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FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS Regarding Importation Issues and Statement Regarding the Importation of Radio Frequency Devices Capable of Causing Harmful Interference / FCC Form 740

Should a Form 740 be submitted when a digital hub is imported into the United States?

  • Yes, an FCC Form 740 should be submitted. A digital device is subject to the Commission's Verification procedure . A Grant of Equipment Authorization and an FCC ID are not required for devices subject to this procedure. Complete the FCC ID block of Part I of the Form 740 by entering "See Box 2 in Part II." You may then place an X into Box 2 of Part II, attesting to the fact that the device complies with FCC technical requirements. Section 15.101 of the Commission's rules provides information on the process that is required for any unintentional radiator.

I will be importing a personal computer from overseas and have been asked to fill out a Form 740. Can you explain this?

  • Computers and computer peripherals are Classified as either Class A (used in industrial or business settings) or Class B (used in the home or in a residential area). Your personal computer is therefore marketed as a Class B personal computer and may be imported pursuant to Section 2.1204(a)(7) of the Commission's rules: "Radio frequency devices may be imported only if one or more of these conditions are met.Three or fewer radio receivers, computers, or other unintentional radiators.are being imported for the individual's personal use and are not intended for sale." Complete the FCC ID block of Part I of the FCC Form 740 by entering "See Box 7 in Part II." You may then place an X into Box 7 of Part II, indicating that your device complies with FCC technical requirements but does not require either a grant of equipment authorization nor an FCC ID.

I have a digital camera that was brought into the US under an exemption or waiver of the FCC's Verification procedures. The device has now met the Verification standards and the manufacturer would like to label the devices as such. May the devices be labeled as Verified?

  • Pursuant to Subpart K of Part 2, and specifically Section 2.1202(a) of the Commission's rules, cameras are excluded from the importation rules. This may be the exemption to which you refer. Pursuant to our marketing rules under Section 2.803, cameras must comply with our Verification standards and should therefore be labeled prior to marketing. However, if the camera is marketed to be connected to a personal computer with a wire, it is a Class B computer peripheral and should instead be subject to Declaration of Conformity (DoC) Sections 2.1071-2.1077 of our Rules, or Certification Section 2.1033, et al.

If a device is approved for sale in Canada and/or Europe and has a mark of approval from one of those countries, may it be imported into the US based on the Mutual Recognition Agreement (MRA) between the US and each of these other entities?

  • No. The device must comply with the US requirements. An MRA allows the other country to designate entities to issue approvals but the device must still be tested and approved to the US requirements. A wealth of information on the FCC equipment authorization process can be found at www.fcc.gov/oet/ea.

Are there limitations on highly proprietary technical equipment such as satellite or computer software being exported overseas?

  • No, not as far as the FCC is concerned. The FCC has issued no rules on prohibiting exports. The Commission's concern is importation of consumer electronics and other devices that may cause interference without first having been tested and then approved for marketing and/or importation in the US.

Does all electronic equipment being imported into the United States require an FCC ID?

  • No. Certain equipment, as stated in the FCC rules and regulations, is subject to Certification. This procedure has specific requirements regarding obtaining and displaying an FCC ID on the unit. See 47 CFR 2.1033 et al for information regarding Certification, as well as Sections 2.925 and 2.926, regarding identification of equipment and the FCC Identifier. It should be noted that while devices authorized in accordance with Declaration of Conformity (DoC) and Verification must be labeled to reflect compliance, the label should not contain an FCC ID number. When the device is imported into the US, box one, Part II of the FCC Form 740 is then checked attesting to the fact that Certification was accomplished including labeling the device.

last reviewed/updated 8/4/10

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