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  Section 43.61 International Traffic Data

Section 43.61 International Traffic Data

Reports of international telecommunications traffic. Section 43.61 of the Commissionís rules require that each common carrier engaged in providing international telecommunications service between the continental United States, Alaska, Hawaii, and off-shore U.S. points and any country or point outside that area file a report with the Commission. Carriers are required to file the report on service provided in the preceding calendar year by July 31st. Revisions are due by October 31st.

The reporting requirements include information on actual traffic and revenue data for each service provided by the carrier, divided among service billed in the United States, service billed outside the United States, and service transiting the United States. The instructions for reporting are contained in the, Manual for Filing Section 43.61 Data, June 1995, available at the Wireline Competition Bureau Statistical Reports (formerly FCC State-Link).

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR12.PDF | CREPOR12.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR11.PDF | CREPOR11.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR10.PDF | CREPOR10.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR09.PDF | CREPOR09.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR08.PDF | CREPOR08.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR07.PDF | CREPOR07.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR06.PDF | CREPOR06.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR05.PDF | CREPOR05.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR04.PDF | CREPOR04.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Traffic Report: [ Release | CREPOR03.PDF | CREPOR03.ZIP | Detailed View ]

Trend Report [ Report ]

Trend Report [ Release | ITRND01.PDF | ITRND01.ZIP ]

In 2013, the Commission released a Second Report and Order that significantly streamlined and modernized the Commission’s international traffic, revenue, and circuit reporting requirements. Although the changes went into effect on February 11, 2015, only the changes to the reporting requirements for international services resale traffic and international miscellaneous services were in effect for the 2013 reporting period. Carriers made their 2013 filings under the old requirements. The Commission anticipates that a new online filing system will be available in time for the filing of the 2014 data in 2015.

Under the Commission’s revised rules, Section 43.62, sets forth annual traffic and revenue reporting requirements, replacing the old telecommunications traffic reporting requirements. The new reporting requirements will apply to any person or entity that (1) holds an authorization from the Commission under section 214 of the Communications Act of 1934 (Communications Act), as amended, 47 U.S.C. § 214, to provide International Telecommunications Service; or (2) is engaged in providing Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service connected to the public switched telephone network (PSTN) between the United States and any foreign point.

To implement these revised requirements, the Commission has released a new Filing Manual that provides instructions to carriers filing reports under the revised requirements (43.62 Filing Manual). Additionally, the Commission, on October 27, 2014, released a Revised List of International Points that are part of the global telecommunications market.  Carriers should use the revised list for purposes of reporting their international traffic data under the Commission’s amended Part 43 rules.

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FCC Releases Revised List of International Points
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2014 International Telecommunications Traffic Reports due July 31,2014



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