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                        CONSENT DECREE


     1.   This Consent Decree is entered into by the 
 Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications 
 Commission and Brevard Youth Education Broadcasting 
 Corporation, licensee of noncommercial educational FM 
 Station WCEE-LP, Melbourne, Florida.


     2.   For the purposes of this Consent Decree, the 
          following definitions shall apply:

         a)    ``Brevard'' refers to Brevard Youth Education 
           Broadcasting Corporation, and its successors and 

         b)    ``Bureau'' means the Enforcement Bureau of 
           the Federal Communications Commission;

         c)    ``Parties'' means the Bureau and Brevard;

         d)    ``Commission'' or ``FCC'' means the Federal 
           Communications Commission; 

         e)    ``Station'' means noncommercial educational 
           FM Station WCEE-LP (Facility ID No. 13563), 
           licensed to Melbourne, Florida;

         f)       ``Act'' means the Communications Act of 
           1934, as amended, 47 U.S.C.  151 et seq.;

         g)    ``Rules'' means the Commission's regulations 
           set forth in Title 47 of the Code of Federal 

         h)    ``Underwriting Laws'' means section 399B of 
           the Communications Act of 1934, 47 U.S.C.  
           399B, and section 73.503(d) of the Commission's 
           rules, 47 C.F.R.  73.503(d);

         i)       ``Complaints'' mean third-party complaints 
           received by, or in the possession of, the Bureau 
           alleging violation of the Underwriting Laws by 
           Brevard, dated September 10 and December 12, 

         j)       ``Investigation'' means the investigation 
           of the allegations contained in the Complaints, 
           including the letters of inquiry from the Bureau 
           to Brevard, dated November 19, 2003, and April 
           8, 2004;

         k)    ``Order'' means an order of the Enforcement 
           Bureau adopting this          Consent Decree;

         l)       ``Final Order'' means the status of the 
           Order after the period for  administrative and 
           judicial review has lapsed; and

         m)    ``Effective Date'' means the date on which 
           the Bureau releases the Order.


     3.   The Bureau received the Complaints alleging that 
Brevard has broadcast certain material in violation of the 
Underwriting Laws over the Station.  The Bureau thereafter 
commenced the Investigation to determine whether Brevard 
violated the Underwriting Laws in connection with such 

     4.   Brevard has acknowledged that its broadcasts 
violated the Underwriting Laws and has committed to complete 
the remedial measures and other undertakings contemplated by 
this Consent Decree.  


     5.   Brevard and the Bureau agree to be legally bound 
by the terms and conditions of this Consent Decree.  Brevard 
and the Bureau each represent and warrant that its signatory 
is duly authorized to enter into this Consent Decree on its 
behalf.  Brevard agrees that the Commission has jurisdiction 
over the matters contained in this Consent Decree.

     6.   The Parties agree that the provisions of this 
Consent Decree shall be subject to final approval by the 
Bureau by incorporation of such provisions by reference in 
an Order.  

     7.   The Parties agree that this Consent Decree shall 
become effective on the Effective Date.  Upon the Effective 
Date, the Order and this Consent Decree shall have the same 
force and effect as any other order of the Bureau and any 
violation of the terms of this Consent Decree shall 
constitute a separate violation of a Bureau order, entitling 
the Bureau to exercise any rights and remedies attendant to 
the enforcement of a Bureau order.

     8.   Both the Bureau and Brevard acknowledge that any 
proceeding that might result from the Investigation will be 
time consuming and will require the expenditure of public 
and private resources.

     9.   As part of the Order, the Bureau shall terminate 
the Investigation and shall dismiss with prejudice the 
Complaints.  From and after the Effective Date, the Bureau 
shall not, either on its own motion or in response to third-
party objection, initiate any inquiries, investigations, 
forfeiture proceedings, hearings, or other sanctions or 
actions against Brevard, or the Station, based in whole or 
in part on (i) the Investigation, (ii) the Complaints, (iii) 
any other similar complaints alleging violation by Brevard 
of the Underwriting Laws, with respect to any broadcast of 
any of the announcements specified in the Complaints 
occurring prior to the Effective Date, or (iv) the 
allegations contained in any of the foregoing.  The Bureau 
agrees that, in the absence of material new evidence, it 
will not, on its own motion, initiate or recommend to the 
Commission, any new proceeding, formal or informal, 
regarding the matters discussed in paragraph 3, above, with 
regard to broadcasts prior to the Effective Date. The Bureau 
further agrees that, in the absence of material new 
evidence, it will not use the facts developed in this 
Investigation prior to the Effective Date to initiate on its 
own motion, or recommend to the Commission, any proceeding, 
formal or informal, or take any action on its own motion 
against Brevard with respect to its basic qualifications to 
be or remain a Commission licensee.  Nothing in this Consent 
Decree shall prevent the Bureau from instituting, or 
recommending to the Commission, new investigations or 
enforcement proceedings against Brevard, in the event of any 
alleged future misconduct for violation of this Consent 
Decree or for violation of the Act or the Rules, consistent 
with the provisions of this Consent Decree.

     10.  Brevard admits, solely for the purpose of this 
Consent Decree and for FCC civil enforcement purposes, and 
in express reliance on the provisions of paragraph 9 hereof, 
that its broadcasts of the underwriting announcements at 
issue in the Investigation are in violation of the 
Underwriting Laws.  Notwithstanding any other provision of 
this Consent Decree, it is expressly agreed and understood 
that if this Consent Decree is breached by the Bureau, or is 
invalidated or modified to Brevard's prejudice by the 
Commission or by any court, then the provisions of the 
immediately-preceding sentence shall be of no force or 
effect whatever, and Brevard shall not, by virtue of that 
sentence or any other provision of this Consent Decree, be 
deemed to have made any admission concerning any 
announcements broadcast on the Station.

     11.  The Parties agree and acknowledge that this 
Consent Decree shall constitute a final settlement between 
them concerning the Bureau's Investigation of the matters 
discussed in paragraph 3, above. 

     12.  In consideration of the Bureau's termination of 
its Investigation into these matters, Brevard agrees to the 
terms set forth herein.

     13.  Brevard will make a voluntary contribution to the 
United States Treasury in the amount of One Thousand Dollars 
($1,000) within five (5) calendar days after the Effective 
Date.  The payment must be made by check or similar 
instrument, payable to the order of the Federal 
Communications Commission.  The payment must include the 
Acct. No. and FRN referenced above.  Payment by check or 
money order may be mailed to Forfeiture Collection Section, 
Finance Branch, Federal Communications Commission, P.O. Box 
73482, Chicago, Illinois 60673-7482.  Payment by overnight 
mail may be sent to Bank One/LB 73482, 525 West Monroe, 8th 
Floor Mailroom, Chicago, Illinois 60661.  Payment by wire 
transfer may be made to ABA Number 071000013, receiving bank 
Bank One, and account number 1165259. 

     14.  As a further condition to this Consent Decree, 
Brevard will institute and follow the terms of the 
Compliance Plan identified in the Attachment to this Consent 
Decree within thirty (30) days of the Effective Date.

     15.  Brevard agrees that it is required to comply with 
each individual condition of this Consent Decree.  Each 
specific condition is a separate condition of the Consent 
Decree as approved.  To the extent that Brevard fails to 
satisfy any condition, in the absence of Bureau alteration 
of the condition, it will be deemed noncompliant and may be 
subject to possible enforcement action, including, but not 
limited to, designation of the matter for hearing, letters 
of admonishment, or forfeitures.

     16.  Brevard waives any and all rights it may have to 
seek administrative or judicial reconsideration, review, 
appeal or stay, or to otherwise challenge or contest the 
validity of this Consent Decree and the Order, provided that 
the Order adopts the Consent Decree without change, addition 
or modification.

     17.  Brevard agrees to waive any claims it may 
otherwise have under the Equal Access to Justice Act, 5 
U.S.C.  504 and 47 C.F.R.  1.1501 et seq., relating to the 
matters discussed in this Consent Decree.

     18.  If any Party (or the United States on behalf of 
the FCC) brings a judicial action to enforce the terms of 
the Order, neither Brevard nor the FCC shall contest the 
continuing validity of the Consent Decree or Order.  Brevard 
and the Bureau further agree that they will waive any 
statutory right to a trial de novo with respect to any 
matter upon which the Order is based (provided in each case 
that the Order is limited to adopting the Consent Decree 
without change, addition, or modification), and that they 
will consent to a judgment incorporating the terms of this 
Consent Decree.  

     19.  In the event that this Consent Decree is rendered 
invalid by any court of competent jurisdiction, this Consent 
Decree shall become null and void and may not be used in any 
manner in any legal proceeding.

     20.  This Consent Decree may be signed in counterparts 
and/or by telecopy and, when so executed, the counterparts, 
taken together, will constitute a legally binding and 
enforceable instrument whether executed by telecopy or by 
original signatures.


________________________________             _______________
David H. Solomon, Chief                           Date


Randy Bennett, President                          Date

                       Compliance Plan

   To ensure Station WCEE-LP's full compliance with the 
Underwriting Laws, Brevard will do the following:

   1.     Brevard will establish and maintain a review 
      procedure for underwriting content to be aired over 
      Station WCEE-LP, Melbourne, Florida.  All scripts of 
      announcements will be reviewed, prior to broadcast, 
      for compliance with the Underwriting Laws.

   2.     Any new employee hired by Brevard will be trained 
      on acceptable underwriting content that complies with 
      the Underwriting Laws.  In addition, Brevard's 
      employees will be required to educate themselves on an 
      annual basis regarding any new guidelines or changes 
      to the Underwriting Laws.

   3.     Brevard will also implement and maintain a plain 
      to educate prospective clients about appropriate 
      underwriting content and the Underwriting Laws.  To 
      that end, it will provide a written overview of the 
      Underwriting Laws to each client before it accepts any 
      contract with the client to air material over Station 
      WCEE-LP.  Brevard will not accept any announcement 
      that does not comply with the Underwriting Laws.