Procedure for Filing STA Requests for Increased FM Digital Power

Contact:   Susan Crawford, 202-418-2754,

For your convenience, print these instructions and collect the necessary data before you file the STA request.

STA requests for increased FM digital power, pursuant to the Media Bureau’s January 27, 2010, Order in MM Docket 99-325, should be filed electronically via the Media Bureau's CDBS system,  Please have the station's account information before you begin.

  1. On the main e-filing forms page, scroll to the bottom and select the link to Additional non-form Filings and select Engineering STA.
  2. Item 3, select Engineering STA.
  3. Item 4, Service, enter “FM”.
  4. Complete Items 5 and 6 as appropriate.
  5. Item 7.0, select Licensed Antenna System with Other Variance.
  6. Do Not complete Items 7.1 through 7.10.
  7. Complete Item 7.11 as appropriate.
  8. Item 8 should reference the attached narrative exhibit (See below).
  9. Complete Item 9 and the certifications as appropriate.Attach a narrative exhibit with the following information:
--- FCC ---