Band Reconfiguration FAQs

  • What is the current status of the 800 MHz rebanding process?
  • At this point, most Channel 1-120 (Stage 1) licensees have completed their rebanding and most NPSPAC and Expansion Band (Stage 2) licensees are either in the planning, negotiation, or implementation stage of the reconfiguration process.
  • What is the procedure for licensees that will not complete rebanding by the June 26, 2008 deadline?
  • Licensees that are subject to the June 26 deadline and that will not be able to complete physical rebanding by then must request a waiver from the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau. On January 17, 2008 the Commission released a Public Notice providing guidance for licensees regarding the filing of such waiver requests. See
  • When should licensees that need waivers of the June 26, 2008 deadline file their waiver requests?
  • Licensees in Waves 1-2 must file their waiver requests by March 17, 2008. Licensees in Wave 3 and non-border licensees in Wave 4 must file their waiver requests by April 15, 2008.
  • Where can I see a list of file waiver requests?
  • A list can be found on the Transition Administrator's website:
  • Do Wave 4 border-area licensees need to request waivers of the June 26, 2008 deadline?
  • No. The rebanding band plans for the Canada and Mexico border areas are still the subject of international negotiations and will be established at a later date. Therefore, 800 MHz border-area licensees in Wave 4 are not subject to the June 26, 2008 deadline and do not need to request waivers.
  • How is it determined whether a Wave 4 licensee is a "border area" licensee that is not subject to the deadline?
  • Wave 4 licensees that have not received replacement channel assignments from the Transition Administrator (TA) are considered to be border area licensees for this purpose, and are not subject to the deadline. Wave 4 licensees that have received replacement channel assignments are considered to be non-border area licensees and are subject to the deadline.
  • Should Wave 4 border-area licensees be pursuing rebanding planning or negotiations before they receive their replacement channel assignments from the TA?
  • Wave 4 border-area licensees are not required to engage in planning or negotiation prior to the receipt of a replacement channel assignment, but we encourage them to engage in planning and negotiation of non-frequency dependent aspects of the reconfiguration process. Reasonable costs for these activities are recoverable from Sprint Nextel in accordance with the Commission's orders in this proceeding.