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Individual Consent Decrees available here:
Business Network Long Distance, Inc.
Communications Network Billing, Inc.
Integrated Services, Inc.
Multiline Long Distance, Inc.
National Access Long Distance, Inc.
Nationwide Long Distance Service, Inc.
Network Service Billing, Inc.


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   Feb. 10, 2015  Neil Grace, 202-418-0506

   E-mail: [1]

                     FCC FINES SEVEN COMPANIES $1.2 MILLION


      Settlement resolves complaints against seven companies that admit to
                 engaging in slamming and cramming of consumers

   Washington, D.C. - The Enforcement Bureau of the Federal Communications
   Commission (FCC) has settled its investigations of seven companies that
   have admitted to billing consumers for services without their
   authorization. Business Network Long Distance, Inc., Communications
   Network Billing, Inc., Integrated Services, Inc., Multiline Long Distance,
   Inc., National Access Long Distance, Inc., Nationwide Long Distance
   Service, Inc., and Network Service Billing, Inc., "slammed" consumers by
   changing their preferred long distance telephone carriers without
   authorization, and "crammed" consumers by assessing charges on their
   telephone bills without their consent. As part of the settlement, the
   companies will pay civil penalties totaling $1.2 million dollars, and must
   adopt comprehensive, rigorous compliance plans going forward to forestall
   future cramming and slamming violations. Back Office Support Systems, Inc.
   (BOSS) manages many functions for each of the companies, and is also bound
   by the compliance plan, as are its principal and the principals of each of
   the seven companies.

   "The deceptive practices of switching consumers' telephone carriers and
   placing charges on their telephone bills without their authorization
   unfortunately are persistent problems," said Travis LeBlanc, Chief of the
   FCC Enforcement Bureau. "The FCC has aggressively responded to hold phone
   companies accountable when they prey on the public, and these settlements
   demonstrate that we will continue to do so."

   The Commission's Enforcement Bureau reviewed more than 150 consumer
   complaints stating that these seven companies engaged in widespread
   cramming and slamming of consumers. The settlement requires the seven
   companies to pay a combined fine of $1.2 million and implement a
   comprehensive compliance plan to forestall any future slamming and
   cramming violations.

   With today's settlements, the Commission has now taken nearly 30
   enforcement actions for cramming or slamming in the past five years.
   These actions have announced more than $85 million in penalties, and are
   slated to return more than $200 million to consumers.

   BOSS, is located in St. Clair Shores, Michigan; Business Network Long
   Distance, Inc. in Denver, Colorado; Communications Network Billing, Inc.,
   in Reno, Nevada; Integrated Services, Inc., in Northbrook, Illinois;
   Multiline Long Distance, Inc., in Cincinnati, Ohio; National Access Long
   Distance, Inc., in Henderson, Nevada; Nationwide Long Distance Service,
   Inc., in Southfield, Michigan; and Network Service Billing, Inc., in Las
   Vegas, Nevada.

   The FCC has information on its website for consumers on cramming and
   slamming, available at
   [2] and
   Consumers who believe they may be victims of such unauthorized charges
   should file a complaint with the Commission:

   The Orders and Consent Decrees are available at:

     * Business Network Long Distance, Inc.:

     * Communications Network Billing, Inc.:

     * Integrated Services, Inc.:

     * Multiline Long Distance, Inc.:

     * National Access Long Distance, Inc.:

     * Nationwide Long Distance Service, Inc.:

     * Network Service Billing, Inc.:



   Federal Communications Commission

   445 12^th Street, SW

   Washington, DC 20554

   This is an unofficial announcement of Commission action. Release of the
   full text of a Commission order constitutes official action.

   See MCI v. FCC. 515 F 2d 385 (D.C. Circ 1974).

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