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                   DISSENTING STATEMENT OF

Re:  Emmis Radio  License Corporation,  Licensee of  Station 
WKQX(FM),  Chicago, Illinois,  Notice of  Apparent Liability 
for Forfeiture

     I   dissent   from   today's  decision   upholding   an 
Enforcement  Bureau  decision  that I  believe  is  woefully 
inadequate.  In  response to complaints about  five separate 
incidents aired on WKQX-FM, the Enforcement Bureau dismissed 
three of the complaints, including  one in which sex between 
a 27 year old man and a nine year old child was discussed on 
the air.   In the  other two incidents  - an  interview with 
three women about oral sex and a discussion with a porn star 
about sexual  activities - the Enforcement  Bureau imposed a 
fine of  $7000 for  each incident.  I  also note  that since 
addressing   these  five   broadcasts,   we  have   received 
additional  complaints  about  this same  station  and  same 
program, and the Enforcement Bureau has continued to propose 
$7000 fines on four different occasions.  Such fines will be 
easily  absorbed  as  a  ``cost of  doing  business.''   Our 
enforcement  actions should  send a  message that  licensees 
cannot  ignore  their  responsibility to  serve  the  public 
interest and  to protect children.  The  Commission's action 
today fails to do so.