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47 CFR 2.106 Footnote US257

47 CFR 2.106 Footnote US257

US257 Radio astronomy observations may be made in the 4950-4990 MHz band at certain Radio Astronomy Observatories indicated below:

Hat Creek Observatory, Hat Creek, California

  • Rectangle between latitudes 40°00 N. and 42°00 N. and between longitudes 120°15 W. and 122°15 W.

Owens Valley Radio Observatory, Pine, California

  • Two contiguous rectangles, Big one between latitudes 36°00 N. and 37°00 N. and longitudes 117°40 W. and 118°30 W. and the second between latitudes 37°00 N. and 38°00 N. and longitudes 118°00 W. and 118°50 W.

Haystack Radio Observatory, Tyngsboro, Massachusetts

  • Rectangle between latitudes 41°00 N. and 43°00 N. and between longitudes 71°00 W. and 73°00 W.

National Astronomy and Ionosphere Center, Arecibo, Puerto Rico

  • Rectangle between latitudes 17°30 N. and 19°00 N. and between longitudes 65°10 W. and 68°00 W.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, New Mexico

  • Rectangle between latitudes 32°30 N. and 35°30 N. and longitudes 106°00 W. and 109°00 W.

National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, West Virginia

  • Rectangle between latitudes 37°30 N. and 39°15 N. and longitudes 78°30 W. and 80°30 W.

Every practicable effort will be made to avoid the assignment of frequencies in the band 4950-4990 MHz to stations in the fixed and mobile services within the geographic areas given above. In addition, every practicable effort will be made to avoid the assignment of frequencies in this band to stations in the aeronautical mobile service which operate outside of those geographic areas, but which may cause harmful interference tm the listed observatories. Should such assignments result in harmful interference to these observatories, the situation will be remedied to the extent practicable.

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