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  “Big LEO” Mobile-Satellite Services

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“Big LEO” Mobile-Satellite Services
CC Docket No. 92-166; IB Docket No. 02-364

The Big LEO mobile-satellite service (MSS) provides for the use of non-geostationary satellite systems that subscribers equipped with mobile earth terminal transceivers can use to conduct two-way voice and data communications with similarly-equipped subscribers or telephone users anywhere else in the world.  The Commission’s rules specify that the 1610-1626.5 MHz and 2483.5-2500 MHz bands are to be used for transmissions between Big LEO satellites and mobile earth terminals.

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Reference # Description
FCC 04-134 Review of the Spectrum Sharing Plan Among Non-Geostationary Satellite Orbit Mobile Satellite Service Systems in the 1.6/2.4 GHz Bands, Amendment of Part 2 of the Commission's Rules
Adopted a spectrum sharing plan that should promote more efficient use of spectrum in the Big LEO bands while avoiding harmful interference to operators in those bands. By 4th Report & Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking. Document released on 07/16/2004
FCC 03-15 Flexibility for Delivery of Communications by Mobile Satellite Service Providers in the 2 GHz Band, the L-Band, and the 1.6/2.4 GHz Bands;
Order to permit certain mobile satellite services (MSS) providers in the 2GHz, Big LEO and L frequency bands to provide an ancillary terrestrial component (ATC) to their satellite systems. Document released on 02/10/2003.

Big LEO Order on Reconsideration (FCC 96-54) 11 FCC Rcd 12861


Big LEO Report and Order (FCC 94-261)  9 FCC Rcd 5936


Big LEO Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FCC 94-11) 9 FCC Rcd 1094  [to be uploaded to EDOCS]

  Big LEO Spectrum Allocation Order (FCC 93-547) 9 FCC Rcd 536
  Report of the MSS Above 1 GHz Negotiated Rulemaking Committee (April 6, 1993)
DA 92-1691 In the Matter of Flexibility for Delivery of Communications by Mobile Satellite Service Providers in the 2 GHz Band, the L-Band, and the 1.6/2.4 GHz Band
Initiated proceeding to obtain comment on proposals to bring flexibility to the delivery of communications by mobile satellite service providers.  Document released on 08/17/2001.

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Reference # Description
DA 04-2869 Iridium Constellation LLC, Iridium Satellite LLC Iridium Carrier Services, Modification of Authority to Operate a Mobile Satellite System in the 1.6 GHz Frequency Band
Modified the authorizations of Iridium to operate space and earth stations in the "Big Leo" mobile-satellite service. Document released on 09/03/2004.
DA 04-628 Globalstar Assignment Notice
DA 03-2906 Iridium Constellation LLC and Iridium US LP
Modified the licenses of Iridium Constellation, LLC and Iridium, US LP (collectively "Iridium") and authorized Iridium to operate satellites in the "Big LEO" mobile-satellite service (MSS) system in the 1620.10-1621.35 MHz frequency band. Document released on 10/07/2003.
Denied the Petition of Constellation Communications Holdings, Inc. for Reconsideration of the Bureau's order denying Constellation's requests for a limited waiver and extension of milestones. Document released on 09/17/2003
DA 02-307 Space Station System Licensee, Inc.; Iridium Constellation et. al, LLC; Motorola Satellite Communications, Inc.; Wireless SP, Inc. and U.S. leo Services, Inc
Granted assignment of licenses and authorizations pertaining to the operation of the IRIDIUM Mobile Satellite Service System. Document released on 02/08/2002.
DA 02-3086 Constellation Communications Holdings, Inc.
Denied the application of Constellation for modification of its authorization to construct, launch, and operate a "Big LEO" low-earth orbit mobile-satellite system above 1 GHZ. Document released on 11/08/2002.
Denied MCHI's petition for reconsideration and reinstatement.  Dismissed as moot MCHI's associated requests for waiver of its third milestone requirement and extension of further milestone requirements.  Document released on 06/24/2002.
DA 01-1315 Mobile Communications Holdings, Inc.
Ordered license issued to Mobile Communications Holdings, Inc. for launch and operation of a "Big LEO" Mobile-Satellite Service system null and void for failure to meet construction milestone.  Document released on 05/31/2001.
  • Loral/Qualcomm (“Globalstar”) License Order  10 FCC Rcd 2333 (1995)
  • Loral/Qualcomm (“Globalstar”) Correction Order 10 FCC Rcd 3926 (1995)
  • Motorola (“Iridium”) License Order 10 FCC Rcd 2268 (1995)
  • Motorola (“Iridium”) Correction Order 10 FCC Rcd 3925 (1995)
  • TRW License Order 10 FCC Rcd 2263 (1995)
  • TRW Correction Order 10 FCC Rcd 3924 (1995)
  • Constellation Financial Qualifications Order (DA 95-132) 10 FCC Rcd 2274
  • MCHI Financial Qualifications Order (DA 95-129) 10 FCC Rcd 10 FCC Rcd 2258
  • Big LEO Licensing Reconsideration Order (FCC 96-279) 11 FCC Rcd 18502


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