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NTIA Letter On Applications for International Authorizations
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NTIA Letter Acrobat

Erratum - Comprehensive Review of Licensing and Operating Rules
Comment :Issued an Erratum correcting Second Report and Order, FCC 15-167, released December 17, 2015
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Ligado Request Allocation 1675-1680 MHz Band
Comment :Comment Sought to Update the Record on Ligado's Request that the Commision Initiate a Rulemaking to Allocate the 1675-1680 MHz Band for Terrestrial Mobile use Shared with Federal Use
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Ligado Satellite Modification Applications
Comment :Petitions to Deny Due: 05/23/2016, Oppositions Due: 06/06/2016
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Seeks Comment On Implementation Of Section 25.281(b)
Comment :Seeking comment on the appropriate schedule for implementing carrier identification requirements for digital video uplink transmissions, as adopted by the Commission in August 2013
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Intent to Terminate JeBe Communications, LLC
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Order Approving Amendment of Section 4.1 of Proxy Agreement
Comment :Order approves an amendment of Section 4.1 of the JPMorgan Voting Proxy Agreement dated December 7, 2015
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EchoStar Satellite Operating Corporation and Hughes Network Systems
Comment :It is ordered that the interim milestone requirements of Section 25.164 are hereby WAIVED in the cases, Call Signs S2440, S2441, S2442, S2723, and S2725
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Fact Sheet: Protections Against Waste, Fraud & Abuse in Lifeline
Comment :Summary of Existing and Proposed Protections Against Waste, Fraud and Abuse in the Lifeline Program
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Temporary Waiver of Section 25.281(b)
Comment :International Bureau issues a blanket waiver of the identification requirement for digital video transmissions in Section 25.281(b)of the Commission's rules for a period beginning September 3, 2016 and ending September 3, 2017
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FCC Announces Agenda for Spectrum Frontiers Workshop and Tech Demo
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Reminder to File 43.62 Circuit Capacity Reports
Comment :Commission seeks comment on removing the nondiscrimination requirements from the U.S.-Cuba route
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Attachment A Acrobat | Excel
Attachment B Acrobat | Excel
Attachment C Acrobat | Excel

International Bureau Seeks Comment On The Next Orbit Act Report
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Pakistan Second MO&O
Comment :This Second MO&O modifies and removes certain requirements of the 2013 Pakistan Order based on improved competitive conditions on the U.S.-Pakistan route
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Cuba Nondiscrimination Further Notice
Comment :Commission seeks comment on removing the nondiscrimination requirements from the U.S.-Cuba route
FNPRM Acrobat | Word
PAI's statement Acrobat | Word
O’RIELLY's statement Acrobat | Word

FNPRM on Removing Nondiscrimination Requirements on U.S.-Cuba Route
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O3b Limited
Comment :Granted O3b's waiver request conditioned on operations on an unprotected, non-interference basis in the 27.6-28.4 GHz (Earth-to-space) and 17.8-18.6 GHz (space-to-Earth) frequency bands
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Termination of Ocean Technology International 214
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Nation Makes Progress in Broadband Deployment But Challenges Remain
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Bates Technical College Dismissal
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FCC International Bureau Removes Cuba from the Exclusion List
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Termination of ACT's International Section 214
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International Bureau Releases 2014 Circuit Capacity Report
News Release Acrobat | Word
Report Acrobat

World Radiocommunication Conference 2015(WRC-15)
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International Bureau Reorganization
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LightSquared License Assignments
MO&O Acrobat | Word
PAI statement Acrobat | Word
O'Rielly statement Acrobat | Word

Licensing of Telecommunications Services Between U.S. and Cuba
Publice Notice Acrobat | Word
Letter Acrobat | Word

Termination Notice of Ocean Technology International 214
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