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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matter of                 )
AMFM RADIO LICENSES,  LLC        )    File Nos. EB-02-IH-0472
                                )                    EB-02-IH-
                                )    0494
Licensee of Station WWDC-FM      )    NAL/Acct. No.  200432080003
Washington, DC                   )    FRN 0003720935
                                )    Facility ID No. 8682


   Adopted:  October 8, 2003            Released:  October 9, 

By the Chief, Enforcement Bureau:

     1.   On October 2, 2003, the Commission released a Notice of 
Apparent Liability  for Forfeiture,  FCC  03-233, in  the  above-
captioned proceeding (the ``NAL'').  Attachment A of the NAL, the 
Program Transcript,  inadvertently  contained references  to  the 
first names of certain high  school students who participated  in 
the broadcasts at issue.  By  this Erratum, the NAL is  corrected 
to redact the students' names from the Program Transcript,  which 
is attached hereto as Attachment A, as revised.   


                              David H. Solomon
                              Chief, Enforcement Bureau
                          ATTACHMENT A

                       Program Transcript 

Radio Station:           WWDC-FM, Washington, DC
Dates/Time of Broadcasts:     May  7,  2002  and  May  8,   2002, 
between 6 a.m. and 10 p.m.
Material Broadcast:      The Elliot in the Morning Show

May 7, 2002

E:   Elliot 
D:   Diane
2M:  Dan 
FC1: First Female Student Caller
FC2: Second Female Student Caller
F:   Flounder

E:   Hi.  DC101.

FC1: Hi.

E:   Who is this?

FC1: It's [first female student caller].

E:   Hi [first female student caller].  How are you?

FC1: I'm good.  How are you?

E:   I'm doing well.  You sound very chipper today, [first female 
student caller].

FC1: I'm in a good mood.

E:   Yeah, how old are you?

FC1: I'm 18.  

E:   Mmm.  I like that. I think you're our first 18 year-old.

FC1: [Giggling]   I have been listening all morning, so.

D:   You'd be the youngest.

E:   You get the advantage going in.

FC1: Yes, I'm the youngest.

E:   Right, and  ah,  where do  you  live [first  female  student 

FC1: Alexandria.

E:   Are you in school?

FC1: Ah, I should be in school  right now, but I've been  waiting 
to talk to you guys.

E:   High school?

FC1: Yeah.

E:   Oh, God bless.

D:   Where?

FC1: Ah, Bishop O'Connell.

E:   ExcelLent.

D:   Oh, private school girl.

E:   Any prom dates?  [Laughter from E]

FC1: Ah, no [unintelligible] prom already.

E:   As if the Catholic Church doesn't have enough problems right 

FC1: That's true.

E:   Alright.  So,  [first  female  student  caller]  are  you  a 

FC1: Yeah.

E:   Ah, do  ah do  ah  everybody there  at  school find  uh  you 
irresistibly hot?

FC1: Ah, I'd like to say so.

E:   Yeah.  You a popular girl at school?

FC1: Uh, decently popular.

2M:  Now are you going to Ivy League next year?

FC1: No.

E:   [Laughter from  2M] Who  cares?   Are you  kind of  like  an 

FC1: Yeah.  Some people say so. 

E:   And you want to flash from time to time?

FC1: I've been known to do that.

E:   Yes, of course you have.  I gotta ask you what size bra?

FC1: Ummm, 34-C.

E:   Really?

FC1: Yeah.

E:   For a senior, that's excelLent.  [Laughter from FC1]

D:   For a senior.

E:   That's good.  Ahhh alright.

2M:  How well do you know the football team?  [Laughter from D]

FC1: Pretty well.

2M:  Awesome.

E:   You've never lined like four or five guys up against lockers 
have you?

FC1: Not four or five.

E:   One or two?

FC1: Two or three.  [Laughter from E, D and 2M]

E:   Really?

D:   I think Dan just won the  lottery.  [Laughter from E, D  and 

E:   So Dan's quitting his job.  [Laughter from E, D and 2M]

SM:  That's the Powerball right there.

E:   So wait a  minute.  So at  school you've lined  like two  or 
three guys up against the lockers  and like  ahhh.  [Loud sucking 
sounds from E]

FC1: [Laughter ] Ahhh.  Like yeah.

E:   Really?

FC1: Yeah.  I'm  here  with  my  friend  [second  female  student 
caller].  She wants to dance too.

E:   I'll get  to [second  female student  caller] in  a  moment.  
[Laughter from E, D and 2M]  Really.

FC1: Yeah.  We want to dance with you.

E:   Oh, uh not a problem honey.

     [Break in the audio-tape]

FC1: Um, probably about 8 or 9.

E:   Hm.  Hm.   Hm.   Hm.   Alright.   And you  can  be  here  on 
Thursday.    Well, what about school    on Thursday? 

D:   Yeah. 

FC1: Ah, well.  I don't go to school quite as often as I  should.  
[Laughter from E, D and 2M]

D:   Quite as often as you should.

E:   Hey, do you know my next door neighbor?  [Laughter from E, D 
and 2M]

D:   Well, [first female student caller] you're already  accepted 
to the college of your choice right?

FC1: Yes I am.  [Laughter from E]

D:   Where you gonna go?

FC1: I'm gonna go to VCU.

D:   VCU.

E:   Very good.

2M:  So that's okay, but not the Ivy League question.

E:   Yeah.  No, VCU's fine. No, that's good.

D:   She's an artist.

E:   You should check out Radford.  [Laughter from E]

2M:  She could get all A's there.  [Laughter from E]

E:   Alright.  Very good,  [first female  student caller].   Yes, 
     you hold  on  one  second  and  Flounder's  gonna  get  some 
     information from you, okay?

FC1: Okay, no problem.

E:   Alright.  Very good.  Hold on one second.

2M:  What about her friend?  Did you talk to her friend?

D:   [Second female student caller].

E:   Oh, you know what put [second female student caller] on real 

FC1: Okay, here.  Just a sec.

FC2: Hello

E:   Hi [second female student caller].

FC2: Hi. How are you?

E:   I'm well.  Thank  you.  [Second female  student caller]  are 
you also 18?

FC2: Yes, I am.

E:   And you also go to Bishop O'Connell?

FC2: Yes, I do.

E:   Uh-huh.  Let  me ask  you, you  better looking  than  [first 
female student caller]?

FC2: Um, I don't know.  I think we're both pretty hot.

E:   Right.

E:   Have you two ever hooked up?

FC2: No, but we've been  known to do our  little show at  parties 
and what not.

E:   Uh, what do you mean your little show?

FC2: Like we dance together, you know?

D:   Yeah.

2M:  Hmmm.

E:   Like with your boobies out?

FC2: Ah, it all  depends on who's  there.  I mean  I'm not  gonna 
just. Yeah.

D:   Right.

E:   Well, I mean like on Thursday  like maybe I'll have you  two 
dance together?

FC2: Yes, of course.

E:   Okay.  ExcelLent.  [Laughter from D]  Are you also a 34-C?

FC2: I'm actually a 36-D.  Full D.

2M:  Full D.

FC2: And my nickname with all my friends is ``J-Lo'' so I got the 
booty to go with it. 

E:   Oh, you got a little butt back there.

FC2: Yeah.

E:   Oh, that's fine.  36-D.  J-Lo.  [Laughter from E, D and 2M].  
Thank God for the hormones in      milk.  [Laughter from E, D and 
2M]  Have you ever done the uh locker lineup at school?

FC2: Um, a little  bit of that.   I'm more like  in the  secluded 

E:   Stairwell.

FC2: Yes.

E:   Really.

D:   Janitor's closet.

E:   More than with  the janitor.  [Laughter  from D]   [Knocking 

2M:  Awesome.

E:   [Impersonating a janitor with a  Mexican accent] Need to  be 
coming on in please.  Wet spill in      my     pants      please.  
[Laughter from E, D and 2M].

D:   Oh God. [Laughter from D]

E:   [Laughter from E] Have you ever made out with a teacher?

FC2: No. [Laughter]

E:   No.

2M:  Naw, please.

E:   Um, more than eight or nine times in school?

FC2: Ah, no I wouldn't go that far.

2M:  No.

E:   You don't  think  badly  of [first  female  student  caller] 
because she has, do you?

FC2: No, I love [first female student caller].

E:   In God's way.

D:   Uh-huh.

FC2: Truly in God's way.

E:   Uh-hm.  [Laughter from  FC2]  Alright.  Very  good.  And  um 
missing school on Thursday would   be nothing new for you.

FC2: Nothing new.

E:   Alright, very good.  Hold on one second and ah Flounder will 
get both of your information.      We'll see you on Thursday.

FC2: Okay.  Thank you.

E:   Alright, very good.

D:   Flounder will get your information.  Hopefully we'll see it.

E:   Yes.

2M:  Man, we're looking for Chinese finger ties.  [Laughter  from 
E, D and 2M]

E:   Alright, now let me say this.   [Laughter from E, D and  2M]  
Don't send me your goddamn emails  about being  angry that  we're 
doing these two ah high school kids.

D:   They're 18.

E:   They're 18 years-old.  This is their own deal.  Alright,  so 
save the e-mails.

D:   They're not going to school anyway.

E:   Save the e-mails.

D:   [Laughter from E, D and 2M]  It's not like they're  studying 
for the SATs.

E:   Save the you're  corrupting the youth  of America.   Please.  
Nobody.  I didn't hold a gun to    anybody's head to line up nine 
guys against a locker.  [Laughter from 2M] Alright.  Diane, we   
didn't do anything wrong.

D:   [Laughter from D] Hey, she was free with the information.

2M:  That private school's gonna love you though.

E:   That's Bishop O'Connell.

2M:  Yeah, they're very proud today.

E:   They should be.

D:   Hey, you pay money to go  to that school.  [Laughter from  D 
and 2M]

E:   You know what, at least it's not one of the priests.

2M:  Yes. 

E:   Save the hate  e-mail.  Okay.  We  did nothing wrong,  right 

F:   I agree.  [Laughter from E, D and 2M]

2M:  We're doin' that school a  service.  You know how many  kids 
they're gonna' get now?  They're   thinking about stalking Bishop 

E:   Right now everybody  at [Unintelligible]  council is  going, 
``Goddamn it [Unintelligible] not at    our school.''   [Laughter 
from E, D and 2M] Alright, very good, alright.  So good,    I 
feel like we're     starting to put  together a  very nice  list.  
We'll either revisit that again before we get off the air   
today, maybe after school starts, [Laughter from 2M] or     we 
will      get some more contestants     tomorrow.   So,  Thursday 
morning we'll have everybody in here dancing and uh four will be 
selected to dance for Kid Rock  on Saturday night at the  Patriot 
Center.  I think I speak for all of     us when I can't thank Kid 
Rock enough    for choosing us to  do this promotion.   [Laughter 
from      2M] [Unintelligible].

[Break in the audio-tape]

May 8, 2002

E:   Elliot
D:   Diane
BD:  Buddy
MC:  Male Student Caller
MC2:      Second Male Student Caller
MC3: Third Male Student Caller
MC4:    Fourth Male Student Caller
MC5: Fifth Male Student Caller
FC3: Third Female Student Caller   

E:   Before we get into the news, Diane.

D:   Yeah.

E:   We had a  little interest in  Bishop O'Connell High  School. 
[Laughter from E]

D:   Yeah.  I  went  to the  website.  [Laughter from  E]  I  was 
looking at the mission statement.  [Laughter   from   E]    ``Our 
mission is to  provide the  students an education  rooted in  the 
life of Christ      [unintelligible] pursuit of excellence of the 
whole person.''  And then you go down.  [Laughter      from    E] 
The desired learning results.  [Laughter from E] Kinda' take on a 
new meaning.   [Laughter from E  and 2M]   ``Students practice  a 
moral code based on gospel values as found in     our    Catholic 
faith  and  worship.''   [Laughter  from  E  and  2M]   ``Express 
Christian values through      participation in community  service 

E:   Take him and drink for him. [Laughter from E]

D:   ``Develop creative and critical thinking skills.'' [Laughter 
from D] ``Use those skills in      successfully           solving 

E:   There you  go, [first  female  student caller]  and  [second 
female student caller].

D:   Mmm [Impersonating a young girl's  voice] What should I  do? 
[Laughter from E]   ``Learning    to     work     with     others 

E:   [Spoken as if E's mouth was full] May peace be with you  and 
also with you.

D:   ``Develop and maintain''

E:   [Loud sucking sounds from E]

D:   ``Develop and maintain positive self worth through a healthy 

E:   [Spoken  as   if  E's   mouth  was   full]  This   healthful 
[unintelligible] of protein. [Loud sucking   sounds    from 
E][Laughter from E, D and 2M]   [Spoken as if E's mouth was full] 
Hey, what do   you think  will be  going on  at Bishop  O'Connell 
High School today?  [Laughter from E, D and  2M]

D:   Talk in the office.

E:   More guys have signed  up for this school  in the last  half 
hour.  [Laughter from E and 2M]    We done  a service.  [Laughter 
from E and 2M] Alright, very good. So Thursday morning.

D:   ``Our student body  of 1,470 reflects  the diversity of  our 
community and neighborhoods.''

E:   [Spoken as if E's mouth was full] I'm part of the community. 
[Loud sucking sounds from     E]    [Unintelligible]    Oh    no. 
[Laughter from 2M and D] They'll be in here.  I love that.   What 
are  you kidding me?

D:   They're not going to be at school that day. [Laughter from E 
and 2M]

E:   Alright.  8:15, dear  God.  Ah,  what have we  got going  on 
here?  We're busy as hell.  We     got  some     [unintelligible] 
tickets to give away.  Oh 

[Break in the audio-tape]

E:   Let me get Buddy on the phone. Buddy.

BD:  Hey.

E:   How are you, sir?

BD:  Good.  How are?

E:   Good, I I understand we caught you shaving.

BD:       Yeah, I'm about half way done.  [Laughter from BD]

E:   I say just leave it.

BD:  Leave half of it?

E:   Yeah, just leave half  of it.  Ah,  yesterday while we  were 
     going through our qualifying I guess sometime around 7:45 we 
     heard from [first female student caller] and [second  female 
     student caller].  [First female student caller] and  [second 
     female student  caller],  two  18 year-olds,  they  just  so 
     happen to go to  Bishop O'Connell High  School.  And what  I 
     thought was a  very nice conversation  with them  yesterday.  
     They informed as to some things they do at school. [Laughter 
     from  BD]   But  they're  18  years-old.   They're   adults.  
     They're allowed to do what they  want.  And then um I  guess 
     we heard very  early this morning  that both [second  female 
     student caller] and [first  female student caller] had  been 
     suspended  from  school.   Now,  Buddy,  did  the,  I  know, 
     principal call the station, true or false?

BD:  That is, that is true.

E:   Right.  Did you ah speak to um Bishop O'Connell?   [Laughter 
from BD and 2M]

BD:  No.  The Bishop did not speak.  We ah traded messages.   But 
I think the thing that he was      concerned about was the  story 
that he got was that you coerced or badgered or otherwise   
convinced these people or  these two young  ladies to say  things 
that weren't true.  

E:   Now, correct me if I'm wrong.  I don't feel like I  badgered 
them in any way at all.

D:   You asked them a question and they answered.

E:   Yeah.

BD:  Well, like  I said  the principal  apparently couldn't  have 
been nicer and ah was just    following what  what he  was  told, 

E:   Right.  Now,  see we  heard  this morning  I guess  that  ah 
Bishop O'Connell's daughter, I don't    know  the   guy's   name.  
What's his name?

BD:  Uh, you know I don't remember.  It's on my desk.

E:   You lying sack.   [Laughter from BD]   No, come on.   What's 
his name?  

BD:  I honestly don't remember.

E:   Alright.  Hey, Mack, see if  you could find me someone  from 
     Bishop O'Connell real quick.  Line 2?  Fine, perfect.   Tell 
     him I'll be there in a second.  So anyway, what we did  here 
     was ah the  principal called [first  female student  caller] 
     and [second female student caller] in to their office,  into 
     his office.  I'm assuming it's a man.

BD:  Right.

E:   And um  I  guess  had  a conversation  with  them  and  then 
suspended them and then got on     the PA    system at the school 
and talked about what a bunch of heathens we are. I may be  
paraphrasing.            [Laughter from BD]

BD:  I didn't hear that part.

E:   Yeah, so  apparently  he uh  he  does not  like  your  radio 
station, Buddy Riser.  

BD:  Wow.

E:   Yeah.

BD:  Well yeah this is before I had a chance to really discuss it 
with him.

E:   This is the work  of the devil  right here.  [Laughter  from 
BD]  So you didn't you didn't      
     touch base with him?

BD:  No, we we traded phone messages yesterday so.

E:   What was his message to you?

BD:  He he was  he couldn't  have been nicer.   I mean  basically 
he's just, he was just trying to figure out  exactly   from   our 
side.  I  mean obviously  he had  heard only  their side  of  the 

E:   Right.  Why did he suspend  them though?  That doesn't  seem 
right to me.

BD:  Now that I  don't know.  I  I didn't know  that he had  done 

E:   Yeah.  See that  doesn't seem right.   That that part  kinda 
pisses me off.

BD:  Yeah.

E:   I'm thinking  we  have  a  Support  [second  female  student 
     caller] and  [first female  student caller]  Concert at  the 
     school with [unintelligible].  [Laughter  from E, D and  2M]  
     But I don't understand why  they got suspended.  Hey  listen 
     if they're  blowing guys  at the  school, that's  not  their 
     fault, that's the school.  The  school needs to do a  better 
     job policing.

D:   They should get counseling not suspension.

E:   That's  right.   Jesus  wouldn't   just  toss  them   aside. 
[Laughter from BD] Jesus would     welcome them in.

2M:  Yes, he would.

E:   Some of the  priests at  the school  would ask  if they  had 
brothers.  [Laughter from BD]

BD:  Have we talked to the girls today?

E:   No.  I  have a  feeling they  won't be  calling today.   No, 
Jesus took away their phone   privileges.   [Laughter  from   BD]  
Alright, Buddy, alright.  I was wondering if you got to touch    
base with them.

BD:  No.

E:   With the principal or whatever his face is.

BD:  No.

E:   Alright, very good.  Thank you very much, Buddy.  See you in 
     a bit.  Finish cleaning up over there.

E:   Hi.  Who's this?  Hello?

MC:  Yeah.

E:   Yeah, who's this?

MC:  Uh, I won't give my name out.

E:   Yeah, I  don't blame  you.  You  know if  I went  to  Bishop 
O'Connell I wouldn't give my name  either.  That's how you people 
get in trouble.

MC:  Ah yeah definitely.

E:   Alright.  So what happened at school yesterday?  

MC:  Uh well um.  First of all,  at around 8:10 I was uh  driving 
down with some friends before      school    and   uh   we   were 
listening to your station and uh we hear these two girls call up.  
They go off    about some stuff and uh.  First of all, we want to 
find out who it is and uh.  I wouldn't let you put     these 
girls on the stage with uh bikinis on.

E:   Wait, say again.  You what?

MC:  I wouldn't let you  put these girls  on stage with  bikinis, 
first of all.

E:   I did get some e-mails saying that they were pretty hot.

MC:  Ah, really?  [Laughter from 2M]

E:   Well, I can tell some people have different taste.   Anyway, 
go ahead.

MC:  And uh we get to school  and there's a big ordeal about  it.  
And uh I guess they just      suspended hard core because of it.

[Break in the audio-tape]

E:   Yeah.  But you're kinda' out of loop. 

[Break in the audio-tape]

E:   Hi.  DC101.

MC2: Hey, what's up?

E:   Hey, who's this?

MC2: This is [second male student caller].

E:   [Second male student caller].  You go to Bishop O'Connell?

MC2: Yeah.

E:   Yeah.  So now tell me what happened yesterday?

MC2: All I heard was that these girls called in and our principal 
came in on like 8th period and he was   basically     told     us 
everything that happened.

E:   Oh really.  That's very interesting to me.  What did he  say 
over the PA system that  happened?

MC2: I don't know.  I can't remember exactly what he said.

E:   Right. Well, first of all, how  did they break in with  that 
announcement?  What's the     principal's name there?

MC2: Um, Burch.

E:   Principal Burch.

MC2: Yeah.

E:   Alright so Principal Burch gets on  the uh PA and says,  you 
know, excuse me Bishop   O'Connell    students    I    have    an 
announcement to make?

MC2: Yeah. He  just wanted  to  clarify if  there were  like  any 
rumors going on like really what   happened.

E:   Oh, so what did he say really happened?

MC2: Nah, He uh.  Once again I don't want to say exactly what  he 

E:   No, go  ahead.  [Laughter  from MC2]   No you  can say  what 
     exactly he said.  [Laughter from MC2]  No, because  honestly 
     I want to know what he said.

MC2: Well, honestly, I don't  really remember.  But basically  he 
just said that two girls called in and  said, uh,  I don't  know.  

E:   But what did he say they did?

MC2: Um.  Yeah, he said uh that.  I don't know.  [Laughter]  

2M:  Come on now, dude. 

E:   Come on dude.

D:   [Second male student caller]'s  worried that he's gonna  get 

MC2: I'm definitely am.  But it's not a biggy.  [Laughter]

E:   Who's your buddy in the car?

MC2: Ah, [third male student caller].

E:   Yeah, put [third male student caller] on.

MC2: Ah, here's [third male student caller].

E:   Yeah.  [Third male student caller]'s  got a set of balls  on 
him.  [Laughter from 2M]

2M:  Yeah, here take [third male student caller].

MC3: Hey, what's up fellas?

E:   Hey [third male student caller].  Now you go to school there 

MC3: Yes, I do.

E:   Alright.  What did, uh, what did Burch say?

MC3: Well, he uh just said some of the stuff that the girls  said 
on your show.

E:   Really?  So  did  Principal Burch  actually  get on  the  PA 
system and talk about how they were     giving  blowjobs  in  the 

MC3: Well, let me,  hold on  for a  second.  Naw,  he didn't  say 
that.  He was very nice about it, you   know.    He's.    In    a 
Catholic school so you gotta be nice about it.

D:   Right.

E:   Right.  So but now, so he ended up.  Why did, why did,  they 
get suspended?  That's what   I don't   understand.

MC3: You gotta have the  mindset that this  is a Catholic  school 
and, you know, anything out of     the  school really should have 
some moral binding.

E:   Yeah.

MC3: He's just worried about the school's reputation.

2M:  The image.

MC3: Yeah.

2M:  I mean people spend a lot of money to get that image.

D:   Yeah, they do.

E:   Yeah, but I mean, okay.

2M:  Well, that's, I guess, the basis.

E:   People spend a lot of money to go to college.  It ain't like 
people ain't screwing there.

MC3: Yeah, that's true.  But,  he wants to  have like, you  know, 
the mindset of him being a good,   you know,  person  that  gives 
these children moral teachings, that kind of stuff.

E:   Is Burch married?

MC3: Yes.

E:   Anybody willing to bet he's never gotten a blowjob from  his 

MC3: [Laughter] Ah, I  don't want to  think about it.   [Laughter 
     from E]  He's  a very  nice guy.  I  like him  a lot.   He's 
     really nice.

D:   Of course you do.  [Laughter from 2M]

E:   Very good, [third male  student caller].  [Laughter from  D] 
     You're very smart kid.  [Laughter from D]  I like you.

MC3: ExcelLent.  ExcelLent.

2M:  Do you know his daughter?

MC3: I, uh.

E:   Yeah.  His daughter is apparently the one that called,  that 
little rat.

D:   Is she older?

MC3: I don't.  Burch's?

E:   Yeah, Burch's daughter.  Does she go to school there?

MC3: No, no. 

E:   Oh, so she's already out.

MC3: I've I've never met her.

E:   Right.  But Burch is a pretty  cool guy who obviously has  a 
little issue with us.

MC3: Yeah.  Well he  just wants to  look out for,  you know,  his 

E:   Did he mention us by name?

MC3: No.

E:   What do you mean no?  What  did he say like ``a local  radio 

MC3: He said ``DC101,'' but he didn't

E:   ExcelLent.

2M:  Oh, we got press.  [Clapping]

E:   That's good, that's  good.  At  least let `em  let `em  know 
what they should be listening to   Burch.    [Laughter from D]

MC3: ExcelLent.  ExcelLent.

E:   Alright [third male student caller].

D:   [Third male student caller]'s very nervous right now. 

E:   No, [third male student caller] you're fine.  You're fine.

MC4: Hi Diane.

D:   Hi. 

E:   [Unintelligible] [Laughter from D and MC3]  Hey, [third male 
     student caller], let me ask you, you weren't one of    the 
     guys that [first female  student caller] and [second  female 
     student caller] blew in the hallways, were you?

MC3: Ah naw, naw, naw 

E:   No naw naw naw.

MC3: I don't think I'd let them.

E:   Okay, alright, very good, very good.  You'd give it a couple 
of years though.

MC3:      I just want to say Hi to Diane.

D:   Thanks, [third male  student caller].   Have a  nice day  at 

MC3, MC4: Bye, see  ya later,  bye.  [Unintelligible]   [Laughter 
from MC3, MC4, E, D and 2M]

E:   We got a phone number for, ah, the school?

D:   The main number.

E:   Yeah, I'll take that.  Hi, DC101.

MC5: Hi Elliot.   This  is,  this is,  ah,  [fifth  male  student 

E:   Yes, of course it is.

2M:  Sure.

E, 2M:    Hi [fifth male student caller].

MC5: Yeah.  I go to O'Connell.

E:   Right.

MC5: And, uh, I just want to let you know that the girls are  not 
18.  They're only 17.

E:   But that's not my fault though.  Listen.

MC5: No dude, no dude.  I  know exactly like what happened.   You 
didn't manipulate them at all.  But     when they  went into  the 
office yesterday they were like  ``Oh, yeah, well he  manipulated 
us into   saying these  bad things.''   And  Mr. Burch  gets  on.  
Would you turn that off?

E:   Yeah, please.

MC5: Mr. Burch gets on and goes, ah, yeah they are all remorseful 
for what happened and they    want to   let everyone  know  that, 
like, they were manipulated or  whatever or something like  that.  
And I,    like, they knew exactly what they were doing.
E:   Yeah.  And first of all, I think we asked twice how old they 
were.  Both of them said they      were 18.   You know  what,  if 
they lied, they lied.  That's not my problem.

MC5: Yeah, dude.  It's like, it's like their fault and they  just 
made.  I feel bad because they made the      school look  like  a 
bunch of sluts or whatever and we're really not. 

E:   Well, listen you gotta have some kind of pride in something.  
[Laughter from D]  But the,   ah,  you  know,  we  didn't  badger 
them.  We didn't manipulate them.  You heard the show  yesterday.

MC5: Yeah.  I was  listening to  it.  I  thought it  was kind  of 
funny because then I knew exactly who it     was.  [Laughter from 
E, D and 2M]

E:   See so um, you know I can't really say I fault [first female 
     student caller] and  [second female  student caller]  `cause 
     listen they know they're getting thrown out of school.   I'd 
     say that too.  

MC5: They're coming back.

E:   Well, how long did they get suspended for?

MC5: Um, I think like maybe two days or whatever.

E:   Right.

MC5: It's almost like a good deal. 

E:   Well, yeah exactly.  Well, at least they're free to come  in 

D:   What are their parents doing though?

MC5: I don't know.  I think they're probably in trouble with them 

E:   Oh really.

D:   I would think so.

E:   I hear Burch told [first female student caller] she's  gotta 
give up semen for Lent last year.

2M:  Agh. 

D:   Jesus Christ.

2M:  Do you know them very well?

MC5: Yeah, I'm pretty close them.  At least one of them.

E:   Really?  Have you ever been lined up, have you ever had your 
back up against a locker?     [Laughter from D]

MC5: No.  Actually they don't do that kind of stuff at school.

E:   At school.

2M:  No.  They save that.

MC5: Actually, I hope I just don't wanna know about it.  They can 
do whatever they want.  I just     don't want to know about it.

E:   Alright, very good.   Well, listen I'm  sorry about the  big 
uproar at your school yesterday.

MC5: Ah, it was kind of amusing.

E:   Good.  [Laughter from 2M]  Good, alright, dude, [fifth  male 
     student caller]. Thank you very much for calling. 

MC5: Thank you, you're welcome. 

E:   You're gonna need  to hand me  the handset and  let me  just 
call them.  [Dial tone, dialing]   Oops,     that's   not   good.  
[Dial tone, dialing]    Agh.  [Dial  tone]  Because  I hate  this 
phone     system.  [Dialing]  Because now it's a fight.   Uh-huh.  
[Sound of phone ringing]  Uh, uh,  hands     free.  They gotta be 
in the office by now.

2M:  Yeah.

D:   7:30.

2M:  The administration should be. 

D:   I was looking at the.

E:   Maybe Jesus will answer.

D:   The class schedule.  Home room. 

E:   What time does home room start?  Hi, Bishop O'Connell.   Um, 
who am I speaking with?       Hi, Mrs. Minyet.  You're not on the 
air.  This is Elliott calling from DC101.  I'm trying to    find 
Principal Burch, please.  Hello.  Hello.  I don't know if I'm  on 
hold or if I'm uh talking     to Mr. Click.

2M:  Really.  

D:   Maybe you'll find out in a second.

E:   Hello.  They don't say, ``Hold.''

2M:  They never even said ``please hold'' or? 

E:   No.

2M:  Hang on?

E:   First bell's at 7:55.  You know what.  [Dial tone, sound  of 
tone buttons, ringing]   [Laughter from      2M]  Shhh.  Come on.  
They're afraid to  touch the phone.   Ahh, come on  now I get  an 
answering      machine.  Hi DC101.

FC3: Hey, what's up Elliot?

E:   Hey, who is this?

FC3: Let's see, what can  you call me?  I'm  scared too now  like 
all the other [unintelligible] 

E:   Ah, don't be scared. 

FC3: [Laughter]  You can call me,  you can call me [third  female 
student caller].  How about that?

E:   Okay, [third female student caller].  Yes.

FC3: You can call me [third  female student caller].  Well, I  go 
     to O'Connell like  all the rest  of them. Those  are all  my 
     friends that were calling earlier.  And I just wanted to say 
     that it  was like  the reason  that they  all got  suspended 
     wasn't because, you know,  like, about anything, because  it 
     was immoral or anything what they were gonna do.  Because  I 
     don't even think they were really gonna come in   because 
     they were lying, like, they weren't 18 or anything else.    
     They were a bunch of sophomores.  But there's a . . . .

E:   Oh, God. I wish they would come in.

2M:  So they're 16.

E:   Anyway, go ahead.  

FC3: There's a rule in the student handbook that says that if you 
do anything, like, in the name,    like, using  O'Connell's  name 
or, like, in O'Connell uniform that you can be suspended because 
that's slander towards the school.

E:   Oh, that's, uh, you're impugning the reputation.

FC3: Yeah, so when you went on the website and everything  that's 
when Mr. Burch freaked out    and was, like, oh, blah blah  blah, 
this makes my school look horrible.

E:   Hey, Burch, don't put up a website then, you jackass.

D:   What I I was just, I  was just reading the, uh, the  beliefs 
     and mission and philosophy of the school. 

2M:  Yeah, if anything

D:   I know.

E:   We gave them some positive publications here.

2M:  Yeah.

FC3: And also I wanted to say  that I'm really sorry cause  there 
were a lot of really hot girls,    including  myself,  that  were 
gonna come in.

E:   Oh, godamnit.

FC3: And we were gonna audition tomorrow morning.

E:   Alright.

FC3: We really wanted to do it.

E:   Yeah.  I wish you would have.

FC3: I'm sorry.

E:   Alright.  Well, Burch had to go F it up for everybody.

D:   Bye [third female student caller].

E:   Let me try one  more time and then  I'll take a break.   And 
then we'll get into some real      qualifying.   Uh,  I'll   just 
dial here.   [Dialing  tones]  You  think  they won't  answer  at 
Bishop    when I call  cause a big  sign that goes  off ``Jew  is 
calling.'' [Laughter D and 2M]     [Impersonating      a   female 
voice]  Yes, Principal Burch, please?  What do you mean he's  not 
available?  Oh, don't    hang up.  F you.  [Laughter from 2M]
2M:  They know what matters [unintelligible].

E:   What a bitch she is.

D:   What she say?

2M:  I can't believe she doesn't even say anything to you.  

E:   [In a mocking voice]  ``He's not available.''  Click.  I bet 
he's available.  He's probably     standing right there listening 
to the goddamn show.

D:   I guess  they have  to  go tend  to the  pro-life  memorial.  
     [Laughter from E] that I was just reading about.

E:   Come on Burch you big pussy, call.  You know he's sitting in 
there listening to it. Speak to a Jew.       [Laughter  from   D]  
Goddamnit.  Alright, alright.  You know what, let's move on then.  
Ah, 202-  432-1101,  toll  free   1-800-33DC101.   Ah,  we   need 
qualifiers for,     ah, Saturday night.  If you want   to   dance 
in the cage with Kid Rock up on stage 202-432-    1101, toll free 
1-800-33DC101.  We'll    sign up last day for qualifying and then 
tomorrow's the      big audition, tomorrow around 7:30.     And 
then four  women will  move on  to Saturday  night where  they'll 
dance up on stage at the      Patriots Center.  Kid Rock will    
pay for the night.  202-432-1101, toll free 1-800-33DC101.  

[Commercial for the Kid Rock Dance-in-the-Cage Concert]