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June 20, 2000
John Winston (202) 418-7450

Enforcement Bureau Announces that Bell Atlantic Has Satisfied
Consent Decree Regarding Electronic Ordering Systems in New York

Washington, D.C. - Today the Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications Commission (``FCC'') announced that Bell Atlantic has satisfied the requirements of the March 9, 2000 Consent Decree adopted by the FCC in connection with Bell Atlantic's loss or mishandling of orders electronically submitted to Bell Atlantic by Bell Atlantic's local service competitors earlier this year. Based on weekly reports Bell Atlantic submitted to the FCC, and absent new and material evidence that the reports are inaccurate, the Enforcement Bureau has determined that Bell Atlantic has no further obligations under the Consent Decree.

The March 9, 2000 Consent Decree created incentives for Bell Atlantic to improve its performance in processing its local service competitors' orders. Specifically, the Consent Decree required that Bell Atlantic file weekly performance reports with the FCC regarding its compliance with specified performance measurements contained in the Consent Decree. In order for FCC monitoring under the Consent Decree to cease, the Consent Decree required that Bell Atlantic satisfy the performance measurements for a specified period of time. The evidence indicates that there have been substantial improvements in the performance of Bell Atlantic's operations support systems since the adoption of the Consent Decree, and that Bell Atlantic's systems are performing within the standards set forth in the Consent Decree. As it agreed to in the Consent Decree, Bell Atlantic has made a voluntary payment to the United States Treasury of $3 million.

The performance standards contained in the FCC's Consent Decree also were adopted by the New York Public Service Commission, and Bell Atlantic remains obligated to satisfy those standards under the New York Commission's Performance Assurance Plan.

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