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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                 )
WorldCom, Inc.                   )
                                )    File No. EB-00-TC-044
Operator Service Consumer        )    NAL/Acct. No. 200132170013
Information Requirements         )

                         CONSENT DECREE

                        I.  INTRODUCTION

     1.   This Consent Decree is entered into by the  Enforcement 
Bureau (``Bureau'') of the Federal Communications Commission (the 
``FCC'' or the ``Commission'')  and WorldCom, Inc.  (``WorldCom'' 
or  the   ``Company''),   by   their   counsel   and   authorized 
representatives.  This Consent  Decree resolves an  investigation 
(the  ``Investigation'')  conducted   by  the  Bureau   regarding 
compliance with the  operator service  requirements contained  in 
Section 226(b)(1)(C)  of  the  Communications  Act  of  1934,  as 
amended  (the   ``Act''),  and   Section  64.703(a)(3)   of   the 
Commission's rules.1

                         II.  BACKGROUND

     2.   On December 1, 1999,  the Enforcement Bureau  initiated 
an investigation concerning compliance with the operator  service 
requirements contained in  the Act and  the Commission's  rules.2  
Specifically, the Bureau's field staff investigated, inter  alia, 
compliance with Section  226(b)(1) of the  Act,3 and portions  of 
section 64.703 of the Commission's  rules.4  Over the next  three 
months, the  Bureau's field  staff  assessed compliance  at  over 
1,700 telephones throughout the United States.  This  information 
was  compiled  and  further  evaluated  by  Commission  staff  in 
Washington, D.C.

     3.   WorldCom  is  a  provider  of  operator  services   for 
aggregator  telephones  throughout  the  United  States.5   Under 
Section 226 of the Act  and the Commission's implementing  rules, 
operator service providers (``OSPs'')  must, inter alia,  audibly 
identify themselves at the  beginning  of each  operator-assisted 
call and must  also disclose  immediately to  the consumer,  upon 
request and at no charge: (1) a quotation of its rates or charges 
for the call; (2) the methods by which such rates or charges will 
be collected; and (3) the methods by which complaints  concerning 
such rates, charges, or collection practices will be resolved.6 

     4.   Based  on  its  nationwide  investigation,  the  Bureau 
identified possible violations of the Act and of the Commission's 
rules regarding operator services.  The Bureau contacted WorldCom 
regarding potential problems with its disclosure to consumers  of 
rate  and  complaint  information  to  consumers  upon   request.  
Throughout the Investigation, WorldCom has cooperated fully  with 
the Bureau.

                        III.  DEFINITIONS

     5.   For the Purposes of this Consent Decree, the  following 
definitions shall apply:

     (a)       The ``FCC'' or the ``Commission'' means all 
Bureaus and Offices of the                        Commission, 
including the Enforcement Bureau;

     (b)  ``Bureau'' means the Enforcement Bureau of the Federal 
Communications                     Commission; 

           (c)      ``WorldCom'' or the ``Company'' means 
WorldCom, Inc., its subsidiaries, and its              

           (d)      ``Parties'' means WorldCom and the Bureau;

     (e)  ``OSPs''  means  providers  of  operator  services,  as 
defined by the Act and the                   Commission's rules;7

            (f)     ``Order''  means  the  Order  of  the  Bureau 
adopting the terms and                       conditions  of  this 
Consent Decree;

            (g)     ``Effective Date''  means the  date on  which 
the Enforcement Bureau releases the                    Order.

                         IV.  AGREEMENT

     6.   WorldCom agrees that the  Bureau has jurisdiction  over 
the matters contained in this Consent Decree and the authority to 
enter into and adopt this Consent Decree.

     7.   The Parties agree that the provisions of this voluntary 
Consent Decree shall be subject  to final approval by the  Bureau 
by incorporation of such provisions by reference in the Order  of 
the Bureau adopting this Consent Decree.

     8.   The Parties agree that this Consent Decree shall become 
effective on  the date  on which  the Bureau  releases the  Order 
adopting this Consent Decree.   Upon release, the Order  adopting 
this Consent Decree and this  Consent Decree shall have the  same 
force and effect as  any other Order of  the Commission, and  any 
violation of  the terms  and conditions  of this  Consent  Decree 
shall constitute a violation of a Commission Order entitling  the 
Commission to exercise any and all rights and to seek any and all 
remedies authorized by  law for the  enforcement of a  Commission 

     9.   The Parties  agree that  this Consent  Decree does  not 
constitute an adjudication on  the merits or  any finding on  the 
facts or  law regarding  any  violations of  the  Act or  of  the 
Commission's rules committed by WorldCom.  The Parties agree that 
by entering into this Consent Decree, the Company does not  admit 
any legal  or  equitable  liability or  any  wrongdoing.  Indeed, 
WorldCom expressly denies any such violation or liability.

     10.  In express  reliance on  the representations  contained 
          herein,   the   Bureau   agrees   to   terminate    the 

     11.  WorldCom agrees to waive any and all rights it may have 
to  seek  administrative  or  judicial  reconsideration,  review, 
appeal or stay, or to otherwise challenge or contest the validity 
of this  Consent  Decree  and the  Order  adopting  this  Consent 
Decree, provided  the Order  adopts this  Consent Decree  without 
change, addition, or modification.

     12.  WorldCom waives  any  rights  it  may  have  under  any 
provision of the Equal Access to Justice Act, 5 U.S.C.  504, and 
47 C.F.R.  1.1501 et seq.

     13.  WorldCom shall  make a  voluntary contribution  to  the 
United States  Treasury  in  the  amount  of  fifty-six  thousand 
dollars ($56,000) within 30  days of the  Effective Date of  this 
Consent Decree.  Such contribution shall be made, without further 
protest or  recourse, by  certified  check, cashier's  check,  or 
money order  drawn to  the order  of the  Federal  Communications 
Commission, and  shall be  mailed to  the Federal  Communications 
Commission,  P.O.  Box   73482,  Chicago,  Illinois   60673-7482, 
reflecting account number 200132170013.

     14.  WorldCom represents  that  it is  committed  to  lawful 
provision of ``0+''  services in  compliance with  the rules  and 
regulations of the Commission and the provisions of the Act.   In 
response to  the  Bureau's concerns,  and  as set  forth  in  the 
Company's correspondence to the  Commission dated July 13,  2000, 
WorldCom has  undertaken  a  series  of  initiatives,  listed  in 
Paragraphs 15-18, infra.

     15.  WorldCom is  developing additional  training  materials 
for its  customer  service  representatives on  the  handling  of 
``0+''  calls,  to  promote  compliance  with  the  Act  and  the 
Commission's rules.

     16.  WorldCom will conduct  in-person training  for all  new 
customer service representatives and in-person refresher training 
for its  existing  customer  service  representatives  concerning 
operator service calls at  least every six  (6) months to  ensure 
customer   service   representatives    understand   the    legal 
requirements  concerning   operator   service  calls   and   that 
disciplinary action  may be  taken  absent full  compliance  with 
governing laws.

     17.  WorldCom  will  monitor,  through  its  internal   test 
calling  procedures,  the  efficacy  of  the  Company's  customer 
service processes for ``0+'' calls.  This will be incorporated as 
part of  the on-going  and periodic  monitoring process  that  is 
currently in  effect for  these representatives.   WorldCom  will 
test a minimum of 50 calls per month specifically on the operator 
service requirements set forth infra.

     18.  The Parties agree that this Consent Decree shall become 
effective on the date  on which the  Order adopting this  Consent 
Decree is released, and shall remain in effect for two (2)  years 
after its effective date.

     19.  The Parties  agree and  acknowledge that  this  Consent 
Decree shall resolve  fully and finally  the Investigation.   The 
FCC will not  initiate on  its own motion  any other  enforcement 
action  against  WorldCom,  or  seek   on  its  own  motion   any 
administrative or other penalties from the Company, based on  any 
evidence gathered as part of this Investigation.

     20.  The Parties agree that if any provision of the  Consent 
Decree conflicts with any subsequent rule or order adopted by the 
Commission, it  will be  superseded by  such Commission  rule  or 

     21.  If this Consent Decree is  not signed by both  Parties, 
is not adopted by the Bureau, or is otherwise rendered invalid by 
any court of  competent jurisdiction,  it shall  become null  and 
void and shall not become part of the record in this  enforcement 
proceeding, nor may it be used in  any fashion by any party in  a 
legal proceeding. 

     22.  WorldCom and the Bureau agree to be bound by the  terms 
and conditions stated herein. 

     23.  The Parties  agree  that  this Consent  Decree  may  be 
signed in counterparts.

                                   FOR THE FEDERAL               

                                   David H. Solomon
                                   Enforcement Bureau

                                   WORLDCOM, INC.

                                   Thomas F. O'Neil III
                                   Chief Legal Counsel
                                   Senior Vice President

1 47 U.S.C.  226(b)(1)(C); 47 C.F.R.  64.703(a)(3), (a)(4).

2 47 U.S.C.  226 (b)(1)(C); 47 C.F.R. 64.703(a)(3).

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5 ``Operator services''  is defined  by the  Act and  Commission 
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aggregator location that includes, as a component, any automatic 
or live  assistance to  a  consumer to  arrange for  billing  or 
completion, or both, of an  interstate telephone call through  a 
method other than: (1) automatic completion with billing to  the 
telephone from  which the  call  originated; or  (2)  completion 
through an access code used by the consumer, with billing to  an 
account previously established with the carrier by the consumer. 
''  47 U.S.C. 226(a)(7); 47 C.F.R. 64.708(i).  A  ``provider 
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