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                                  STATEMENT OF

                            CHAIRMAN KEVIN J. MARTIN

   Re: 1^st Source Information Specialists, Inc., d/b/a,
   Apparent Liability for Forfeiture, Notice of Apparent Liability for
   Forfeiture, EB File No. EB-05-TC-059; FRN 0014762439; NAL Acct. No.

   As I testified to Congress earlier this year, the Commission is taking
   numerous steps to protect the privacy of consumers' personal phone
   records. One of these steps is our current investigation into whether
   telecommunications carriers are complying with their customer privacy
   obligations under the Communications Act. Examining how data brokers are
   able to access consumer call records from these carriers is an integral
   part of this investigation.

   Responding to Commission subpoenas is not optional. We expect that
   subpoenas, as well as all of our requests for information, will be
   responded to completely and promptly. Although we propose the maximum
   forfeiture against LocateCell for its failure to adequately respond, I
   fear that the amount we propose - $97,500 - is merely a cost of doing
   business. As I have said previously, it is my hope that, in the future,
   our statutory maximum will be increased. If companies such as LocateCell
   have no incentive to comply with our requests for information, our
   enforcement processes will be severely compromised.

   The Commission remains committed to ensuring that consumers' personal
   phone data is kept confidential. Our investigation is ongoing. In addition
   to this investigation, we intend to complete the proceeding we began
   several months ago that seeks to strengthen the safeguards currently in
   place to protect customer phone records. The ability of data brokers, such
   as LocateCell, to engage in the trafficking of these records is a practice
   that must be stopped.