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Digital Television Channel Allotment

This page contains data and software that may be used to perform DTV related analysis. The software on this page is provided "as is."

The compressed files "terrain.zip" and "population.zip" contain data needed to run the tv processor program.  The terrain and population data are the same as previously available.

Fortran Code:
Description Download
The Fortran computer code P27tvIX can be used to predict the percentage of interference that Part 27 base station(s) would cause to existing TV service. This program is a modification of the FLR Fortran program which is used to evaluate allocation options for DTV stations. The modifications include: capability to enter data on Part 27 base stations ( same parameters required as for TV stations ), employing "root sum of squares" addition when more than one Part 27 base station is involved, and use of D/U ratios from CFR 47, Part 27 as the interference metric. The rational behind these modifications is described in WT Docket number 05-7. P27tvIX [Zip]
This computer code can be used to predict the percentage of interference that would be caused by an application for a new or modified TV station to existing TV stations operating with facilities as set forth on Appendix B of the Seventh Report and Order in MB Docket No. 87-268.  Also, the population and coverage area for proposed modifications to existing stations can be computed and compared to the population and coverage for such stations operating at facilities as specified in Appendix B.  This program uses two publicly available software packages for contours plotting and formats conversion:  NCAR Graphics package from the National Center for Atmospheric Research for contour plotting, and GhostScript for converting from PostScript to PDF.

[check_AppB.zip] 3/4/08

Appendix B Table of DTV Allotments released August 2007:
Run Details [zip]
Source [zip]
Recon Data [zip] 3/13/08
Round 2 NCA data and run detail 3/1/06
Round 1 NCA and conflict analysis: nca_round1 (Zip file).
Source code for the DLPTV study program (Zip file)
Data files used by DLPTV study program. (Zip file)3/7/06
Fortran FLR files (Zip File)
TV Engineering Data Base for DTV Certification Analysis
tv_process.zip (Zip File) 345K 9/22/04
Terrain: (Zip File) 721 M
Terrain: Puerto Rico & The Virgin Islands (Zip File)
Terrain: Canada_and_partial Alaska_terrain.zip (Zipped File) 466 M
Terrain: Alaska terrain data (Zip file) 310 M
population 2000 data (Zip file) 24 M
population.zip (Zip File) 22.7 M
blockpop.zip (zip file) 97 M

Other Digital Television resources at the Commission
  • OPA Digital Television Webpage
  • DTV ESRI shp files - [Zipped Archive]~ 440 MB 3/25/10
    These shapefiles were used to prepare the DTV coverage maps released June 5, 2009, showing the predicted digital service of every full power television broadcast station as of the day after the DTV transition. The shapefiles were prepared from an April 30, 2009, extraction of the Commission’s Consolidated Database for Broadcast Services, and do not necessarily represent the current operating status of the stations. Neither the maps nor the shapefiles are being updated and no support is provided on their use.
  • TVStudy software - TVStudy is software used to predict coverage and interference between television stations and is proposed for use in connection with the Broadcast Incentive Auction.

last reviewed/updated 9/9/13

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