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                           Before the
                Federal Communications Commission
                     Washington, D.C. 20554

In the Matters of                )
AT&T  Corp.  v.  Advamtel,   LLC )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0002
d/b/a Plan B Communications;     )
AT&T      Corp.      v.      CFW )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0003
Communications  Company  &   CFW )
Networks, Inc.;                  )
                                )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0004
AT&T   Corp.   v.   Commonwealth )
Telephone  Enterprises  &  CTSI, )
Inc.;                            )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0005
AT&T      Corp.      v.       CT )
Communications,  Inc.  and   CTC )
Exchange Services;               )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0006
AT&T   Corp.   v.   Consolidated )
Communications Networks, Inc.;   )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0007
AT&T  Corp.   v.  CTC   Telecom, )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0008
Inc.;                            )
                                )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0010
AT&T    Corp.    v.    Fairpoint )
Communications Corp.;            )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0011
AT&T   Corp.    v.    Intermedia )
Communications, Inc.;            )
                                )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0012
AT&T    Corp.     v.     Net2000 )
Communications,          Net2000 )
Communications   Services    and )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0013
Net2000    Communications     of )
Virginia, LLC;                   )
                                )    File No. EB-01-MDIC-0014
AT&T  Corp.   v.  North   County )
Communications Corp.; 
AT&T    Corp.     v.     Winstar 
Communications, Inc., et al.; 

AT&T      Corp.      v.      XIT 
Telecommunications             & 
Technology, Inc.


                                        Released:    January   9, 


By the Chief, Market Disputes Resolution Division, Enforcement 

       The Order released January 9, 2002, DA 02-0035, is 
corrected to reflect the correct DA number as DA 02-35.


                         Alexander P. Starr
                         Chief,   Market   Disputes    Resolution 
                         Enforcement Bureau