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  Universal Service for Low-Income Consumers 2006 and Earlier Headlines

Universal Service for Low-Income Consumers 2006 and Earlier Headlines

2006 Releases

  • Public Notice. 8/29/06, Illinois Commerce Commission Informs the FCC that Illinois is not a "Federal Default State". DA 06-1738 Acrobat | Word
2005 Releases
  • Public Notice. 9/8/05, The Commission conditionally granted the petition of TracFone Wireless for forbearance from the requirement that a carrier designated as an ETC for purposes of federal universal service support provide services, at least in part, over its own facilities. TracFone seeks eligibility for Lifeline support only. This Order does not establish TracFone as an ETC. TracFone's pending ETC petitions will be addressed in subsequent order(s). (CC Dkt. No. 96-45) FCC 05-165 Acrobat | Word

  • Order. 6/6/05, The Wireline Competition Bureau Granted the California Public Utilities Commission's and the People of the State of California's Request to extend the date to establish certification and verification procedures. (WC Dkt. No. 03-109 and CC Dkt No. 96-45) DA 05-1602 Acrobat | Word

  • Public Notice. 5/18/05, The Wireline Competition Bureau Answers Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Lifeline Order. (Dkt. No. CC 96-45) DA 05-1406 Acrobat | Word

  • Memorandum Opinion and Order. 3/30/05, The Commission granted the petition of Smith Bagley, Inc. seeking waiver of Sections 54.400(e) of the Commission's Lifeline and Link-Up eligibility rules. (WC Dkt. No. 03-109) FCC 05-77 Acrobat | Word

  • Public Notice. 3/4/05, Wireline Competition Bureau Announces Delay of Effective Date for Revised Form 497 used for Low-Income Universal Service Support until further notice. (WC Dkt. No. 03-109) DA 05-604 Acrobat | Word
2004 Releases
  • Public Notice. 10/4/04, The Wireline Competition Bureau annouces delayed effective date for revised Form 497 for Low-Income Universal Seerivce Support. (WC Dkt No. 03-109) DA 04-3188 Acrobat | Word

  • 4/29/04, Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. This Order expands the federal default eligibility criteria to include an income-based criterion and additional porgrams, adopts certification and verification procedures, and adopts outreach guidelines. The Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking seek comment on adopting an eligibility criterion of 150% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines. (WC Dkt No. 03-109) FCC 04-87 Acrobat | Word| Excel Lifeline Study Tables

  • Data. 4/29/04, Dataset used in Appendix K - Lifeline Staff Analysis; Quantifying the effects of adding an income criterion to the Lifeline eligibility criteria. (WC Dkt No. 03-109) FCC 04-87 Excel
2003 Releases
  • Order on Reconsideration and Order. 10/11/01, Addresses petitions for reconsideration of the Twelfth Report and Order, which adopted rules to provide additional targeted support to low-income consumers on tribal lands, and clarifies rules regarding the qualification criteria for enhanced Lifeline and Link-Up service (CC Dkt No. 96-45) FCC 01-J-2 Acrobat | Text
2001 Releases
  • Public Notice. 10/11/01, Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service Seeks Comment on Review of Lifeline and Link-Up Service For All Low-Income Consumers. (CC Dkt No. 96-45) FCC 01-J-2 Acrobat | Text

  • Public Notice. 3/27/01, The Commission released a Public Notice concerning the petition of Genesis Communications International, Inc. for Declaratory Ruling Regarding Lifeline Assistance Revenues, Pleading Cycle Established. Comments Due: 04/26/2001. Reply Comments Due: 05/11/2001. (CC Dkt No. 96-45) DA No. 01-757. Text | Word

  • Public Notice. 3/14/01, The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands has filed a request for expanded universal service support for low-income consumers in the Commonwealth, similar to the measures adopted in the Commission's Tribal Order for low-income subscribers living on tribal lands. Comment Date: April 13, 2001, Reply Comment Date: April 30, 2001 (CC Dkt No. 96-45) DA 01-622 Text | Word

  • Correction to Public Notice 2/14/01, Common Carrier Bureau seeks nomination for board member position representing low-income consumer on Universal Service Administrative Company Board of Directors. Nominations are due March 16, 2001. Due to a typographical error, the Public Notice was released as DA 01-370, rather than as DA 01-369. This document corrects the DA number to DA 01-369. (Dkt No 96-45, 97-21). DA 01-370
    Corrected Public Notice: DA 01-369 Text | Word 2/28/01

  • Public Notice. 2/14/01, Common Carrier Bureau Seeks Nomination for Board Member Position Representing Low-Income Consumers on Universal Service Administrative Company Board of Directors. (Dkt No 96-45 and 97-21). DA 01-370

2000 Releases
  • Order. 12/27/00, The Commission released Bell Atlantic-PA Lifeline Database Order. This order waives the requirement in the Commission's Lifeline eligibility rules that Bell Atlantic-PA (now Verizon) obtain signed certifications of eligibility from qualifying low-income consumers. Instead, the order allows Bell Atlantic-PA to rely on a Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare database to verify the eligibility of low-income consumers, thereby reducing burdens on consumers and Bell Atlantic. (CC Dkt. No. 96-45) DA 00-2899 Text |Word

  • Order. 12/21/2000, The Commission asked the Federal-State Joint Board on Universal Service to review the definition of universal service pursuant to 47 U.S.C. sections 254(c)(1) and (c)(2) and to review Lifeline and Link Up service for all low-income customers. (CC Dkt. No. 96-45 FCC 00-440) Text | Word

  • Order. 7/12/2000, The Commission adopts measures to: (1) promote telecommunications subscribership and infrastructure deployment within American Indian and Alaska Native tribal communities; (2) establish a framework for the resolution of eligible telecommunications carrier designation requests; and (3) apply the framework to pending petitions for designation as eligible telecommunications carriers. (CC Dkt. No. 96-45) FCC 00-208: Acrobat | Text | Word

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