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  EB - Protecting CPNI

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Protecting Proprietary Information including Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI)

Items of Interest
02-05-2014 Enforcement Advisory: Telecommunications Carriers and Interconnected VOIP Providers Must File Annual Reports Certifying Compliance with Commission Rules Protecting Customer Proprietary Network Information
01-16-2013 Telecommunications Carriers and Interconnected VOIP Providers Reminded of Requirement to File Annual Reports Certifying Compliance with Commission Rules Protecting Customer Proprietary Network Information; Annual CPNI Certifications Due March 1, 2013
02-16-2012 Telecommunications Carriers and Interconnected VOIP Providers Reminded of Requirement to File Annual Reports Certifying Compliance with Commission Rules Protecting Customer Propriertary Network Information
01-28-2011 Enforcement Bureau Reminds Carriers of March 1 Deadline and Provides Further Guidance on Filing of Annual Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Certifications
01-15-2010 Enforcement Bureau Issues Enforcement Advisory on CPNI Compliance Certification
02-13-2009 Public Notice - EB Reminds Carriers of March 1 Deadline and Provides Further Guidance on Filing of Annual Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Certifications Under 47 C.F.R. S:64.2009(e)
01-07-2009 Public Notice - EB Provides Guidance on Filing of 2008 Annual Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Certifications Under 47 C.F.R. S:64.2009(e)
01-29-2008 Public Notice - EB Provides Guidance on Filing of Annual Customer Proprietary Network Information (CPNI) Certifications Under 47 C.F.R. § 64.2009(e)
09-29-2006 Written Statement Before the Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations, Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives
02-10-2006 FCC Examines Need for Tougher Privacy Rules: News Release / Order
02-08-2006 Written Statement of Bureau Chief Kris Monteith Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs, Product Safety, and Insurance Committee on Protecting Consumers' Phone Records
02-02-2006 Chairman Kevin J. Martin's Statement before the Committee on Energy and Commerce, U.S. House of Representatives, "Phone Records for Sale: Why aren't Phone Records Safe from Pretexting?"
02-02-2006 Enforcement Bureau Opens New Docket for the February 6, 2006, Filing of CPNI Compliance Certifications
01-30-2006 Enforcement Bureau Directs All Telecommunications Carriers to Submit CPNI Compliance Certifications

Recent Enforcement Actions
10-24-2014 TerraCom, Inc. and YourTel America, Inc. (NAL)
09-03-2014 Verizon (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-17-2014 Rubard, LLC d/b/a Centmobile (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-08-2013 USA Teleport, Inc. (ORDER ON REVIEW)
12-21-2012 Think 12 Corporation d/b/a Hello Depot (ORDER ON REVIEW)
12-04-2012 CenturyLink, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-15-2012 TDS Telecommunications Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-26-2012 Verizon (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
05-11-2012 Ztar Mobile, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-01-2011 Annual CPNI Certification Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ERRATUM)
11-30-2011 Annual CPNI Certification Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
10-28-2011 Think 12 Corporation d/b/a Hello Depot (M.O.&O.)
11-14-2011 Annual CPNI Certification Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
11-14-2011 Unitec Hospitality Service, Inc. d/b/a Unitec Services (ORDER)
10-25-2011 Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc. (ORDER)
10-25-2011 Annual CPNI Certification Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
10-14-2011 Blue Casa Communications, Inc., d/b/a Blue Casa Communications, LLC (ORDER)
10-03-2011 Crossfire Telecommunications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-29-2011 NTS Services Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-20-2011 Revolution Communications Company, LTD (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-20-2011 Accutel of Texas, LP (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-15-2011 LGT - Latin Global Telecom, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-01-2011 Annual CPNI Certification, Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
09-01-2011 Saving Call, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-01-2011 New Bridge Technologies, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-31-2011 ValuTel Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
05-24-2011 Simplink Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-02-2011 AccessCom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-27-2011 Galaxy Internet Services, Inc. (ORDER)
07-27-2011 Dezco Communications, Inc. (ORDER)
07-25-2011 Toly Digital Network, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-20-2011 Clon Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-20-2011 Multi Voice, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-20-2011 CCI Network Services, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2011 Public Service Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2011 Southwest Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-06-2011 Annual CPNI Certification, Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
06-16-2011 Nu Era Telecom, Inc. d/b/a Telefonica Latina (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-10-2011 Straightel, Inc. d/b/a Idealtel.com (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-10-2011 DigitGlobal Communications, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-10-2011 Phone Club Corporation (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-10-2011 Touch-Tel USA, LLC (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-10-2011 Voip Alliance, LLC (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-06-2011 88 Telecom Corporation (FORFEITURE ORDER)
06-03-2011 Annual CPNI Certification (ORDER)
05-03-2011 Metronet Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-29-2011 USA Teleport, Inc. (M.O.&O.)
04-27-2011 Annual CPNI Certification (ORDER)
04-27-2011 Annual CPNI Certification (ORDER)
04-14-2011 Telecom Consultants, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-08-2011 Westgate Communications, LLC d/b/a WeavTel (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-07-2011 ZTG, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-07-2011 International Access, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-01-2011 Annual CPNI Certification, Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
04-01-2011 Digital Network Access Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-29-2011 Tele Circuit Network Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-25-2011 Integrated Telemanagement Services, Inc. d/b/a OMNICOM (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-17-2011 Network Services Solutions, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-11-2011 Internet & Telephone, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-14-2011 China Unicom (Americas) Operations Ltd. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-11-2011 Internet & Telephone, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-03-2011 USA Teleport, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
03-03-2011 Diamond Phone, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
03-03-2011 Calmtel USA, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
03-03-2011 Nationwide Telecom, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
02-25-2011 Annual CPNI Certification (OMNIBUS NAL & ORDER)
02-25-2011 Think 12 Corporation d/b/a Hello Depot (FORFEITURE ORDER)
02-25-2011 Davidson Telecom, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-12-2011 Ring Connection, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-23-2011 NET/COMM Services, Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-23-2011 Atlantic Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-23-2011 Pacific Telecom Services, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-23-2011 TelePlus Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-16-2011 Cyber Mesa Computer Systems, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 Delta Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 NationsLine North, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-18-2011 North County Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 Coast International, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 NationsLine, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 NationsLine Virginia, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 NationsLine District of Columbia, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-15-2011 NationsLine Delaware, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-08-2011 Association Administrators, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-08-2011 Royal Phone Company, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-08-2011 Call-O-Call, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-08-2011 Advanced Business Integration Network (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-20-2010 Easterbrooke Cellular Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-04-2011 CyberNet Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-03-2011 PR Wireless, Inc. d/b/a OPEN Mobile (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-03-2011 Franz, Inc. d/b/a Telelight, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-31-2011 PiperTel Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-17-2010 Utility Telephone, Inc.; Anew Telecommunications Corporation d/b/a Call America (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-13-2010 eKit.com, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-21-2011 Neutral Tandem, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-17-2010 Annual CPNI Certification (ORDER)
08-30-2010 Quick-Tel, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-20-2011 Team Electronics, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-30-2010 ONS-Telecom, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-18-2011 United Communications Systems, Inc. d/b/a Call One (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 Teleplex, Inc. d/b/a Alert Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 FiberComm, L.C. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-26-2011 Latino Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 DTC Cable, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-26-2011 U.S. Telestar Communication Group, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-15-2010 US Telesis, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-16-2010 Tele Uno, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-05-2010 Reserve Telephone Co., Inc. d/b/a Reserve Telephone Company, Inc., Reserve Long Distance Company, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-06-2010 A.M.S. Voicecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-28-2010 General Dynamics-Satellite Communication Services (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-28-2010 T/A Apartment Services, Inc. d/b/a Off Campus Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-28-2010 Mountain Paging Network, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-20-2010 FullTel, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-18-2010 Pete's Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-18-2010 Telephone Answering Service, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-12-2011 NetSpan Corporation d/b/a Foremost Telecommunications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-08-2010 Wireless Telecommunications Corp. f/k/a Westar Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-20-2010 World Communication Center, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-12-2011 Central Communications Service Co. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-09-2010 Range Corporation d/b/a Range Telecommunications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-12-2011 Telebeep, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-10-2011 Advantage Wireless Communications, Inc. d/b/a Almar Communications and Blackhawk Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
01-10-2011 Lyca Tel, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-30-2010 Courtesy Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-30-2010 Oratel, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-23-2010 New Start Communication Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-21-2010 Custom Tel, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-20-2010 Paxx Telecom, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-20-2010 Mobilpage, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-17-2010 Dunnell Tel. Co. d/b/a Dunnell Telephone Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-16-2010 Kelley's Tele-Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-15-2010 A & W Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-15-2010 CMC Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-10-2010 Answerphone Services, Inc. d/b/a Direct Page Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-10-2010 Total Communication Systems, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-09-2010 CP Telecom Inc. f/k/a ComputerPro, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-08-2010 Web Fire Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-07-2010 Mobilephone of Humboldt, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-07-2010 Standard Electronics West, Inc. d/b/a ALLPAGE (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-03-2010 Annual CPNI Certification (ORDER)
12-03-2010 Parker FiberNet, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-03-2010 Huntleigh Telecommunications Group, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-01-2010 AT&T Inc. (ERRATUM)
12-02-2010 Unitycomm, LLC d/b/a U4Com (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-02-2010 North Sight Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-02-2010 Nova Cellular West, Inc. d/b/a San Diego Wireless (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-02-2010 Chapin Long Distance, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
12-01-2010 Bluegrass Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Kentucky Telephone Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-29-2010 AT&T Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-30-2010 HUB Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-24-2010 Telegration, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-24-2010 Mountain Communications and Electronics, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-24-2010 Professional Answering Service, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-22-2010 Global Tech Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-22-2010 3U Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-22-2010 Omnicom Paging Plus, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-22-2010 Iscom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-19-2010 Lunex Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-19-2010 Tri-Caps, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-19-2010 International Telnet, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-19-2010 Global Connect Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-18-2010 Outfitter Satellite, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-16-2010 User Centric Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-16-2010 ImOn Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-16-2010 Advanced Corporate Networking, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-16-2010 St. Olaf College (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-16-2010 Cook Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-15-2010 Com-Nav, Inc. d/b/a Radio Telephone of Maine (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-09-2010 01 Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-09-2010 First Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-08-2010 Raycom Electronics, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-05-2010 TelNet Worldwide, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-04-2010 Sumrada Communications Service, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-04-2010 Sagir, Inc. d/b/a Indigo Wireless; Americell PA3, LP d/b/a Indigo Wireless (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-04-2010 Manchester-Hartland Telephone Co. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-01-2010 Go Solo Technologies (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-29-2010 Tularosa Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-29-2010 GeoNet Communications Group, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-27-2010 Biddeford Internet Corporation d/b/a Great Works Internet (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-27-2010 Ruddata Corporation d/b/a VCI Internet Service (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-27-2010 NNTC Wireless, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-26-2010 Shorelink Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-26-2010 Litecall, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-25-2010 American Page Network (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-25-2010 Magellan Hill Technologies, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-25-2010 Go2tel.com, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-22-2010 BendTel d/b/a Bend Data Center (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-22-2010 Dixie-Net Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-22-2010 TRI-M Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-19-2010 Tele-Beep Paging Co. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-19-2010 LTS of Rocky Mount, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-19-2010 Tel Tec, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-19-2010 Midwestern Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-15-2010 X2 Comm, Inc. d/b/a DC Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-15-2010 Valley Communications of Moses Lake, Inc. d/b/a Tele-Waves (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-15-2010 BroadRiver Communication Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-14-2010 ProPage, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-14-2010 ComTech21, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-14-2010 CTI Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-14-2010 The Money Store, LP d/b/a The Money Box (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-13-2010 Midwest Management, Inc. -- Consolidated (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-13-2010 CloseCall America, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-13-2010 North Bell Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-13-2010 Ninetel, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-13-2010 Andina Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-08-2010 KK Communications, L.P. d/b/a Autophone of Laredo, LTD (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-08-2010 RCC, Inc. d/b/a Radio-Comm Co. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-08-2010 The Beeper People, Inc. d/b/a AirPage (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-07-2010 CSM Wireless, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-07-2010 LaVergne's TeleMessaging, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-07-2010 Hello Pager Company, Inc. d/b/a Hello, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-07-2010 Lectronics, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-07-2010 Tim Ron Enterprises, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-06-2010 Alaska Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-06-2010 GlobalTel LD, Inc. d/b/a American Roaming Network (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-05-2010 Global Information Technologies (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-05-2010 Annual CPNI Certification NAL (ORDER)
10-05-2010 ATL Communications d/b/a Sunriver Telecom (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-05-2010 Keystone Wireless d/b/a Immix Wireless (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
10-01-2010 Mechanicsville Telephone Company (ORDER)
10-01-2010 Key Communications, LLC d/b/a West Virginia Wireless (ORDER)
10-01-2010 Capital Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER)
10-01-2010 Oneida County Rural Telephone Co. (ORDER)
10-01-2010 Amp'd Mobile, Inc. (ORDER)
10-01-2010 Lancaster Radio Paging, Inc. d/b/a Access Telecommunications Network (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 Premiere Communications Systems, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 X5 PDX, LLC d/b/a X5 Solutions, X5 SLC, LLC d/b/a X5 Solutions, X5 Solutions, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 Telecom Argentina USA, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 Cordova Telephone Cooperative, Inc. d/b/a Cordova Wireless Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 Maverick Media of Eau Claire Communications, LLC d/b/a Page Call Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-30-2010 Teton Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-29-2010 Leflore Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-29-2010 Radio Communications of Charleston, Inc. d/b/a FirstPage (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-28-2010 Texapage N.E., Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-28-2010 Metro Beeper, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-28-2010 Allcom Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-28-2010 Critical Alert Systems, LLC, on behalf of Aroostook Paging, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-28-2010 Western Communications Services, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-24-2010 Milbank Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-24-2010 McBlue Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-24-2010 Mobile Phone of Oklahoma (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-24-2010 Audio-Video Corporation d/b/a A-1 Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-22-2010 Transcard, LLC f/k/a Innovative Processing Solutions, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-21-2010 Westel, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-17-2010 TTI Comm Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-17-2010 Carolina Mobile Communications, Ltd. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-15-2010 World Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-15-2010 Ezequiel Guido d/b/a E Marketing (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-10-2010 VIP Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-10-2010 NexGen Integrated Communications, L.L.C. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-07-2010 Suncoast Technology, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-07-2010 Madera Radio Dispatch, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-07-2010 Lucky Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-03-2010 New Talk, Inc. f/k/a Connect Paging, Inc. d/b/a Get A Phone (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
09-03-2010 Signal Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-30-2010 Lloyd Hoff Holding Corporation d/b/a Black Bear Paging (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-30-2010 B & C Mobile Communications, Inc. d/b/a Colorado Mobile (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 C & C Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 UIDC Telecom Division d/b/a Rio Networks f/k/a Rio Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 Kotana Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 Ray's Electronics, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-27-2010 River City Wireless of Tennessee, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-26-2010 Relay Communications Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-26-2010 Flower City Paging, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-26-2010 Westside Paging, Inc. d/b/a Westside Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 GlobalPhone Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 Circle Telephone Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 Gateway Wireless Services, L.C. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 Communications Specialists, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 David L. English d/b/a Mobile Communications Services (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 Fones West Digital Systems, Inc. d/b/a Lynx Wireless (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-25-2010 Bingo Consulting, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-24-2010 Terral Telephone Company, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-23-2010 Telstar Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-23-2010 The Contact Network, Inc. d/b/a InLine (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-23-2010 Fluent Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-23-2010 Janaslani Enterprises, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-20-2010 Basin Communications Systems, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-19-2010 Clark Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-18-2010 Cottonwood Holdings Corporation d/b/a Beep West Radio Paging (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-18-2010 Bryan 800 Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-18-2010 CresComm Services, Inc. d/b/a Crescent Communications Co. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-17-2010 Alpha Message Center, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-17-2010 Huffman Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-17-2010 Mutual Telephone Company, on behalf of Vernon Communications & TV, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-17-2010 Toledo Telenet Long Distance Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-16-2010 RBJ Corporation and its subsidiaries, KLM Telephone Company et al. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-16-2010 Matthews Answering Service, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-16-2010 Mobile Radio Communications, Inc. d/b/a MobilFone (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-16-2010 Page Plus, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-13-2010 International Satellite Services, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-13-2010 Dialaround Enterprises Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-12-2010 Axxis Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-10-2010 Airwaves Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-10-2010 Advanced Paging and Telemessaging, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-10-2010 Answer Fort Smith, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-10-2010 Comteck of Indiana, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2010 Hamilton County Long Distance, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-03-2010 Sound of Tri-State (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-03-2010 Korea Telecom America, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-03-2010 WUE, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-22-2010 GlobalNova, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Prairie Networks, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Roggen Telephone Enterprises, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Pioneer Consolidated, Inc. d/b/a Pioneer Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Phillips County Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Nunn Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 MTC Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2010 Horizon Technology (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 Home Long Distance, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 Glenwood Telecommunications, Inc. d/b/a Glenwood Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 Craw-Kan Communication Systems, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2010 Communications 1 Wireless, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-28-2010 Reinbeck Municipal Telecommunications Utility (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-28-2010 Opcom, Inc. d/b/a WCS Telecom (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-22-2010 KeyArt Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-22-2010 B W Telcom Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-22-2010 Lamar County Cellular, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-20-2010 Michigan Access, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-16-2010 TeleDias Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-16-2010 OneLink Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-16-2010 OLS, Inc. d/b/a Georgia On-Line Services (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-14-2010 Annual CPNI Certification, Apparent Liability for Forfeiture (ORDER)
07-15-2010 Arkadin, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2010 Impact Network Solutions, Inc. d/b/a Impact Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2010 Faircall Corporation d/b/a 1-800 Faircall (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2010 BBG Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-09-2010 E. Ritter Communications, Inc. d/b/a Ritter Communications, Inc., E. Ritter Telephone Company, Tri-County Tel. Co., Inc. d/b/a Tri-County Telephone Co., Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-09-2010 Clarksville Mutual Tel. Co. d/b/a Clarksville Mutual Telephone Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-09-2010 Great Lakes Comnet, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-02-2010 Orlando Telephone Company, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-29-2010 Quasar Communications Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-29-2010 NovoLink Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-29-2010 Northwest Telephone, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-29-2010 DialToneServices, L.P. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-28-2010 Verizon (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
06-11-2010 Tennessee Telephone Service, LLC d/b/a Freedom Communications USA, LLC (ORDER)
06-02-2010 Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (ERRATUM)
05-28-2010 Shoreham Telephone Company, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
05-28-2010 Hiawatha Broadband Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
02-26-2010 Galaxy Internet Services, Inc., Intercel Telecoms Group, Inc., RealConnect, Inc., Saving Call, LLC, VOIP Corporation, Z-Telephony, LLC (NAL)
02-26-2010 Advanza Telecom, Inc., Crossfire Telecommunications, LLC, Dezco Communications, Inc., G-Link Communications, Inc., NTS Services Corp., Starlight International Inc., Systema Networks, Inc. (NAL)
09-01-2009 Clarks Telecom Long Distance (ORDER)
09-01-2009 Zicore Services, Inc. (ORDER)
09-01-2009 Visionary Communications, Inc. (ORDER)
09-01-2009 Pilgrim Telephone, Inc. (ORDER)
09-01-2009 Nebraska Supercomm, LLC (ORDER)
09-01-2009 City of Daytona Beach (ORDER)
09-01-2009 Cellular Abroad, Inc. (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Worldwide Marketing Solutions, Incorporated (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Allendale Telephone Company d/b/a Allendale Communications Company (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Freedom Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Orange Auto Sound (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Plains Communications Services, LLC (ORDER)
08-31-2009 Isan Telecom, Inc. (ORDER)
08-07-2009 AP&T Wireless, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 Fort Mojave Television, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 SpringCom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 Westphalia Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 Ogden Long Distance Service, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 Carr Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-07-2009 Topsham Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 City of Naperville, Naperville, IL (ORDER)
08-06-2009 TSC Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Falcon1, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Northeast Competitive Access Provider (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Peetz Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Cedar-Wapsie Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 B & B Communications Network, Inc. d/b/a Butler-Bremer Communications (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Evertek, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 CenCom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-06-2009 Telecom Supply, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-05-2009 NMRSA6-III Partnership (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-05-2009 Clay County Communications, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-05-2009 Sweetser Rural Telephone Company (ORDER)
08-05-2009 Family Tel of Oklahoma, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-05-2009 Nebraska Long Distance Company, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-05-2009 Stanton Long Distance, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-04-2009 Southwest Oklahoma Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-04-2009 GBT Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-04-2009 Giles-Craig Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-04-2009 Texas Communications of Brownwood, L.P. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-03-2009 Southwest Texas Long Distance Company (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-03-2009 Ligtel Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-31-2009 Momentum Telecom, Inc. (ORDER)
07-31-2009 The Telephone Company, Inc. (ORDER)
07-31-2009 ComTech Solutions, LLC (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-31-2009 ComSouth Teleservices, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-31-2009 ComSouth Telenet, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-31-2009 Wilson Communication Company, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2009 Hinton Telephone Company of Hinton Oklahoma, Inc. (ORDER)
07-30-2009 TCO Network, Inc. (ORDER)
07-30-2009 ASTAC Long Distance (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2009 Nebraska Central Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-30-2009 Clearcom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2009 Smithville Telecom, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-29-2009 RTC Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-24-2009 PriorityOne Telecommunications, Inc. (ORDER)
07-24-2009 @Communications, Inc. (ORDER)
07-24-2009 WTC Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
04-28-2009 1st United Tel-Com, Inc. (FORFEITURE ORDER)
03-11-2009 Annual CPNI Certification (ERRATUM)
02-26-2009 VLD Inc. d/b/a Global Telecom Brokers (ERRATUM)
02-26-2009 GOES Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-26-2009 Ganoco, Inc. (NAL)
02-26-2009 Gabriel Wireless, LLC (NAL)
02-26-2009 Wayne Frank (NAL)
02-26-2009 Commnet Wireless, LLC (NAL)
02-26-2009 Tennessee Telephone Service, LLC d/b/a Freedom Communications USA, LLC (NAL)
02-26-2009 Bee Line Cable (NAL)
02-25-2009 Dixville Telephone Company (NAL)
02-25-2009 Shreveport Communications Service, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Santel Communications Cooperative, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Santa Rosa Telephone Cooperative, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Volunteer First Services, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Liberty Contracting and Consulting LLC (NAL)
02-25-2009 Securetel Network Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 General Mobile Radio Service, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Telchin Corporation (NAL)
02-25-2009 E.Com Technologies, LLC dba First Mile Technologies (NAL)
02-25-2009 BKT Telecom Corp. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Eastern Colorado Independent Networks, LLC (NAL)
02-25-2009 E & F Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Santa Rosa Communications, Ltd. (NAL)
02-25-2009 DAR Communications Corporation (NAL)
02-25-2009 PriorityOne Telecommunications, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Prime Time Ventures, LLC (NAL)
02-25-2009 O. Richard Knutson (NAL)
02-25-2009 Nunn Telephone Company (NAL)
02-25-2009 Network Innovations, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Netcarrier Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 National Brands, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Arthur N. Sherman (NAL)
02-25-2009 James T. Hopper (NAL)
02-25-2009 SI2Way, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Zicore Services, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Angel Communications LLC d/b/a Mr. Radio of Arizona Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Worldwide Marketing Solutions, Incorporated (NAL)
02-25-2009 M & L Enterprises, Inc. dba Skyline Telephone Co., Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Legacy Long Distance International, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Latino Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 KanOkla Telephone Association, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Kitchen Productions, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Isan Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 D.G.A. Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Clear World Communications Corporation (NAL)
02-25-2009 Consolidated Telephone Company (NAL)
02-25-2009 Communications Venture Corporation dba InDigital Telecom (NAL)
02-25-2009 China Telecom (Americas) Corporation (NAL)
02-25-2009 Cherokee Telephone Company (NAL)
02-25-2009 Buckeye Telesystem, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 800 Response Information Services LLC (NAL)
02-25-2009 American Fiber Systems of Georgia, Inc. (NAL)
02-25-2009 Atlantic Telecommunications, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 TeleSpan Carrier Access, LLC (NAL)
02-24-2009 Highland Communications, LLC (NAL)
02-24-2009 Hartman Telephone Exchanges, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 T2 Communications, LLC (NAL)
02-24-2009 Specialized Mobile Radio, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 South Central Wireless, Inc. dba SCTelcom (NAL)
02-24-2009 EGIX, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Securetel Network Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Protek Leasing Corp. (NAL)
02-24-2009 ProCom LMR, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Phillips County Telephone Company dba PC Telcom (NAL)
02-24-2009 One Touch India LLC (NAL)
02-24-2009 Clifford E. Bade (NAL)
02-24-2009 TeleBEEPER of New Mexico, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Edward Adams Associates, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Scott C. MacIntyre (NAL)
02-24-2009 Data Radio Management Company, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Momentum Telecom, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Millennium Digital Media Systems, LLC, dba Broadstripe (NAL)
02-24-2009 VLD, Inc., d/b/a Global Telecom Brokers (NAL)
02-24-2009 McClure Telephone Company (NAL)
02-24-2009 United Communications Systems, Inc., dba Call One (NAL)
02-24-2009 Leflore Communications, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Threshold Communications, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 ComSoft Corporation dba Aquis Communications (NAL)
02-24-2009 Action Communications, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Bellvoz Corp. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Ben Lomand Communications, LLC (NAL)
02-24-2009 Ben Lomand Rural Tel. Coop., Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Big Telephone, Inc. (NAL)
02-24-2009 Annual CPNI Certification (OMNIBUS NAL)
01-13-2009 AT&T Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
05-02-2008 Habla Communicaciones, Inc. (ORDER)
05-02-2008 Manning Municipal Communications and Television System Utilities (ORDER)
02-19-2008 CTC Communications Corp. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
11-29-2007 Dialaround Enterprises Inc. (NAL)
03-30-2007 PhoneCo, LP (NAL)
03-30-2007 Manning Municipal Communications and Television System Utilities (NAL)
03-30-2007 Habla Communicaciones, Inc. (NAL)
10-09-2007 Cbeyond Communications, Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
03-30-2007 Connect Paging, Inc. d/b/a Get A Phone (NAL)
03-30-2007 Burke's Garden Telephone Company, Inc. (NAL)
03-30-2007 1st United Tel-Com, Inc. (NAL)
03-29-2007 Oneida County Rural Telephone Co. (NAL)
03-29-2007 PriorityOne Telecommunications, Inc. (NAL)
03-29-2007 Shoreham Telephone Company, Inc. (NAL)
03-29-2007 RBJ Corporation and its subsidiaries, KLM Telephone Company, KLM Long Distance Company, Holway Telephone Company, and Holway Long Distance Company (NAL)
03-26-2007 CTC Communications Corporation (NAL)
03-26-2007 Easterbrooke Cellular Corporation (NAL)
03-26-2007 Amp'd Mobile, Inc. (NAL)
08-31-2007 AT&T Inc. (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
08-24-2007 River City Wireless of Tennessee, LLC (NAL)
08-10-2007 Capital Telecommunications, Inc. (NAL)
08-20-2007 Capital Telecommunications, Inc. (ERRATUM)
08-10-2007 PhoneCo, LP (FORFEITURE ORDER)
08-10-2007 Connect Paging, Inc. d/b/a Get A Phone (NAL)
08-10-2007 Connect Paging, Inc. d/b/a Get A Phone (FORFEITURE ORDER)
07-19-2007 Mechanicsville Telephone Company (NAL)
07-19-2007 Audio-Video Corporation (NAL)
06-04-2007 Burke's Garden Telephone Company, Inc. (ORDER)
01-10-2007 1st Source Information Specialists, Inc. d/b/a LocateCell.com (FORFEITURE ORDER)
04-27-2007 Action Research Group, Melbourne, FL (CITATION)
04-27-2007 Security Outsourcing Solutions, Inc., Boston, MA (CITATION)
08-18-2006 Alltel Corporation (ORDER & CONSENT DECREE)
07-13-2006 1st Source Information Specialists, Inc. d/b/a LocateCell.com (NAL)
07-11-2006 Abreu Investigations, Inc. and/or AllStar Investigations, Miami, FL (CITATION)
07-11-2006 Ms. Sandra Hope, Fountain Hills, AZ (CITATION)
07-11-2006 Aaron's Research Services, Omaha, AR (CITATION)
07-07-2006 AT&T Inc. (ORDER &
04-21-2006 Cbeyond Communications, LLC (NAL)
01-30-2006 A.T.&T. Inc. (NAL)
01-30-2006 Alltel Corporation (NAL)
01-20-2006 1st Source Information Specialists, Inc. (CITATION)
01-20-2006 Data Find Solutions, Inc. (CITATION)

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