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  EB - Field Actions 2017

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    This page contains copies of Notices of Violation and Notices of Unlicensed Operation issued by Field Offices during calendar year 2017. Field issued NALS issued since March, 2010 and Citations issued since November 2010 are available at EB - Field Activity and Actions.

10-16-2017 NOUO San Luis Valley Regional Airport, Alamosa, Colorado
10-13-2017 NOUO Dwayne M. Banks, Marilyn F. Banks, Waco, Texas
10-12-2017 NOUO New Fellowship Baptist Church, Dorchester, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Elizabeth Plaisime, Delray Beach, Florida
10-12-2017 NOUO Elizabeth Plaisime, Delray Beach, Florida
10-12-2017 NOUO Good Guyz Painting & Pressure Cleaning LLC, Pompano Beach, Florida
10-12-2017 NOUO Jean Dumay, Sunrise, Florida
10-12-2017 NOUO Tracy Wetmore, Everett, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Quinton Joseph, Dorchester Center, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Patrick Jean Romain, Dorchester Center, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Dominique Jean Louis, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
10-12-2017 NOUO Michelle Joseph, Dorchester Center, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Kimberley Baptiste, Brooklyn, New York
10-12-2017 NOUO Geraldine B. Ballentine, Hackensack, New Jersey
10-12-2017 NOUO Dominique Donna, Randolph, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOUO Acerome Jean Charles Concord Promo, Mattapan, Massachusetts
10-12-2017 NOV Dan Blancho, Norfolk, Virginia
10-05-2017 NOUO Jeffrey Darius, Hollywood, Florida
10-04-2017 NOUO Brindley Marshall, Miami, Florida
10-03-2017 NOUO ONEWAVE LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
10-03-2017 NOUO Rochisnel Jerome & Lydie Toussaint, North Lauderdale, Florida
10-03-2017 NOUO Garfield Smith, Lake Worth, Florida
10-03-2017 NOUO Pauline Ferguson, Lake Worth, Florida
10-03-2017 NOUO Migui Mora, Queens, New York
09-22-2017 NOUO W&T Offshore, Coden, Alabama
09-12-2017 NOUO Bosch Communications Systems, Lincoln, NE
09-11-2017 NOUO Yvon Grandchamps, Mattapan, Massachusetts
09-11-2017 NOUO Talya Andrea Lantz, Boston, Massachusetts
09-11-2017 NOUO Richard Clouden, Boston, Massachusetts
09-11-2017 NOUO Quinton Joseph, Dorchester, Massachusetts
09-11-2017 NOUO Michelle Joseph, Dorchester, Massachusetts
09-06-2017 NOUO Robenson Thermitus, Miami, Florida
09-01-2017 NOV California Black Chamber of Commerce, Sacramento, California
09-05-2017 NOV Salem Radio Inc, Salem, SC
08-30-2017 NOV Juan Carlos Cacho Alvelo, Vega Baja, Puerto Rico
08-28-2017 NOUO Willie Abreu Ulloa, New York, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Vital Desvarieux, Spring Valley, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Anchorage Baptist Temple, Anchorage, AK
08-28-2017 NOUO Kacy Rankine, West Orange, New Jersey
08-28-2017 NOUO Julian R. Gutierrez, Yonkers, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Jonathan Michael Campbell, Uniontown, Pennsylvania
08-28-2017 NOUO John F. Resignac, Monroe, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Ian Duprey, Brooklyn, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Ginord Desir, Francine Henda Desir, Brooklyn, New York
08-28-2017 NOUO Cortelyou 2902 LLC, Brooklyn, New York
08-25-2017 NOUO Wilfrid Salomon, Samuel Salomon, Oakland Park, Florida
08-24-2017 NOUO Wilfrid Salomon, Lauderdale Lakes, Florida
08-21-2017 NOUO Gilberto Cerrato and Jamie Cerrato, Sherwood, Arkansas
08-18-2017 NOUO Kevin and Allison Blume, Mishawaka, Indiana
08-17-2017 NOUO Lawrence Mason, East Orange, New Jersey
08-17-2017 NOUO Anslo Alezy, Irvington, New Jersey
08-14-2017 NOUO Roger Bailey, North Lauderdale, Florida
08-14-2017 NOUO Jean Amilcar, West Palm Beach, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Jemima Jean Lucas, Miami, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Audrian White, North Lauderdale, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Joseph Alcide Baguidy, Oakland Park, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Stewart Kantor, San Jose, California
08-11-2017 NOUO Venette Innocent, Pompano Beach, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Reginald C. Brooks & Geneveive Brooks, Miami Gardens, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Cameron K. Brown, Miami, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Michael Palache, West Palm Beach, Florida
08-11-2017 NOUO Jean Carries, Oakland Park, Florida
08-10-2017 NOUO Ernest J. Nardi, Brooklyn, New York
08-09-2017 NOV Youngers Colorado Broadcasting LLC, Atlanta, GA
08-09-2017 NOUO Frances V. Chapman, Lake Worth, Florida
08-09-2017 NOUO American College Express LLC, Hollywood, Florida
08-02-2017 NOUO Albo Investments LLC, Hollywood, FL
07-25-2017 NOV Kern Community Radio Inc., Mettler, California
07-13-2017 NOUO Talya Andrea Lantz, Boston, Massachusetts
07-13-2017 NOUO Davina Mendes, Boston, Massachusetts
07-11-2017 NOUO Orlando Morillo, Bronx, New York
07-11-2017 NOUO Yvon Grand-Champ, Mattapan, Massachusetts
07-11-2017 NOUO Howard A. Bryan, Paterson, New Jersey
06-30-2017 NOUO Maria Santiago, Bronx, New York
06-30-2017 NOUO Phillip Mahoney, Paterson, New Jersey
06-30-2017 NOUO Winston Tulloch, Paterson, New Jersey
06-30-2017 NOUO Sean Marshall, Bronx, New York
06-26-2017 NOUO Robert Tuckey, Greenbrae, CA
06-27-2017 NOUO Tracy and Gerard Peters, Oakland Park, Florida
06-27-2017 NOUO Clairelia and Walter St. Fleur and Sylvie Grand-Pierre, Miami, Florida
06-27-2017 NOUO Wendy A. Lopez, Springfield, Massachusetts
06-27-2017 NOUO Wisland Georges, New England Evangelical Church of Mount Olives, Medford, Massachusetts
06-27-2017 NOUO Betty Sarfo, Worcester, Massachusetts
06-26-2017 NOV International Aerospace Solutions, Inc., South Lake Tahoe, California
06-22-2017 NOUO Mordechai Benishai, Brooklyn, New York
06-22-2017 NOUO Efrain Lanchi Ortega, Queens, New York
06-22-2017 NOUO Alfredo Avendano, Bay Shore, New York
06-21-2017 NOUO Greenpoint Aerospace, Denton, TX
06-08-2017 NOUO Winston Tulloch, Paterson, New Jersey
06-01-2017 NOUO Maria Santiago, New York, New York
06-06-2017 NOUO George Brown, Mount Vernon, New York
06-06-2017 NOUO Dexter Blake, Mount Vernon, New York
06-06-2017 NOUO Martin Sanchez, Passaic, New Jersey
05-26-2017 NOV Lyle E. Hilden, Vista, CA
05-26-2017 NOV Cortaro Broadcasting Corporation, Coolidge, Arizona
05-16-2017 NOV Utility Mapping Services Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii
05-18-2017 NOUO Sean Marshall, Mount Vernon, New York
05-17-2017 NOUO Bradley C. Pike, Dallas, TX
05-17-2017 NOUO Steve Marks, East Orange, New Jersey
05-17-2017 NOUO George Fontan, East Orange, New Jersey
05-18-2017 NOUO Benjamin Klein, East Orange, New Jersey
05-16-2017 NOV Anderson Communications Inc., Honolulu, Hawaii
05-11-2017 NOUO Rubena Hemmings, Bronx, New York
05-01-2017 NOV Cortaro Broadcasting Corporation, Coolidge, Arizona
03-18-2017 NOUO Ministerio Cristiano Hombres de Valor, Omaha, NE
03-20-2017 NOV Spectrum Networks Group, LLC, Miami, Florida
03-14-2017 NOUO Olivia Ulaje, Miami, Florida
03-14-2017 NOUO Maxo Georges & Gilberte Jean Baptiste Georges, West Palm Beach, Florida
03-14-2017 NOUO Michele Hepburn, Mount Vernon, New York
03-14-2017 NOUO Gloria Jimenez, Miami Gardens, Florida
03-14-2017 NOUO Dexter Blake, Mount Vernon, New York
02-27-2017 NOV Centro Familiar Cristiano, Everett, Washington
02-24-2017 NOUO Dwayne L. Smalling, Bronx, New York
02-16-2017 NOUO Lincoln Maxwell, Bronx, New York
02-27-2017 NOV SpectraSite Communications, LLC, American Towers, LLC
02-28-2017 NOUO Jose P. Inoa, Bayonne, New Jersey
03-02-2017 NOV Ondas De Vida Network, Inc., Quartz Hill, California
01-30-2017 NOUO Pierre Toussaint, Mireille Marc, Pompano Beach, Florida
01-30-2017 NOV WOCS-LP
01-30-2017 NOUO Cornel Morris, Verna Harris, Miami Gardens, Florida
01-20-2017 NOV The Friends of the High Line, New York, NY
01-27-2017 NOV L.I. Yellow Transportation, Inc., Uniondale, New York
01-27-2017 NOUO Lafortune Volcey, Orlando, FL
01-03-2017 NOUO Lucas Medina, Cristo la Solucion, Knightdale, North Carolina

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