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                         Before the
                   Washington, D.C.  20554

In the Matter of                   )    File No. x18ed0002
KANZA, Inc.                        )    Ref. Facility ID 
                              )    KRLI(FM), Malta Bend, MO  

                       CONSENT DECREE

     1.  The Enforcement Bureau of the Federal 
Communications Commission (the ``Commission'') and KANZA, 
Inc. (``KANZA'') hereby enter into this Consent Decree for 
the purpose of terminating a forfeiture proceeding arising 
from questions related to KANZA's possible assumption of 
control of Station KRLI(FM), Malta Bend, Missouri, which is 
licensed to Miles Carter. 


     2.  On October 22, 1999, the Chief, Mass Media Bureau 
(``Chief, MMB''), released a Notice of Apparent Liability 
(``NAL''), DA 99-2259.  The Chief, MMB, determined that it 
appeared KANZA, not the licensee of record, Miles Carter, 
controlled KRLI(FM), Malta Bend, Missouri.  The NAL noted 
that: 1) KRLI had no employees; 2) KRLI was operated in 
conjunction with KANZA stations KAOL(AM), KNZU(FM) and 
WHB(AM) out of a common main studio location; 3) KANZA 
employed Miles Carter; and 4) KANZA directly paid for 
various KRLI expenses.  After considering the circumstances 
in light of the Commission's Forfeiture Policy Statement, 
the Chief, MMB, proposed a forfeiture of $8,000. In 
addition, the Chief, MMB, directed that the parties submit 
within 30 days of the date of the NAL a plan to come into 
compliance with the Commission's rules and policies 
concerning control. 

     3. On November 22, 1999, KANZA submitted an ``Amended 
and Restated Time Brokerage Agreement'' (``Amended 
Agreement'') and reported that Miles Carter had resigned 
from KANZA, effective November 16, 1999.  The Amended 
Agreement revised a Time Brokerage Agreement between KANZA 
and Miles Carter, which had been entered into on October 17, 
1996, shortly before KRLI commenced broadcasting.  Among 
other things, the Amended Agreement provides that, except 
for expenses related to programming created and provided by 
KANZA, Miles Carter shall be responsible for paying all 
direct operating costs of the station.  The Amended 
Agreement further provides that Miles Carter shall employ at 
KRLI a general manager and any other personnel required by 
the Commission's rules and policies.


     4. For purposes of this Consent Decree, the following 
definitions shall apply:

     (a)  The ``Commission'' means the Federal 
        Communications Commission.
     (b)  The ``Bureau'' means the Enforcement Bureau of the 
     (c)  KANZA means KANZA, Inc. and its successors and 
        assigns to the extent that they remain a party to 
        the Amended Agreement referenced herein.
     (d)  ``Order'' means the Bureau's order adopting this 
        Consent Decree.
     (e)  ``Amended Agreement'' means the November 16, 1999, 
        Amended and Restated Time Brokerage Agreement, 
        between KANZA and Miles Carter, licensee of Station 
        KRLI(FM), Malta Bend, Missouri, a copy of which was 
        submitted to the Commission on November 22, 1999, by 
     (f)  ``NAL'' means the Notice of Apparent Liability, DA 
        99-2259, released October 22, 1999, signed by the 
        Chief, Mass Media Bureau.
     (g)  The ``Act'' means the Communications Act of 1934, 
        as amended, 47 U.S.C.  151 et seq.


     5.  KANZA acknowledges and agrees that the Commission 
has jurisdiction over the matters referenced in this Consent 
Decree and that the Bureau has the authority to enter into 
and adopt this Consent Decree.  

     6.  KANZA and the Bureau acknowledge and agree that 
this Consent Decree does not constitute either an 
adjudication on the merits or a factual or legal finding or 
determination, regarding any violation of Section 310(d) of 
the Act, 47 U.S.C.  310(d), that may have been committed 
with respect to KANZA's involvement in the construction and 
operation of Station KRLI(FM), Malta Bend, Missouri, prior 
to November 16, 1999.  KANZA and the Bureau acknowledge and 
agree that this Consent Decree is for settlement purposes 
only and that by agreeing to this Consent Decree, KANZA does 
not admit any violation set forth in the NAL.  Indeed, KANZA 
expressly denies any such violation.  

     6.  KANZA and the Bureau acknowledge and agree that 
this Consent Decree shall constitute a final settlement 
between them. 

     7.  In express reliance on the covenants and 
representations contained herein, the Bureau shall terminate 
the forfeiture proceeding commenced by the NAL at such time 
as the Bureau adopts this Consent Decree.   

     8.  KANZA promises to adhere to the Amended Agreement, 
which, on its face, is consistent with the Commission's 
rules and policies regarding time brokerage agreements.  
KANZA further promises to alter the Amended Agreement in 
accordance with paragraph 11.5 thereof if the Commission's 
rules and policies regarding time brokerage agreements 
change and thereby render any part of the Amended Agreement 
illegal.  In the event such alteration cannot be 
effectuated, KANZA promises to terminate the Amended 
Agreement in accordance with paragraph 11.5 thereof.
     9.  KANZA shall make a voluntary contribution to the 
United States Treasury in the amount of five thousand 
dollars ($5,000) within 10 days after the Order adopting 
this Consent Decree is no longer subject to reconsideration, 
appeal or review in accordance with the Act and the 
Commission's rules.  

     10.  KANZA waives any and all rights it may have to 
seek administrative or judicial reconsideration, review, 
appeal or stay, or to otherwise challenge or contest the 
validity of this Consent Decree and the Order adopting this 
Consent Decree, provided the Order adopts the Consent Decree 
without modification.  

     11.  The effectiveness of this Consent Decree is 
expressly contingent upon issuance of the Order, provided 
the Order adopts the Consent Decree without modification.  

     12.  In the event any court of competent jurisdiction 
renders this Consent Decree invalid, the Consent Decree 
shall become null and void and may not be used in any manner 
in any legal proceeding.

     13.  If the Commission, or the United States on behalf 
of the Commission, brings a judicial action to enforce the 
terms of the Order adopting this Consent Decree, neither 
KANZA nor the Commission will contest the validity of the 
Consent Decree or Order, and KANZA will waive any statutory 
right to a trial de novo.  

     14.  KANZA agrees to waive any claims it may otherwise 
have under the Equal Access to Justice Act, 5 U.S.C.  504 
and 47 C.F.R.  1.1501 et seq.

     15. Any violation of the Consent Decree or the Order 
adopting this Consent Decree will constitute a separate 
violation of a Commission order, entitling the Commission to 
exercise any rights and remedies attendant to the 
enforcement of a Commission order.

     16.  Any provision of this Consent Decree affected by 
or inconsistent with any subsequent rule or order adopted by 
the Commission will be superseded by such Commission rule or 

     17.  This Consent Decree may be signed in counterparts.

By:  __________________________         ____________
     David H. Solomon                   Date
     Chief, Enforcement Bureau


By:  _________________________               ____________
     Michael L. Carter                  Date