TSP Financial Institution Enrollment Guide

Last updated: October 29, 2009

The TSP program is administered by the Department of Homeland Security's National Communications System (NCS) with oversight by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). To assist financial institutions in the preparation of successful TSP applications, the NCS and FCC have developed the following steps for enrollment:

  1. Evaluate your telecommunications services to determine which circuits should have TSP coverage. Consult with your telecommunications service provider to determine the cost of TSP coverage. Some service providers charge for TSP; others do not. Ask your service provider to provide the circuit identification numbers necessary to complete the TSP application.
    • Circuits eligible for TSP include circuits used primarily for maintaining national monetary, credit, and financial systems, such as those for emergency calls (incoming and outgoing) at primary locations, critical circuits needed for data transfers and transactions, satellite downlink hubs, and circuits designated for emergency use at alternative emergency locations.
  2. Notify by email the Federal department or agency that has regulatory jurisdiction over your institution of the proposed TSP coverage and request Federal sponsorship. In requesting sponsorship, provide the location and function of each facility requiring TSP coverage, along with the related quantity and type of circuits for which TSP coverage is requested.
  3. Upon notification that the relevant Federal agency will act as your Federal sponsor, access the NCS website at ( tto establish a TSP account. [Select "E-forms," then "Register to use e-forms."]
  4. The NCS will provide a login ID and password.
  5. Re-enter the NCS website (using the login ID and password) and fill out the application form. [Select "E-forms," then "Access to e-forms application," then "TSP request for service users (Form 315)."]
  6. The NCS approves TSP coverage and provides the First Responder administrator with TSP authorization codes for each circuit. (e.g., TSP02H682).
  7. Notify your telecommunications service provider of the TSP authorization codes and request TSP service.
  8. The service provider issues the appropriate service order activity to establish the TSP service on each circuit and enters it into the priority service operations support systems.