Carrier Transition Reports

In order to ensure that carriers commenced the transition to the use of 911 as the emergency telephone number where 911 was not in use, the Commission required that they submit transition reports. Information provided in the reports was used to identify any problems carriers encountered so that the Commission might assist carriers in the nine-month transition process.

The first transition reports included the following information:

  • Carrier identification information, including the name and address of the reporting carrier, the name of the reporting carrier's parent company, the name of the individual(s) filing the report and contact information including office address and telephone number;
  • Local areas covered by the report;
  • Whether the carrier has identified the point to which 911 calls must be delivered in each local area;
  • Status of the carrier's progress in completing the translation and other work necessary to route 911 calls to the identified emergency response point; and
  • Information concerning any problems encountered in identifying the proper point to which calls should be routed and any operational problems encountered in the initial stage of the transition.

Based on these reports, virtually all carriers now use 911 as the universal emergency number and route 911 calls to an appropriate PSAP. However, emergency services through a PSAP may not be available in all localities.