Pleadings filed in response to the Nov. 30th Public Notice.

Initial Comments

1. Greater New Haven Chamber of Commerce (Dec. 6, 1999)

2. Giacomo Acquarulo (Dec. 6, 1999)

3. Patricia J. Brewer RSM PhD (Dec. 6, 1999)

4. Northwest Connecticut's Chamber of Commerce (Dec. 9, 1999)

5. Global Wireless Consumers Alliance (no date shown, see ECFS for date)

6. Detroit Urban League, Inc. (Dec. 13, 1999).

7. U S West, Inc. (Dec. 14, 1999)

8. SBC Communications Inc. (Dec. 14, 1999)

9. Consumers Union, Consumer Federation of America, and Media Access Project (Dec. 15, 1999)

Reply Comments

1. AT&T Corp. and MediaOne Group, Inc. (Dec. 21, 1999)

2. National Cable Television Association (Dec. 21, 1999)

Motion for New Pleading Cycle

Consumers Union, et al., SBC Communications Inc., and U S West, Inc. (Dec. 23, 1999)

Opposition to Motion for New Pleading Cycle

AT&T-MediaOne (Dec. 29, 1999).

Sur-Reply Comments

SBC (Jan. 27, 2000).

To view the parties' Application, or the Comments and Reply Comments filed in this proceeding, go to the ECFS Page.  Select the "Search the ECFS System" link (or the alternate link if the main link does not respond), enter "99-251" in the "Proceeding" box, and press the "Retrieve Document List" button. (For a complete hard-copy set of these comments, contact Qualex International at 202-863-2893.)