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Communications Systems Analysis Division

Cables hooked up to a router

The Communications Systems Analysis Division (CSAD) works with the communications industry to develop and implement improvements that help ensure the reliability, redundancy and security of the nation's communications infrastructure. CSAD oversees and analyzes network outage reports submitted by communications providers to identify trends in network disruptions. CSAD staff then works with communications providers to facilitate improvements to communications infrastructure reliability. CSAD also manages the FCC's Disaster Information Reporting System (DIRS) which is a voluntary, web-based system where communications service providers, including wireless, wireline, broadcast and cable companies can report infrastructure status and situational awareness information during a crisis. CSAD performs detailed technical studies of public safety and commercial communications systems during times of disaster to identify and share best practices for emergency preparedness and response.



Communications Systems Analysis Division:
Phone: (202) 418-2478

  • Jeffery Goldthorp, Acting Chief
  • Lauren Kravetz, Deputy Division Chief
  • John Healy, Associate Chief