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  • FM Channel to Frequency
  • FM Frequency to Channel
  • TV Channel to Frequency Band
  • Feet to/from Meters
  • Miles to/from Kilometers
  • Field Strength Units: dBu to/from mV/m
  • Power Units: kW to/from dBk
  • Power: Relative Field
  • Transmission Line Efficiency (FM broadcast band only)
  • Electrical Degrees To/from Meters
  • Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees
  • Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds
  • Hexadecimal RGB Color -- View HTML Color
  • AM Wavelength, given Frequency
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    FM and TV Channel / Frequency conversions

    FM Channel to Frequency


    Frequency to FM Channel Number


    TV Channel to Frequency Band


    Metric / English distance conversions

    Feet To/From meters

    meters = feet * 0.3048     feet = meters / 0.3048

    Miles To / From Kilometers


    kilometers = miles * 1.609344     miles = kilometers / 1.609344

    Field Strength -- dBu to / from mV/m

    mV/m = 10(dBu/20) / 1000.     dBu = 20 log10 ((mV/m) * 1000.)
    The factor of 1000 is used to convert millivolts per meter to microvolts per meter.

        Common FCC-Defined Equivalent dBu and mV/m Values
        (dB above 1 microvolt
        per meter (uV))
        (millivolts per meter
        electric field strength)
        100 dBu 100 mV/m
        80 dBu 10 mV/m
        70 dBu 3.16 mV/m
        60 dBu 1.0 mV/m
        54 dBu 0.5 mV/m
        40 dBu 0.1 mV/m
        34 dBu 0.05 mV/m
        28 dBu 0.025 mV/m
        Note: Higher field strength values are found closer to a transmitter site. For FM and TV field strengths and distances, use the propagation curves program.


    kW (kilowatts) to / from dBk (dB kilowatts)

    kW = 10(dBk / 10)     dBk = 10 log10 (kW)

    Relative Field Values for Directional Pattern


    Radial ERP = (Maximum ERP) * (relative field)2

    Transmission Line Efficiency -- Computed values are valid for the FM radio band only.
    -- This function does not cover all cable types.


    efficiency (as decimal) = 10-[(dB/100 feet) * (length in meters)] / [1000 * 0.3048]
    where dB/100 feet is the manufacturer's value for the attenuation in the cable.

    Electrical Degrees to/from Meters

    Necessary Parameters:

        Meters per wavelength
        at this frequency (computed):

    meters per wavelength
    Electrical Degrees to Meters

    electrical degrees

    Meters to Electrical Degrees

    electrical degrees

    wavelength (m) = [speed of light (m/sec)] / [frequency (Hz = cycles/sec)]
    where speed of light = 2.99792456 * 108 meters/second

    360 electrical degrees = 1 wavelength

    Degrees Minutes Seconds to Decimal Degrees

    Results:  Latitude:   Longitude:           

    Decimal Degrees to Degrees Minutes Seconds

    Results:  Latitude:   Longitude:           

    Hexadecimal RGB Color -- View HTML Color

      Enter hexadecimal RGB color:           

      Valid hexadecimal (base 16) numerals are 0 through 9 and A through F. 00 = dark, FF = light.

      View adjacent colors to in COLORIT in a new browser window.

    AM Wavelength, given Frequency

    Results:   meters in wavelength
    Speed of light = (frequency) * (wavelength), where frequency is in Hz, wavelength in meters, and speed of light = 2.99792458 * 108 meters/second.

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