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FM Super-Powered Maximum Digital ERP Calculator

The January 29, 2010 Order in MM Docket 99-325 [ PDF | Word ] authorized a general power increase for FM digital operations. In sum, most FM broadcast stations can obtain authority to operate with a digital effective radiated power (ERP) up to 10% of the authorized analog ERP. Details of how to calculate the maximum permissible digital ERP will be found in the Order.

Until the effective date of the rules adopted in the Order, licensees seeking to implement or increase digital ERP above 1% of the analog ERP may file requests for Special Temporary Authority (STA).

Once the new rules become effective, FM stations operating with ERP and antenna height above average terrain (HAAT) combinations that fall within the station's class may operate with up to 4% of the authorized analog ERP without prior authority from the Commission. However, the station MUST electronically file a digital notification in the Commission's CDBS filing system within 10 days of commencing such operation. Operation with digital ERP between 4% and 10% of the authorized analog ERP may only commence after the Commission has granted authority for such operation. Requests for increased digital ERP may be filed electronically in the CDBS system.

Stations operating with facilities in excess of the station's class ("super-powered stations") have different permissible digital ERP limits and different filing requirements for increased digital ERP. For such stations, digital ERP is limited to 10% of the ERP which, for the station's antenna height, would produce a 60 dBu (1 mV/m) contour distance equivalent to the reference facilities for the station's class (see Section 73.211(b) of the Commission's rules). In addition, for a few stations operating with very high ERP values, the digital ERP may be further limited to 1% of the station's analog ERP. We have provided the calculator below to compute the maximum permissible digital ERP for such stations. Super-powered stations must request authority from the Commission for any increase in digital ERP above 1% of the currently authorized analog ERP, via STA prior to the effective date of the new rules, or by informal request in CDBS thereafter.

FM Super-Powered Maximum Digital ERP Calculator

You must enter both the Call Sign and the corresponding Facility ID number before submitting this form.

Call Sign: (-FM or -LP not required)
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* No list is available of stations operating with facilities in excess of station class. Calculations are made based on current station data.


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