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Qwest Corporation Consolidated

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U S WEST Communications Group was a holding company which consisted of three operating companies: 1) Mountain Bell (MSTC) with seven study area jurisdictions: Arizona (MSAZ), Colorado (MSCO), Idaho (MSID), Montana (MSMT), New Mexico (MSNM), Utah (MSUT) and Wyoming (MSWY); 2) Northwestern Bell (NWTC) with five study area jurisdictions: Iowa (NWIA), Minnesota (NWMN), Nebraska (NWNE), North Dakota (NWND) and South Dakota (NWSD); 3) Pacific Northwest Bell (PNTC) with three study area jurisdictions: Idaho (PNID), Oregon (PNOR) and Washington (PNWA).

Note: for the 1990 reporting year, the ARMIS data for the three operating companies has been combined under one COSA (USTR) within the ARMIS system to allow comparison with later years. Thus, no individual data for COSAs MSTC, MSAZ AND MSCO exists within the ARMIS system.


On 1/1/1991, U S WEST Communications Group merged all three operating companies into one operating company as U S WEST Communications, Inc. (USTR), under the holding company as U S WEST Communications Group. Study area jurisdictions did not change during the reorganization of the operating companies.




New COSA for entity that files as both an operating company and a holding company








1992 - 1999

U S WEST Communications, Inc. had no changes during this period.


On 6/31/2000, U S WEST Communications Group, the parent and sole shareholders of U S WEST Communications, Inc., merged with and into Qwest Communications International, Inc. Further, on 7/6/2000, U S WEST Communications, Inc. was renamed Qwest Corporation Consolidated and the 15 study areas were renamed Qwest Corporation.

2001 - 2003

Qwest Corporation Consolidated had no changes during this period.


During 2004, it was determined that Qwest Corporation Consolidated had two separate operating companies that had been reporting their combined data under the Qwest Corporation ARMIS Reports (except the ARMIS Report 43-02), since the beginning of ARMIS filings. The two operating companies are as follows: Malheur Home Telephone Company, which was included under the Idaho study area (MSID) but located in Oregon, and El Paso County Telephone Company, which was included under the Colorado study area (MSCO). This process is incorrect. Therefore, Qwest will discontinue combining the reported data for the above operating companies under the Qwest Corporation operating company (USTR). The data will be reported under separate operating companies and study areas, under the Qwest holding company COSA (Qwest Corporation Consolidated). Qwest Corporation Consolidated (QWTR), the new holding company COSA, will now have three operating companies reporting under it: the original Qwest Corporation (USTR), Malheur Home Telephone Company (MHOR), and El Paso Telephone Company (EPCO). Qwest Corporation will continue to have fifteen study areas and Malheur and El Paso will be operating company/study area COSAs. In addition, the Malheur and El Paso operating companies are below revenue threshold, therefore, will not be filing the ARMIS financial reports (43-01, 43-02, 43-03, 43-04, 495A, and 495B) and the ARMIS Operating Data Report (43-08). However, Malheur and El Paso are still considered mandatory price cap companies, and will be filing the ARMIS Service Quality (43-05), Customer Satisfaction (43-06), and Infrastructure (43-07) Reports.




New holding company COSA


Discontinue as a holding company COSA; becomes an operating company (Qwest Corporation) COSA


New operating company/study area COSA


New operating company/study area COSA


Discontinue reporting Malheur Home Telephone Company data under this COSA


Discontinue reporting El Paso County Telephone Company data under this COSA


2005 - 2009

Qwest Corporation Consolidated had no changes during this period.


last reviewed/updated on May 14, 2015  

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