Radio and Television Broadcast Rules
47 CFR Part 73

The FCC itself does not keep a public database of its rule sections.  That task is performed by the Government Printing Office for most agencies.  These rules and regulations are compiled in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR).  After October 1 of each year, the GPO compiles all the changes to, additions to, and deletions to the rules and republishes the Code of Federal Regulations with the updates.  This page links to the 2012 edition of the CFR.  When the 2013 edition is available electronically in spring 2014, this page will be updated.

Telecommunications falls under Title 47 of the CFR.  AM, FM, and TV broadcast stations fall under Part 73 of Title 47.  Additional rule sections pertaining to radio broadcasting are contained in Parts 0 and 1 of Title 47.  We have listed the individual rule sections in Part 73 that pertain to radio and television broadcasting.  Click on the TEXT or PDF icon preceding the rule section to retrieve it.  Related items on the FCC Web site may be listed in brackets [ ] to the right of the rule title.

Part 74 FM translator and FM booster rules are not included here but are contained on a separate FM translator and booster rule page.

AM, FM, and TV Rules including LPFM, Class A TV

Click on the Text or PDF images to retrieve a rule section. Related pages on the FCC Internet site may be listed to the right of the rule title, enclosed in brackets [ ].

  • Subpart A -- AM Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart B -- FM Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart C -- Digital Audio Broadcastind
  • Subpart D -- Noncommercial Educational Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart E -- Television Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart G -- Low Power FM Broadcast Stations (LPFM)
  • Subpart H -- Rules Applicable to All Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart I -- Competitive Bidding Procedures
  • Subpart J -- Class A Television Broadcast Stations
  • Subpart K -- Application and Selection Procedures on Reserved Noncommercial Educational Channels
  • Subpart L -- Incorporation by Reference