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Comment :Space Station Reform Second Reconsideration Order
The Order addresses the remaining petitions for reconsideration of the First Space Station Licensing Reform Order, and amends, clarifies, or eliminates certain provisions to streamline our procedures and ease administrative burdens on applicants/licensees
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WRC-19 Advisory Committee Meetings of the Informal Working Groups
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Iridium Constellation LLC
Comment :Authorize Iridium to construct, deploy, and operate non-geostationary-satellite orbit space stations
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AT&T-Tampnet-Broadpoint Transaction Approved
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Extension of Reply Comment Deadline on Ligado Rulemaking Request
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FCC Adopts Rules to Facilitate Next Generation Wireless Technologies
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World Radiocommunication Conference Advisory Committee First Meeting
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FCC Releases New International Telecom Traffic & Revenue Data Report
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Expected processing times for earth station applications
Comment :International Bureau Announces Expected Processing Times For Earth Station Applications
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Seventeenth ORBIT Act Report
Comment :Pursuant to the ORBIT Act, the Commission is reporting on its progress in carrying out the ORBIT Act's purposes and objectives. This is the Commission's seventeenth ORBIT Act report
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Pai's Statement Acrobat | Word
O'Rielly's Statement Acrobat | Word

International Bureau Demo of New Schedule S Software on June 14
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Rechartering & Solicitation of Members for the WRC Advisory Committee
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The International Bureau To Host A Demonstration On The New Schedule S
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NTIA Letter On Applications for International Authorizations
Public Notice Acrobat | Word
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Erratum - Comprehensive Review of Licensing and Operating Rules
Comment :Issued an Erratum correcting Second Report and Order, FCC 15-167, released December 17, 2015
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Ligado Request Allocation 1675-1680 MHz Band
Comment :Comment Sought to Update the Record on Ligado's Request that the Commision Initiate a Rulemaking to Allocate the 1675-1680 MHz Band for Terrestrial Mobile use Shared with Federal Use
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Ligado Satellite Modification Applications
Comment :Petitions to Deny Due: 05/23/2016, Oppositions Due: 06/06/2016
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Seeks Comment On Implementation Of Section 25.281(b)
Comment :Seeking comment on the appropriate schedule for implementing carrier identification requirements for digital video uplink transmissions, as adopted by the Commission in August 2013
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Intent to Terminate JeBe Communications, LLC
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Order Approving Amendment of Section 4.1 of Proxy Agreement
Comment :Order approves an amendment of Section 4.1 of the JPMorgan Voting Proxy Agreement dated December 7, 2015
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EchoStar Satellite Operating Corporation and Hughes Network Systems
Comment :It is ordered that the interim milestone requirements of Section 25.164 are hereby WAIVED in the cases, Call Signs S2440, S2441, S2442, S2723, and S2725
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Fact Sheet: Protections Against Waste, Fraud & Abuse in Lifeline
Comment :Summary of Existing and Proposed Protections Against Waste, Fraud and Abuse in the Lifeline Program
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Temporary Waiver of Section 25.281(b)
Comment :International Bureau issues a blanket waiver of the identification requirement for digital video transmissions in Section 25.281(b)of the Commission's rules for a period beginning September 3, 2016 and ending September 3, 2017
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FCC Announces Agenda for Spectrum Frontiers Workshop and Tech Demo
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Reminder to File 43.62 Circuit Capacity Reports
Comment :Commission seeks comment on removing the nondiscrimination requirements from the U.S.-Cuba route
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International Bureau Seeks Comment On The Next Orbit Act Report
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Pakistan Second MO&O
Comment :This Second MO&O modifies and removes certain requirements of the 2013 Pakistan Order based on improved competitive conditions on the U.S.-Pakistan route
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Cuba Nondiscrimination Further Notice
Comment :Commission seeks comment on removing the nondiscrimination requirements from the U.S.-Cuba route
FNPRM Acrobat | Word
PAI's statement Acrobat | Word
O’RIELLY's statement Acrobat | Word

FNPRM on Removing Nondiscrimination Requirements on U.S.-Cuba Route
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O3b Limited
Comment :Granted O3b's waiver request conditioned on operations on an unprotected, non-interference basis in the 27.6-28.4 GHz (Earth-to-space) and 17.8-18.6 GHz (space-to-Earth) frequency bands
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Termination of Ocean Technology International 214
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Nation Makes Progress in Broadband Deployment But Challenges Remain
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Bates Technical College Dismissal
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FCC International Bureau Removes Cuba from the Exclusion List
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Termination of ACT's International Section 214
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International Bureau Releases 2014 Circuit Capacity Report
News Release Acrobat | Word
Report Acrobat

World Radiocommunication Conference 2015(WRC-15)
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International Bureau Reorganization
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LightSquared License Assignments
MO&O Acrobat | Word
PAI statement Acrobat | Word
O'Rielly statement Acrobat | Word

Licensing of Telecommunications Services Between U.S. and Cuba
Publice Notice Acrobat | Word
Letter Acrobat | Word

Termination Notice of Ocean Technology International 214
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