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Wireless Hearing Aid Compatability
06-02-2015 Assist Wireless, LLC FORFEITURE ORDER
04-02-2015 Locus Telecommunications, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-13-2015 US Connect, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-18-2014 Sandhill Communications, LLC ORDER
11-06-2014 Indigo Wireless, Inc. AFR Order
10-27-2014 Iowa Wireless Services, LLC, d/b/a i wireless, South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co., Inc. d/b/a South Slope Wireles ORDER
10-27-2014 Certain Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture ORDER
10-27-2014 OK-5 Licensee Co., LLC, Oklahoma Independent RSA 5 Partnership, TX-10 Licensee Co., LLC dba Cellular One ORDER
08-27-2014 T-Mobile USA, Inc., a subsidiary of T-Mobile US, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
06-20-2014 Indigo Wireless, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
06-09-2014 Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-09-2014 East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative ORDER
04-11-2014 Kyocera Communications, Inc.; Kyocera Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-09-2014 General Communication, Inc., d/b/a Alaska DigiTel LLC and Alaska Wireless Communications, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-13-2014 Long Lines Wireless, LLC NAL
02-18-2014 US Connect, LLC NAL
02-18-2014 Assist Wireless, LLC NAL
02-12-2014 Westlink Communications, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Wireless Communications, Inc. NAL
02-12-2014 Airvoice Wireless, LLC NAL
09-24-2013 Northeast Telephone Services, Inc. NAL
09-13-2013 Cordova Wireless Communications, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
08-14-2013 Puerto Rico Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Claro ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-21-2013 TeleGuam Holdings, LLC et. al ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-21-2013 Airadigm Communications, Inc. dba Airfire Mobile ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-01-2013 Kyocera Communications, Inc. Kyocera Corporation NAL
04-09-2013 DOCOMO Pacific, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
10-19-2012 American Samoa Telecommunications Authority FORFEITURE ORDER
10-12-2012 TelAlaska Cellular, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-19-2012 HTC America, Inc.; HTC Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
08-14-2012 Smith Bagley, Inc. dba Cellular One ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-06-2012 Corr Wireless Communications, LLC FORFEITURE ORDER
05-11-2012 Ztar Mobile, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-13-2012 T-Mobile USA, Inc. NAL
02-27-2012 Epic Touch Company, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-30-2011 Certain Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture and Citations Issued for Violations of 47 C.F.R. S: 20.19(h) and 47 C.F.R. S: 20.19(i) ORDER
12-29-2011 Locus Telecommunications, Inc. NAL
12-29-2011 Metropolitan Telecommunications Holding Company d.b.a. MetTel NAL
12-29-2011 Centennial Communications Corporation, wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T, Inc. NAL
12-28-2011 Maximum Communications Cellular, LLC NAL
12-28-2011 NEP Cellcorp, Inc. NAL
12-28-2011 General Communication, Inc. NAL
12-23-2011 iSmart Mobile, LLC d/b/a Big Sky Mobile NAL
12-23-2011 Caprock Cellular Limited Partnership NAL
12-23-2011 Airadigm Communications, Inc. dba Airfire Wireless NAL
12-23-2011 Affordable Phone Services, Inc. NAL
12-23-2011 North Central Wireless LC d/b/a i wireless NAL
12-14-2011 Cross Wireless, L.L.C. d/b/a Sprocket Wireless, L.L.C. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
11-09-2011 OTZ Telecommunications, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
10-28-2011 Missouri RSA 5 Partnership d/b/a Chariton Valley Wireless Services NAL
10-28-2011 Keystone Wireless, LLC d.b.a. Immix Wireless NAL
09-28-2011 Kaplan Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Pace Communications NAL
06-09-2011 Cincinnati Bell Wireless LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-17-2011 Pantech Wireless, Inc., a U.S.-based subsidiary of Pantech Co., Ltd. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
01-19-2011 Epic Touch Co., Inc. ERRATUM
01-19-2011 ACS Wireless, Inc. a subsidiary of Alaska Communications Systems ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-30-2010 Epic Touch Co., Inc. NAL
12-30-2010 STi Prepaid, LLC NAL
12-30-2010 Champaign Telephone Company d/b/a CT Communications, Inc. ORDER & NAL
12-30-2010 Sandhill Communications NAL
12-30-2010 Indigo Wireless, Inc. NAL
12-23-2010 Maximum Communications Cellular, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
12-23-2010 Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC ERRATUM
11-29-2010 East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative NAL
11-22-2010 Lightyear Network Solutions, LLC NAL
11-02-2010 Total Call Mobile, Inc. ERRATUM
10-26-2010 Cbeyond Communications, LLC d/b/a Beyond Mobile NAL
10-26-2010 MGA Entertainment, Inc. ORDER & NAL
10-26-2010 IDT Telecom, Inc. ORDER & NAL
10-26-2010 Total Call Mobile, Inc. ORDER & NAL
08-30-2010 OK-5 Licensee Co., LLC NAL
08-30-2010 TX-10 Licensee, LLC dba Cellular One NAL
08-30-2010 Oklahoma Independent RSA 5 Partnership NAL
07-12-2010 Futurewei Technologies, Inc. d/b/a Huawei Technologies (USA) ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-26-2010 PlatinumTel Communications, LLC, Justice, Illinois CITATION
05-26-2010 Liberty Wireless, Rockville MD CITATION
05-26-2010 GreatCall, Inc. d/b/a Jitterbug, San Diego, CA CITATION
05-26-2010 Movida Cellular, Rockville MD CITATION
05-26-2010 Circle K Stores, Inc., Phoenix, Arizona CITATION
05-26-2010 eCallPlus, Vernon Hills, Illinois CITATION
05-26-2010 Air Voice Wireless, LLC, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan CITATION
05-26-2010 Consumer Cellular, Inc., Portland, Oregon CITATION
01-14-2010 7-Eleven, Inc. CITATION
01-14-2010 Airo Wireless, Inc. NAL
01-14-2010 Locus Telecommunications, Inc. NAL
01-14-2010 Firefly Mobile Communications, Inc. CITATION
01-14-2010 TCT Mobile Ltd., a subsidiary of TCL Communication Technology Holdings Ltd. NAL
01-14-2010 ZTE Corporation NAL
01-14-2010 East Kentucky Network, LLC d/b/a Appalachian Wireless NAL
01-14-2010 Doro AB NAL
01-14-2010 ACS Wireless, Inc., a subsidiary of Alaska Communications Systems NAL
12-02-2009 Apple, Inc. NAL
11-25-2009 Smith Bagley, Inc. d/b/a Cellular One of NE Arizona NAL
07-10-2009 CT Cube, Inc. d/b/a West Central Wireless ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-13-2009 Panhandle Telecommunication Systems, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-13-2009 PinPoint Wireless, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-26-2009 Long Lines Wireless ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
11-05-2008 American Samoa Telecommunications Authority NAL
07-31-2008 Corr Wireless Communications, LLC NAL
08-01-2008 Airadigm Communications, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
07-28-2008 IT&E Overseas, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-18-2008 Blanca Telephone Company NAL
06-17-2008 Centennial Communications Corp. NAL
06-10-2008 Choice Wireless, LC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-04-2008 SunCom Wireless, Inc. NAL
06-04-2008 Farmers Cellular Telephone, Inc. NAL
05-21-2008 Custer Telephone Cooperative, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
05-09-2008 Edge Wireless Licenses, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-23-2008 Alaska DigiTel, LLC ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
04-07-2008 Cable & Communications Corporation dba Mid-Rivers Cellular ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-21-2008 Iowa Wireless Services, LLC dba i wireless NAL
03-20-2008 South Slope Cooperative Telephone Company d/b/a South Slope Wireless NAL
03-19-2008 Pine Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Pine Cellular Phones, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-13-2008 SLO Cellular, Inc. d/b/a Cellular One of San Luis Obispo NAL
03-11-2008 CTC Telecom, Inc. NAL
02-27-2008 AST Telecom, LLC d/b/a Blue Sky Communications NAL
01-03-2008 South Canaan Cellular Communications Company, L.P. NAL
11-01-2007 South Central Utah Telephone Association, Inc. NAL
10-22-2007 AST Telecom, LLC d/b/a Blue Sky Communications NAL
05-22-2007 Pine Telephone Company, Inc. d/b/a Pine Cellular Phones, Inc. NAL
04-25-2007 IT&E Overseas, Inc. NAL

Emergency Information Access
03-07-2007 Waterman Broadcasting Corp. of Florida, Inc. and Montclair Communications, Inc. Fort Myers, Naples, Florida ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-07-2007 Midwest Television, Inc., KFMB-TV, San Diego, CA ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-14-2007 Fort Myers Broadcasting Company, WINK-TV, Fort Myers, Florida ERRATUM
02-05-2007 Fort Myers Broadcasting Company, WINK-TV, Fort Myers, Florida ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
02-22-2006 NBC Telemundo License Co., WRC-TV, Washington D.C. ORDER &
08-09-2005 Waterman Broadcasting Corp. of Florida, Inc., WBBH-TV, Montclair Communications, Inc., WZVN-TV, Fort Myers-Naples, FL NAL
05-25-2005 Fox Television Stations, Inc., WTTG (TV), Washington, DC NAL
05-25-2005 NBC Telemundo License Co., WRC-TV, Washington, DC NAL
05-25-2005 ACC Licensee, Inc., WJLA-TV, Washington, DC NAL
02-23-2005 McGraw-Hill Broadcasting Company, Inc., KGTV, San Diego, CA NAL
02-23-2005 Channel 51 of San Diego, Inc., KUSI-TV, San Diego, CA NAL
02-23-2005 Midwest Television, Inc., KFMB-TV, San Diego, CA NAL


Enforcement Advisory: Enforcement Bureau Reminds Internet-based Telecommunications Relay Service Providers of Emergency Calling Requirements

12-18-2015 Purple Communications, Inc. FORFEITURE ORDER
09-24-2015 InnoCaption, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-24-2015 Hamilton Relay, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-24-2015 Sprint Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
06-04-2014 Diogenes Telecommunications Project ORDER
05-02-2014 Purple Communications, Inc. NAL
05-28-2013 Sorenson Communications, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
03-19-2013 American Network, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
10-13-2011 Mainstream VRS, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 USVRS, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 NationWideVRS, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 Worldview VRS CITATION
09-29-2011 Global Works, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 URrelay, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 Say-Hey, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 NorthStar Relay, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 PowerVRS, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 CP&J Investments, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 One Technologies, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 Malka Communications Group, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 IW Relay, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 Gracias VRS, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 Deaf Link, Inc. CITATION
09-29-2011 CODA VRS Corporation CITATION
09-29-2011 CoachVRS CITATION
09-29-2011 CallVRS CITATION
09-29-2011 Stuart B. Consultants, Inc. d/b/a Birnbaum Interpreting Services CITATION
09-29-2011 Bama Relay, LLC CITATION
09-29-2011 ASLwave, Inc. CITATION
01-18-2011 Comcast Corporation ORDER & CONSENT DECREE
09-20-2010 Hands On Video Relay Services, Inc., Go America, Inc., and Purple Communications, Inc. ORDER & CONSENT DECREE

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