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12-17-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Four Corners Broadcasting, LLC, Durango, Colorado
12-16-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Cochise Broadcasting LLC, Omaha, NE
12-11-2014 M.O.&O. AERCO Broadcasting Corporation, San Juan, PR
12-10-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Pathfinder Communications Corporation
12-09-2014 CITATION AND ORDER SM Radio Productions, Inc., Westin, Connecticut
12-08-2014 M.O.&O. Bold Gold Media WBS, L.P., Scranton, Pennsylvania
12-08-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER JCE Licenses, LLC, Dallas, TX
12-05-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Journal Broadcast Corporation
12-01-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Associated Telecommunications Management Services, LLC, BLC Acquisition Group, LLC, Bellerud Acquisition Group, LLC, Ganoco Acquisition Group, LLC, Lifeconnex Acquisition Group, LLC, Triarch Acquisition Group, LLC, SCTxLink Acquisition Group, LLC, DialTone & More Acquisition Group, LLC, Ren-Tel Acquisition Group, LLC
11-28-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Newport Television, LLC
11-21-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Great American Broadband, Inc.
11-12-2014 ORDER Amendment of Certain of the Commission's Part 1 Rules of Practice and Procedure Relating to the Filing of Formal Complaints Under Section 208 of the Communications Act and Pole Attachment Complaints Under Section 224 of the Communications Act
11-06-2014 M.O.&O. Indigo Wireless, Inc.
11-04-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Alaska Integrated Media, Inc., Anchorage, Alaska
10-29-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE AIT, Inc., Southern Telecom, Inc.
10-27-2014 ORDER OK-5 Licensee Co., LLC, Oklahoma Independent RSA 5 Partnership, TX-10 Licensee Co., LLC dba Cellular One
10-27-2014 ORDER Iowa Wireless Services, LLC, d/b/a i wireless, South Slope Cooperative Telephone Co., Inc. d/b/a South Slope Wireles
10-27-2014 ORDER Certain Notices of Apparent Liability for Forfeiture
10-24-2014 NAL TerraCom, Inc. and YourTel America, Inc.
10-17-2014 NAL Global Tower, LLC, Oak Park, Michigan
10-16-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Marc-Nus Charles, Pompano Beach, Florida
10-15-2014 M.O.&O. North County Broadcasting Corporation, Escondido, California
10-14-2014 NAL Midessa Television Limited Partnership
10-14-2014 M.O.&O. Wagenvoord Advertising Group, Inc., Sheridan, AR
10-14-2014 M.O.&O. Kevin W. Bondy, Encino, California
10-08-2014 ORDER OF DISMISSAL Fiber Technologies Networks, LLC v. Baltimore Gas and Electric Company
10-08-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE AT&T Mobility LLC
10-07-2014 ORDER ON RECON. Saturn Telecommunications Services, Inc. v. BellSouth Telecommunications, Inc.
10-03-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Marriott International, Inc., Marriott Hotel Services, Inc.
10-02-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Steckline Communications, Inc.
10-01-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER CMARR, Inc., San Juan, PR
09-17-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Equity Communications LP, Wildwood, New Jersey
09-17-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Equity Communications LP, Atlantic City, New Jersey
09-16-2014 NAL PTT Phone Cards, Inc.
09-11-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Canadian National Railway
09-05-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Western Slope Communications, LLC, Rifle Glenwood Springs, Colorado
09-05-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER WOYK, Inc., York, Pennsylvania
09-03-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Verizon
08-28-2014 NAL M.J. Phillips Communications, Inc., West Seneca, New York
08-28-2014 NAL James Engle, Lewiston, New York
08-28-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Telava Wireless, Inc., Fordsville, Kentucky
08-27-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER T-Mobile USA, Inc., a subsidiary of T-Mobile US, Inc.
08-26-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE ASUSTeK Computer Inc.
08-26-2014 NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Marvin Mitch Freeman
08-26-2014 NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Gregory Paul Styles
08-26-2014 NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Donna P. English
08-25-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Time Warner Cable Inc.
08-22-2014 ORDER Jeannine M. Mason, Conrad, Montana
08-22-2014 NAL Tommie Salter, Jacksonville, Florida
08-19-2014 M.O.&O. Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick, Austin, Texas
08-11-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Border Media Business Trust
08-04-2014 NAL The Hinton Telephone Company of Hinton, Oklahoma, Inc.
08-04-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Alpha & Omega Communications, LLC, West Valley City, Utah
08-01-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER CenterPoint Energy, Inc., Katy, Texas
07-31-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Steckline Communications, Inc., Scott City, KS
07-30-2014 ORDER Timothy J. Mullen, Cawelo, California
07-30-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Pittman Broadcasting Services, LLC, Lafayette, LA
07-30-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Pittman Broadcasting Services, LLC, Franklinton, Louisiana
07-29-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Frandsen Media Company, LLC, Smithfield, Utah
07-29-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Acumen Communications, Los Angeles, CA
07-23-2014 CITATION J & J Mortgages, LLP, Rincon, NM
07-23-2014 CITATION Hillsboro Comfort Inn, Hillsboro, Oregon
07-23-2014 CITATION Alan Field, Los Angeles, California
07-22-2014 NAL Michael Guernsey, Parchment, Michigan
07-22-2014 NAL Brian Crow, North Huntingdon, Pennsylvania
07-22-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Washington Gas Light, Springfield, Virginia
07-16-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Assist 123, LLC
07-15-2014 NOTICE OF DEBARMENT Bryan J. Cahoon
07-15-2014 NAL Net One International, Inc.
07-15-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Latin Broadcasting Company, Dallas Center, IA
07-11-2014 NAL Optic Internet Protocol, Inc.
07-11-2014 NAL Message Communications, Inc.
07-11-2014 NAL CallingPost Communications, Inc.
07-08-2014 CITATION Travelers Partners LLC, Miami Springs, FL
07-03-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE IPS Group, Inc.
07-02-2014 ORDER ON RECON. Patrick Keane a/k/a The Street Map Co. et al.
07-02-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Intel Corporation
06-26-2014 NAL Drew Buckley, Bay Shore, New York
06-26-2014 NAL Birach Broadcasting Corporation, Canonsburg, Pennsylvania
06-25-2014 CITATION NWS Corporation, San Diego, California
06-25-2014 CITATION Motel 6 - Portland East, Troutdale, Oregon
06-25-2014 CITATION Howard Johnson-Portland Airport, Portland, Oregon
06-25-2014 CITATION Hilton Garden Inn-Portland Airport, Portland, Oregon
06-25-2014 CITATION Extended Stay America, Farmington Hills, Michigan
06-24-2014 NAL CMARR, Inc., San Juan, PR
06-24-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Jean Richard Salvador, Miami, Florida
06-20-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Indigo Wireless, Inc.
06-19-2014 NAL Duhamel Broadcasting Enterprises, Rapid City, South Dakota
06-19-2014 NAL C.T.S. Technology Co., Limited
06-17-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Orloff Haines, Enid, Oklahoma
06-11-2014 ORDER OF DISMISSAL Lake County, Minnesota v. Telecommunications Company of Minnesota, LLC
06-10-2014 ORDER ON RECON. AT&T Corp. v. All American Telephone Co. et al.
06-10-2014 NAL Northeast Passage Corporation, Hightstown, New Jersey
06-10-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Bold Gold Media WBS, L.P., Scranton, Pennsylvania
06-09-2014 ORDER Vision Latina Broadcasting, Inc., Port Neches, Texas
06-09-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Sony Mobile Communications (USA) Inc.
06-09-2014 NAL Dalrymple Realty Corporation, Elmira, New York
06-05-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Call Mobile, Inc.
06-04-2014 ORDER Diogenes Telecommunications Project
06-04-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Matrix Telecom, Inc.
06-03-2014 ORDER KAGM-FM Joint Venture, Strasburg, CO
06-03-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick, Austin, Texas
06-03-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Meade County Communications, Inc., Brandenburg, Kentucky
06-02-2014 NAL Sound Communications, Southport, New York
06-02-2014 NAL Marc-Nus Charles, Pompano Beach, Florida
06-02-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Damian Anthony Ojouku Allen, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
05-29-2014 NAL Constellium Rolled Products Ravenswood, LLC
05-28-2014 NAL Real Life Broadcasting, Inc., Florence, New Jersey
05-23-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER RB Communications, Inc., d/b/a Starfone
05-20-2014 CITATION Panasystem Corp., Canoga Park, California
05-19-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Sprint Corporation f/k/a Sprint Nextel Corporation
05-16-2014 M.O.&O. AERCO Broadcasting Corporation, San Juan, PR
05-14-2014 NAL Televisa, S.A. de C.V., Mexico City, Mexico
05-12-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE VTech Electronics Limited
05-12-2014 NAL J.J. MacKay Canada Ltd.
05-09-2014 ORDER East Buchanan Telephone Cooperative
05-08-2014 NAL Dialing Services, LLC
05-07-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Onda Mexicana Radio Group, Inc., Clermont, FL
05-05-2014 NAL Central Telcom Long Distance, Inc.
05-02-2014 NAL Purple Communications, Inc.
04-30-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Cellco Partnership, d/b/a Verizon Wireless, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Hartford, Connecticut
04-29-2014 NAL Jose Alejandro Aguilar, Louisville, Kentucky
04-29-2014 NAL Jason R. Humphreys, Seffner, Florida
04-28-2014 NAL D.T.V., LLC, Philadelphia, PA
04-24-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Maverick Media of Rockford License LLC
04-22-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE James R. Winstead, Coleman, Texas
04-22-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Carlton Lewis, Enid, Oklahoma
04-15-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Peavey Electronics Corporation
04-14-2014 M.O.&O. Nina Shahin v. Verizon Delaware LLC, Verizon Long Distance LLC, and Verizon Online LLC
04-11-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Vast Communications, LLC
04-11-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Kyocera Communications, Inc.; Kyocera Corporation
04-10-2014 CITATION Value Inn, Des Moines, Washington
04-10-2014 CITATION Skyway Inn Hotel, SeaTac, Washington
04-10-2014 CITATION CAM Electronics Distributing, Inc., Elmsford, New York
04-09-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE General Communication, Inc., d/b/a Alaska DigiTel LLC and Alaska Wireless Communications, LLC
04-09-2014 NAL Acumen Communications, Los Angeles, CA
04-08-2014 ERRATUM General Communications, Inc.
04-02-2014 CITATION Super 8, Portland, Oregon
04-02-2014 CITATION Silo Inns, Portland, Oregon
04-02-2014 CITATION Homewood Suites by Hilton, Vancouver, Washington
04-02-2014 CITATION Country Inn & Suites by Carlton, Portland, Oregon
04-02-2014 CITATION Best Western, Portland, Oregon
04-01-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Emigrant Storage LLC
03-31-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC
03-31-2014 M.O.&O. Lubbock Aero, Lubbock, Texas
03-28-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Presidential Who's Who, Inc., Presidential Who's Who
03-26-2014 NAL Richard Jackowitz, IT Connect, Inc.
03-26-2014 NAL R&N Manufacturing, Ltd., Houston, Texas
03-26-2014 NAL Jean Richard Salvador, Miami, Florida
03-26-2014 NAL Damian Anthony Ojouku Allen, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
03-26-2014 NAL Access Media 3, Inc., West Palm Beach, Florida
03-24-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Entertainment Media Trust, East St. Louis, Highland, Illinois
03-21-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Laser Technologies dba Laser Tech, and Joseph Mistretta
03-21-2014 NAL Orloff Haines, Enid, Oklahoma
03-20-2014 NAL South Central Communications Corporation
03-20-2014 NAL People's Broadcast Network, LLC, Bridgeport, Connecticut
03-20-2014 NAL Boonville Broadcasting Company, Inc.
03-20-2014 FO Mattoon Broadcasting Company, Mattoon, Illinois
03-19-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Terry L. Van Volkenburg, Cocoa, Florida
03-19-2014 NAL Liberty Cablevision of Puerto Rico, Inc., Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
03-14-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Marseilles Telephone Company, Metamora Telephone Company, MTCO Communications, Inc.
03-14-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Globalcom, Inc.
03-13-2014 ORDER SCI Cable, Inc., Perry, Lecompton, Pottawatomie, Meriden, Jefferson, Kansas
03-13-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Skybeam Acquisition Corporation and Digis, LLC
03-13-2014 NAL Long Lines Wireless, LLC
03-13-2014 M.O.&O. CruiseEmail
03-12-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Nathaniel Johnson, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
03-11-2014 NOTICE OF SUSPENSION [ERRATUM] Bryan J. Cahoon
03-11-2014 NAL Custom Computers d.b.a. Winchester Wireless, Winchester, VA
03-10-2014 M.O.&O. North County Broadcasting Corporation, Escondido, California
03-10-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Brian R. Ragan, Suisun City, California
03-03-2014 NAL Viacom Inc., NBCUniversal Media, LLC, ESPN Inc.
02-27-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Cherokee Broadcasting Company
02-27-2014 NAL Budget PrePay, Inc. d/b/a Budget Mobile
02-26-2014 NAL Kemp Broadcasting, Inc., Moapa, Nevada
02-26-2014 NAL AT&T Services, Inc., San Pedro, California
02-24-2014 NOTICE OF SUSPENSION Bryan J. Cahoon
02-24-2014 NAL Scott Malcolm, DSM Supply, LLC, Somaticare, LLC
02-21-2014 NAL Ohana Media Group, LLC, Anchorage, Alaska
02-21-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Directlink, LLC, Parker, Colorado
02-20-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Windstream Corporation
02-20-2014 NAL Cochise Broadcasting LLC, Omaha, NE
02-19-2014 NAL Walter Olenick and M. Rae Nadler-Olenick, Austin, Texas
02-19-2014 NAL James R. Winstead, Coleman, Texas
02-19-2014 NAL JCE Licenses, LLC, Dallas, TX
02-18-2014 NAL US Connect, LLC
02-18-2014 NAL Assist Wireless, LLC
02-12-2014 ORDER OF DISMISSAL Frontier West Virginia Inc. v. Appalachian Power Company and Wheeling Power Company
02-12-2014 NAL Westlink Communications, LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of United Wireless Communications, Inc.
02-12-2014 NAL Airvoice Wireless, LLC
02-11-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Unipoint Technologies, Inc.
02-10-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Radio License Holding XI, LLC, Chicago, Illinois
02-07-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE EnerTrac, Inc.
02-07-2014 NAL KRCA License, LLC, Ogden, UT
02-07-2014 M.O.&O. Daniel K. Roberts, San Francisco, California
02-07-2014 M.O.&O. Argos Net, Inc. Caguas, PR
02-07-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Skybeam Acquisition Corporation, Englewood, Colorado
02-07-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Rapidwave, LLC Saratoga Springs, Utah
02-07-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Pacific Empire Radio Corporation, La Grande, Oregon
02-07-2014 CITATION Brookfield Office Properties, Los Angeles, CA
02-05-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Steckline Communications, Inc., Wichita, Kansas
02-05-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Steckline Communications, Inc., Wichita, Kansas
01-31-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE United Telecom, Inc.
01-29-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Lubbock Aero
01-28-2014 NAL Onda Mexicana Radio Group, Inc., Clermont, FL
01-24-2014 NAL U.S. Telecom Long Distance, Inc.
01-24-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Iglesia Cristiana Ebenezer of Greenville, TX, Greenville, Texas
01-23-2014 NAL Birach Broadcasting Corporation, Youngstown, New York
01-23-2014 M.O.&O. The L.R. Radio Group, Inc., Granbury, Texas
01-22-2014 NAL Omaha Dirt and Wire LLC, Omaha, NE
01-22-2014 NAL Jan Gray, Hot Springs, South Dakota
01-22-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Renacer Broadcasters Corporation, Maricao, PR
01-22-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Media Mining Group, Roswell, New Mexico
01-22-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Juan R. Nieves, Jr., Summerfield, Florida
01-17-2014 ORDER & CONSENT DECREE Rubard, LLC d/b/a Centmobile
01-17-2014 NAL Catholic, Apostolic & Roman Catholic Church in Puerto Rico, San Juan, PR
01-17-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Telava Wireless, Inc., Hulett, GA
01-16-2014 CITATION Victory Inn, Mount Clemens, Michigan
01-16-2014 CITATION Red Roof Inn #10038, Farmington Hills, Michigan
01-15-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Net One International, Net One, LLC, Farrahtel International, LLC
01-14-2014 NAL Turner Broadcasting System, Inc.
01-09-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER Catholic Radio Network of Loveland, Inc., Loveland, Colorado
01-08-2014 FORFEITURE ORDER L. Stanley Wall, Scottdale, Pennsylvania

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