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                                   Before the

                       Federal Communications Commission

                             Washington, D.C. 20554

     In the Matter of                    )   File No. See Appendix       
     Annual CPNI Certification           )   NAL/Acct. No. See Appendix  
     Apparent Liability for Forfeiture   )   FRN: See Appendix           


   Adopted: October 4, 2010 Released: October 5, 2010

   By the Assistant Division Chief, Telecommunications Consumers Division,
   Enforcement Bureau:

    1. In this Order, which follows several Notices of Apparent Liability
       ("NALs") released in February, 2009, we determine that no forfeiture
       penalties should be imposed on the companies listed in the Appendix.

    2. In February, 2009, the Bureau issued to each of these companies a
       Notice of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture based on their apparent
       violation of section 222 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended
       (the "Act"), section 64.2009(e) of the Commission's rules, and the
       Commission's EPIC CPNI Order  by failing to file a compliant CPNI
       certification with the Bureau. Consistent with section 503(b)(4) of
       the Act, each of these companies was granted an opportunity to show,
       in writing, why no such forfeiture should be imposed.

    3. Upon review of the record, and based upon additional information
       provided by these companies, we agree that the companies listed in the
       Appendix filed compliant annual CPNI certifications for calendar year
       2007. Accordingly, we find that the companies listed in the Appendix
       did not violate section 222 of the Act, section 64.2009(e) of the
       Commission's rules, or the Commission's EPIC CPNI Order. Consequently,
       we conclude that no forfeiture should be imposed.

    4. ACCORDINGLY, IT IS ORDERED that, pursuant to section 503(b) of the
       Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and sections 0.111, 0.311, and
       1.80(f)(4) of the Commission's rules, the proposed forfeitures issued
       to the companies in the attached Appendix WILL NOT BE IMPOSED.

    5. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED that a copy of this Order shall be sent by First
       Class Mail and Certified Mail Return Receipt Requested to each of the
       companies in the attached Appendix.


   Kimberly A. Wild

   Assistant Division Chief

   Telecommunications Consumers Division

   Enforcement Bureau


    Company name and  EB File No.   NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    BKT Telecom,                                            BKT Telecom,     
    Corp., attn. Ron                                        Corp., Apparent  
    Petcha, 3235 N.                                         Liability for    
    San Fernando Rd., EB-08-TC-3034 200932170225 0018509133 Forfeiture, 24   
    Unit 7B, Los                                            FCC Rcd 2134     
    Angeles, CA                                             (Enf. Bur.       
    90065-1441                                              2009).           

    Bellvoz Corp.                                           Bellvoz Corp.,   
    Attorney of                                             Liability for    
    record: Edward A. EB-09-TC-065  200932170024 0017992298 Forfeiture, 24   
    Maldonado, 7925                                         FCC Rcd 1693     
    NW 12th Street,                                         (Enf. Bur.       
    Doral, FL 33126                                         2009).           

    Ben Lomand                                                               
    LLC                                                     Ben Lomand       
    Attorney of                                             LLC, Apparent    
    record: David L.  EB-09-TC-066  200932170025 0003729142 Liability for    
    Nace, Lukas,                                            Forfeiture, 24   
    Nace, Gutierrez &                                       FCC Rcd 1687     
    Sachs, 1650                                             (Enf. Bur.       
    Tysons Boulevard,                                       2009).           
    Suite 1500,                                                              
    McLean, VA 22102                                                         

    Ben Lomand Rural                                                         
    Telephone                                               Ben Lomand Rural 
    Cooperative, Inc.                                       Telephone        
    Attorney of                                             Inc, Apparent    
    record: David L.  EB-09-TC-067  200932170026 0001773464 Liability for    
    Nace, Lukas,                                            Forfeiture, 24   
    Nace, Gutierrez &                                       FCC Rcd 1681     
    Sachs, 1650                                             (Enf. Bur.       
    Tysons Boulevard,                                       2009).           
    Suite 1500,                                                              
    McLean, VA 22102                                                         

    Company name and  EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL               

    Big Telephone,                                         Big Telephone,    
    Inc., attn. Paul                                       Inc., Apparent    
    Joncas, 315       EB-09-TC-068 200932170027 0017197344 Liability for     
    Pleasant Street,                                       Forfeiture, 24    
    Fall River, MA                                         FCC Rcd 1675      
    02727                                                  (Enf. Bur. 2009   

    Buckeye                                                Buckeye           
    Telesystem, Inc.,                                      Telesystem,Inc.,  
    attn. Thomas K.                                        Apparent          
    Dawson, Vice      EB-09-TC-070 200932170029 0004319406 Liability for     
    President, 5555                                        Forfeiture, 24    
    Airport Highway,                                       FCC Rcd 1729      
    Teledo, OH 43615                                       (Enf. Bur. 2009). 

    Telephone Company                                      Cherokee          
    Attorney of                                            Company, Apparent 
    record: Stephen   EB-09-TC-071 200932170030 0003723061 Liability for     
    G. Kraskin, 2154                                       Forfeiture, 24    
    Wisconsin Avenue,                                      FCC Rcd 1735      
    NW, Washington,                                        (Enf. Bur. 2009). 
    DC 20007                                                                 

    China Telecom                                                            
    (Americas)                                             China Telecom     
    Corporation                                            (Americas)        
    Attorney of                                            Apparent          
    record: Laura B.  EB-09-TC-072 200932170031 0007408073 Liability for     
    Sherman, LLC,                                          Forfeiture, 24    
    3335 N. Randolph                                       FCC Rcd 1741      
    Street,                                                (Enf. Bur. 2009). 
    Arlington, VA                                                            

    Clear World                                            Clear World       
    Communications                                         Communications    
    Corporation,                                           Corporation,      
    attn. James                                            Apparent          
    Mancuso, 3501     EB-09-TC-076 200932170035 0003736360 Liability for     
    South Harbor                                           Forfeiture, 24    
    Blvd., Suite 100,                                      FCC Rcd 1765      
    Santa Ana, CA                                          (Enf. Bur. 2009). 

    Company name and    EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL             

    Telephone Company                                        Consolidated    
    Attorney of record:                                      Company,        
    M. Cecilia Ray,                                          Apparent        
    Moss & Barnett,     EB-09-TC-080 200932170039 0003742467 Liability for   
    4800 Wells Fargo                                         Forfeiture, 24  
    Center, 90 South                                         FCC Rcd 1759    
    Seventh Street,                                          (Enf. Bur.      
    Minneapolis, MN                                          2009).          

    D.G.A. Telecom,                                          D.G.A. Telecom, 
    Inc.                                                     Inc., Apparent  
                                                             Liability for   
    Attorney of record: EB-09-TC-083 200932170042 0011443066 Forfeiture, 24  
    Edward A.                                                FCC Rcd 1771    
    Maldonado, 7925 NW                                       (Enf. Bur.      
    12th Street, Doral,                                      2009).          
    FL 33126                                                                 

    E & F Telecom, Inc.                                      E & F Telecom,  
                                                             Inc., Apparent  
    Attorney of record:                                      Liability for   
    Edward A.           EB-09-TC-091 200932170050 0017199878 Forfeiture, 24  
    Maldonado, 7925 NW                                       FCC Rcd 2104    
    12th Street, Doral,                                      (Enf. Bur.      
    FL 33126                                                 2009).          

                                                             EGIX, Inc.,     
    EGIX, Inc., attn.                                        Apparent        
    Steven L. Johns,                                         Liability for   
    11550 N. Meridian   EB-09-TC-093 200932170052 0004999223 Forfeiture, 24  
    Street, Suite 500,                                       FCC Rcd 2116    
    Carmel, IN 46032                                         (Enf. Bur.      

    E.Com Technologies,                                      Technologies,   
    LLC d/b/a First                                          LLC d/b/a First 
    Mile Technologies,                                       Mile            
    attn. Paul                                               Technologies,   
    Estridge, Jr.,      EB-09-TC-097 200932170056 0004330130 Apparent        
    14300 Clay Terrace                                       Liability for   
    Blvd., Suite 200,                                        Forfeiture, 24  
    Carmel, IN 46032                                         FCC Rcd 2140    
                                                             (Enf. Bur.      

    Company name and   EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    Gabriel Wireless,                                       Gabriel          
    LLC, attn.                                              Wireless, LLC,   
    Lawrence J.                                             Apparent         
    Gabriel, Jr., 6971 EB-09-TC-098 200932170057 0003770773 Liability for    
    N. Federal                                              Forfeiture, 24   
    Highway, Suite                                          FCC Rcd 2146     
    206, Boca Raton,                                        (Enf. Bur.       
    FL 33487                                                2009).           

    GOES Telecom,                                           GOES Telecom,    
    Inc., attn. Norman                                      Inc., Apparent   
    Brandinger, 271                                         Liability for    
    Main Street, Suite EB-09-TC-104 6519841125   0011437746 Forfeiture, 24   
    C, Hackettstown,                                        FCC Rcd 2177     
    NJ 07840-2032                                           (Enf. Bur.       

    Highland                                                Highland         
    Communications,                                         Communications,  
    LLC, attn. Scott                                        LLC, Apparent    
    MacIntyre, 30      EB-09-TC-107 200932170066 0011107539 Liability for    
    Daniel Webster                                          Forfeiture, 24   
    Highway, Suite 10,                                      FCC Rcd 2189     
    Merrimack, NH                                           (Enf. Bur.       
    03054                                                   2009).           

    Kitchen                                                 Kitchen          
    Productions d/b/a                                       Productions      
    Tortoise Paging,                                        d/b/a Tortoise   
    attn. Edward                                            Paging, Apparent 
    Tipler, Tortoise   EB-09-TC-116 200932170075 0003798220 Liability for    
    Communications,                                         Forfeiture, 24   
    P.O. Box 544,                                           FCC Rcd 1822     
    Ridgecrest, CA                                          (Enf. Bur.       
    93556                                                   2009).           

    Latino Telecom,                                         Latino Telecom,  
    Inc.                                                    Inc., Apparent   
                                                            Liability for    
    Attorney of        EB-09-TC-118 200932170077 0017294992 Forfeiture, 24   
    record: Edward A.                                       FCC Rcd 1834     
    Maldonado, 7925 NW                                      (Enf. Bur.       
    12th Street,                                            2009).           
    Doral, FL 33126                                                          

    Company name and   EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    Legacy Long                                             Legacy Long      
    Distance                                                Distance         
    International,                                          International,   
    Inc., attn. Curtis                                      Inc., Apparent   
    Brown, 10833       EB-09-TC-120 200932170079 0003725322 Liability for    
    Valley View                                             Forfeiture, 24   
    Street, Suite 150,                                      FCC Rcd 1852     
    Cypress, CA 90630                                       (Enf. Bur.       

    Liberty                                                 Liberty          
    Contracting and                                         Contracting and  
    Consulting LLC                                          Consulting LLC,  
    Attorney of        EB-09-TC-121 200932170080 001740390  Liability for    
    record: Edward A.                                       Forfeiture, 24   
    Maldonado, 7925 NW                                      FCC Rcd 1864     
    12th Street,                                            (Enf. Bur.       
    Doral, FL 33126                                         2009).           

    Angel                                                   Angel            
    Communications LLC                                      Communications   
    d/b/a Mr. Radio of                                      LLC d/b/a Mr.    
    Arizona, Inc.,                                          Radio of         
    attn. Scott                                             Arizona, Inc.,   
    MacIntyre, 30      EB-09-TC-129 200932170088 0014033773 Apparent         
    Daniel Webster                                          Liability for    
    Highway, Suite 10,                                      Forfeiture, 24   
    Merrimack, NH                                           FCC Rcd 1919     
    03054                                                   (Enf. Bur.       

                                                            National Brands, 
    National Brands,                                        Inc. d/b/a       
    Inc. d/b/a                                              Sharenet         
    Sharenet                                                Communications   
    Communications                                          Company,         
    Company, attn.     EB-09-TC-130 200932170089 0003710662 Apparent         
    Gary Joseph, 4633                                       Liability for    
    West Polk Street,                                       Forfeiture, 24   
    Phoenix, AZ 85043                                       FCC Rcd 1988     
                                                            (Enf. Bur.       

    Company name and   EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    Innovations, Inc.                                       Network          
    Attorney of                                             Inc., Apparent   
    record; Neil S.                                         Liability for    
    Ende, Technology   EB-09-TC-133 200932170092 0010737641 Forfeiture, 24   
    Law Group, 5335                                         FCC Rcd 2000     
    Wisconsin Ave.,                                         (Enf. Bur.       
    NW, Suite 440,                                          2009).           
    Washington, DC                                                           

    Nunn Telephone                                                           
                                                            Nunn Telephone   
    Attorney of                                             Company,         
    record: Gerard J.                                       Apparent         
    Duffy, Blooston,                                        Liability for    
    Mordkofsky,        EB-09-TC-135 200932170094 0004311809 Forfeiture, 24   
    Dickens, Duffy,                                         FCC Rcd 2006     
    and Prendergast,                                        (Enf. Bur.       
    LLP, 2120 L                                             2009).           
    Street, NW,                                                              
    Washington, DC                                                           

    Phillips County                                                          
    Telephone Company                                                        
    d/b/a PC Telecom                                        Phillips County  
    Attorney of                                             Company d/b/a PC 
    record: Gerard J.                                       Telecom,         
    Duffy, Blooston,   EB-09-TC-139 200932170098 0004314316 Apparent         
    Mordkofsky,                                             Liability for    
    Dickens, Duffy,                                         Forfeiture, 24   
    and Prendergast,                                        FCC Rcd 2024     
    LLP, 2120 L                                             (Enf. Bur.       
    Street, NW,                                             2009).           
    Washington, DC                                                           

                                                            Prime Time       
    Prime Time                                              Ventures, LLC,   
    Ventures, LLC,                                          Apparent         
    attn. Jeff Rhoden, EB-09-TC-142 200932170101 0009783093 Liability for    
    288 S. Pacific                                          Forfeiture, 24   
    Highway, Talent,                                        FCC Rcd 2030     
    OR 97540                                                (Enf. Bur.       

    Company name and   EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    Protek Leasing                                                           
                                                            Protek Leasing   
    Attorney of                                             Corp., Apparent  
    record: Katherine                                       Liability for    
    Patsas Nevitt,     EB-09-TC-145 200932170104 0005814157 Forfeiture, 24   
    Lukas, Nace,                                            FCC Rcd 2048     
    Gutierrez & Sachs,                                      (Enf. Bur.       
    1650 Tysons                                             2009).           
    Boulevard, Suite                                                         
    1500, McLean, VA                                                         

    Santa Rosa                                              Santa Rosa       
    Communications,                                         Communications,  
    Ltd., attn. Jason                                       Ltd., Apparent   
    Tole, Chief        EB-09-TC-150 200932170109 0003736188 Liability for    
    Financial Officer,                                      Forfeiture, 24   
    7110 Hwy. 287                                           FCC Rcd 2062     
    East, Vernon, TX                                        (Enf. Bur.       
    76385-2128                                              2009).           

    Santa Rosa                                              Santa Rosa       
    Telephone                                               Telephone        
    Cooperative, Inc.,                                      Cooperative,     
    attn. Jason Tole,                                       Inc., Apparent   
    Chief Financial    EB-09-TC-151 200932170110 0005063615 Liability for    
    Officer, 7110 Hwy.                                      Forfeiture, 24   
    287 East, Vernon,                                       FCC Rcd 2068     
    TX 76385-2128                                           (Enf. Bur.       

    Cooperative, Inc.                                       Santel           
    Attorney of                                             Cooperative,     
    record: Gerard J.                                       Inc., Apparent   
    Duffy, Blooston,   EB-09-TC-152 200932170111 0003758877 Liability for    
    Mordkofsky,                                             Forfeiture, 24   
    Dickens, Duffy,                                         FCC Rcd 2074     
    and Prendergast,                                        (Enf. Bur.       
    LLP, 2120 L                                             2009).           
    Street, NW,                                                              
    Washington, DC                                                           

    Company name and   EB File No.  NAL No.      FRN        NAL              

    Communications                                          Shreveport       
    Services, Inc.                                          Communications   
                                                            Services, Inc.,  
    Attorney of                                             Apparent         
    record: Audrey P.  EB-09-TC-155 200932170114 0014198253 Liability for    
    Rasmussen, 1120                                         Forfeiture, 24   
    20th Street, NW,                                        FCC Rcd 2086     
    Suite 700, North                                        (Enf. Bur.       
    Building,                                               2009).           
    Washington, DC                                                           

    South Central                                           South Central    
    Wireless, Inc.                                          Wireless, Inc.   
    d/b/a SCTelecom                                         d/b/a SCTelecom, 
    Attorney of        EB-09-TC-158 200932170117 001776457  Liability for    
    record: Stephen G.                                      Forfeiture, 24   
    Kraskin, 2154                                           FCC Rcd 2122     
    Wisconsin Avenue,                                       (Enf. Bur.       
    NW, Washington, DC                                      2009).           

    Specialized Mobile                                                       
    Radio, Inc.                                                              
    Attorney of                                             Mobile Radio,    
    record: Katherine                                       Inc., Apparent   
    Patsas Nevitt,     EB-09-TC-159 200932170118 0018509752 Liability for    
    Lukas, Nace,                                            Forfeiture, 24   
    Gutierrez & Sachs,                                      FCC Rcd 2128     
    1650 Tysons                                             (Enf. Bur.       
    Boulevard, Suite                                        2009).           
    1500, McLean, VA                                                         

    T2 Communications,                                      T2               
    LLC, attn. Gerardo                                      Communications,  
    Tonini, Vice                                            LLC, Apparent    
    President, 301     EB-09-TC-163 200932170122 0009725748 Liability for    
    Hoover Blvd.,                                           Forfeiture, 24   
    Suite 100,                                              FCC Rcd 2152     
    Holland, MI 49423                                       (Enf. Bur.       

     Company name   EB File No.    NAL No.        FRN          NAL           
     and address                                                             

     Carrier                                                   TeleSpan      
     Access, LLC,                                              Carrier       
     attn.                                                     Access, LLC,  
     Dominic K.                                                Apparent      
     Bohnett, 125                                              Liability     
     E. De La       EB-09-TC-167   200932170126   0010635696   for           
     Guerra                                                    Forfeiture,   
     Street,                                                   24 FCC Rcd    
     Suite 201,                                                2195 (Enf.    
     Santa                                                     Bur. 2009).   
     Barbara, CA                                                             

     Inc.                                                      Volunteer     
     Attorney of                                               Services,     
     record:                                                   Inc.,         
     David L.                                                  Apparent      
     Nace, Lukas,   EB-09-TC-179   200932170138   0010827806   Liability     
     Nace,                                                     for           
     Gutierrez &                                               Forfeiture,   
     Sachs, 1650                                               24 FCC Rcd    
     Tysons                                                    1895 (Enf.    
     Boulevard,                                                Bur. 2009).   
     Suite 1500,                                                             
     McLean, VA                                                              

                                                               Scott C.      
     Scott C.                                                  MacIntyre,    
     MacIntyre                                                 Apparent      
     10 Rimmon      EB-09-TC-183   200932170142   0004921219   for           
     Court,                                                    Forfeiture,   
     Merrimack,                                                24 FCC Rcd    
     NH 03054                                                  1931 (Enf.    
                                                               Bur. 2009).   

     Data Radio                                                Data Radio    
     Management                                                Management    
     Company,                                                  Company,      
     Inc., attn.                                               Inc.,         
     Scott C.                                                  Apparent      
     MacIntyre,     EB-09-TC-184   200932170043   0003665064   Liability     
     30 Daniel                                                 for           
     Webster                                                   Forfeiture,   
     Highway,                                                  24 FCC Rcd    
     Suite 9,                                                  1925 (Enf.    
     Merrimack,                                                Bur. 2009).   
     NH 03054                                                                

     S12Way, Inc.                                                            
     Attorney of                                                             
     record:                                                   S12Way, Inc,  
     Katherine                                                 Apparent      
     Patsas                                                    Liability     
     Nevitt,                                                   for           
     Lukas, Nace,   EB-09-TC-189   200932170148   0009809278   Forfeiture,   
     Gutierrez &                                               24 FCC Rcd    
     Sachs, 1650                                               1949 (Enf.    
     Tysons                                                    Bur. 2009).   
     Suite 1500,                                                             
     McLean, VA                                                              

   47 U.S.C. S: 222.

   47 C.F.R. S: 64.2009(e).

   Implementation of the Telecommunications Act of 1996: Telecommunications
   Carriers' Use of Customer Proprietary Network Information and Other
   Customer Information; IP-Enabled Services, CC Docket No. 96-115; WC Docket
   No. 04-36, Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking, 22
   FCC Rcd 6927, 6953 (2007) ("EPIC CPNI Order"); aff'd sub nom. Nat'l Cable
   & Telecom. Assoc. v. FCC, No. 07-132, (D.C. Cir. decided Feb. 13, 2009).

   47 U.S.C. S: 503(b)(4).

   47 U.S.C. S: 222.

   47 C.F.R. S: 64.2009(e).

   (...continued from previous page)


   Federal Communications Commission DA 10-1911


   Federal Communications Commission DA 10-1911