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Frequently Asked Questions on:
General Information
Is FCCJobs the only way to submit an application for FCC positions?

Yes, all General Schedule and Wage Grade jobs (except Senior Executive Service (SES) positions) will be filled using FCCJobs. Vacancies for SES positions will use traditional hiring methods; however, applications will be received using FCCJobs. FCC positions open to individuals who are not currently FCC employees will also be on the USAJobs website, but applications must be submitted through FCCJobs.

What if I don't have a computer?

Most college placement offices, job search agencies, unemployment offices, public libraries and some civic centers have computers and Internet access for their patrons’ free use. If applying online poses a hardship, please contact the Federal Communications Commission's Human Resources Office at (202) 418-0130 during business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. U.S. Eastern time) prior to the closing date of the vacancy announcement to speak with an HR representative who can provide assistance for online applications.

What if I don't have email?

There are several Internet Service Providers that offer free email accounts. Hotmail and Yahoo are just two of these. Through them or other companies, you can obtain a free email address that you can use with FCCJobs.

Can I use FCCJobs from my office computer? Isn't there something that says I can't?

If You work for the FCC:

Then Yes, you can use your FCC computer to apply for jobs (within reason.)

FCC policy permits employees to use their Federal computers and email to apply for jobs. FCC management has determined that use of this system is in the best interests of the Government for filling FCC vacancies. However, you are reminded that you may use government property/resources to apply for jobs only if it does not interfere with the performance of your regular duties.

If You work for any other Federal agency or you work for a company in private industry:

Then contact your employer's personnel office for information on whether or not this is acceptable.

When exactly do jobs close?

FCCJobs positions close at midnight Eastern Time (the current time effective in Reston, Virginia) on the closing date of the announcement. After midnight, jobs that have closed will not be available for review or application. Please pay special attention to the closing time depending on whether or not daylight savings time is in effect in Virginia on the closing date of the announcement.

I am not a citizen of the United States. Can I apply for jobs in the FCC?

Competitive Service Positions: Individuals must be US citizens or nationals to compete for competitive jobs. As a United States Federal agency we are not permitted to hire non-U.S. citizens except in very rare situations. U.S. Citizens living in other countries, naturalized U.S. Citizens and any individual who can prove dual U.S. Citizenship may apply for and be considered for FCC positions.

Excepted Service Positions (e.g., Attorneys): The FCC may hire a qualified non-US citizen, who is a national of a country allied with the US, into the excepted service.

How can you say you won't accept paper applications? Isn't that illegal?

No. Federal regulations allow us to automate our job application process and restrict access by any other methods so long as we

  1. Assist applicants in any way possible in getting their applications submitted online by the closing date, and
  2. We provide that assistance without discrimination.

The FCC is on record and stands on the premise that we will assist all applicants in getting their applications submitted online.

What if I need help applying?

For assistance on applying for FCCJobs vacancies please contact the HR Specialist listed on the vacancy announcement of the job you are interested in. He or she will help you submit your application online. If applying online poses a hardship to you, you must call the HR Specialist before the closing date on the announcement for assistance.

last reviewed/updated on 5/10/13 

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