbins)
WTOL-TV (Mel Stebbins)
WTVR-TV (Mark Keown)
WTWC-TV (Anderson, William S.)
Wubrisch, Pam & Todd
Wulf, Joanna & Dennis
WWBT-TV (John Shreves)
WYFF-TV (David McAtee)
Wynn, Terry
Yap, Ricky
Yarborough, James S.
Yates, Beth
Yates, Assonia
Yates, Sally
Yockers, Marcia
Yoder, Ron
Young, P.S.
Young, Michelle
Young, Kathy
Young, Judy & Michael
Young, Jay & Bobbie
Young, MaryEllen
Young, Heily
Zakovid, Kada
Zalewski, Mr. & Mrs. Gary
Zamora, Rosie
Zdrojewski, Arnold
Zeigler, Joy & John
Ziegler, Katharine
Ziegler, Bertha L.
Ziemba, Lucie & Jim
Zilli, Serena
Zillig, Karyn
Zimmerman, Susan M.
Zimmerman, Karen
Zimpfer, Craig & Anne
Zito, Cathy
Zollinger, Jerri
Zummer, Gerry
Zummer, George, L.
Zwald, Irma


Responses to Industry Submission of
August 1, 1997
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American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry
American Academy of Pediatrics
American Psychiatric Association
Block, Robert S.
Children Now
Collings, Tim (Simon Fraser University)
Consumer Electronics Manufacturers Association
Morality in Media, Inc.
National Association of Broadcasters, National Cable Television Association, and
Motion Picture Association of America
National Broadcasting Company, Inc.
National PTA
Univerity of Wisconsin-Madison

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Kimball, Robert
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Industry Submission of
August 1, 1997

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