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                                  STATEMENT OF

                            CHAIRMAN KEVIN J. MARTIN

   Re: Complaints Against Various Television Licensees Concerning Their
   February 1, 2004 Broadcast of the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show;
   Complaints Regarding Various Television Broadcasts Between February 2,
   2002 and March 8, 2005; Complaints Against Various Television Licensees
   Concerning Their December 31, 2004 Broadcast of the Program "Without A

   Congress has long prohibited the broadcasting of indecent and profane
   material and the courts have upheld challenges to these standards. But the
   number of complaints received by the Commission has risen year after year.
   They have grown from hundreds, to hundreds of thousands. And the number of
   programs that trigger these complaints continues to increase as well. I
   share the concerns of the public - and of parents, in particular - that
   are voiced in these complaints.

   I believe the Commission has a legal responsibility to respond to them and
   resolve them in a consistent and effective manner. So I am pleased that
   with the decisions released today the Commission is resolving hundreds of
   thousands of complaints against various broadcast licensees related to
   their televising of 49 different programs. These decisions, taken both
   individually and as a whole, demonstrate the Commission's continued
   commitment to enforcing the law prohibiting the airing of obscene,
   indecent and profane material.

   Additionally, the Commission today affirms its initial finding that the
   broadcast of the Super Bowl XXXVIII Halftime Show was actionably indecent.
   We appropriately reject the argument that CBS continues to make that this
   material is not indecent. That argument runs counter to Commission
   precedent and common sense.