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                               ENFORCEMENT BUREAU

                              SOUTH CENTRAL REGION

                                 Dallas Office

                            9330 LBJ Freeway, #1170

                              Dallas, Texas 75243

                               September 12, 2006

   Jimmie Dewayne Richards Case Number: EB-06-DL-122

   Irving, Texas   Document Number: W20063250005


   The Dallas Office received information that you were operating a station
   in the Citizen Band (CB) with excessive power. On August 8, 2006, agents
   from this office inspected your station. The inspection of your station
   showed that you were using a Cobra 200 GTL DX transceiver. This
   transceiver has not been certificated by the FCC for use at a CB station.
   Thus, any operation of this station would be in violation of 47 U.S.C.
   S 301.

   Pursuant to Section 95.404 of the FCC's Rules ("Rules"), you do not need
   an individual license to operate a CB station, provided you operate your
   CB station in accordance with the Rules.

   Pursuant to Section 95.409 of the FCC's Rules, you must use an FCC
   certificated CB transmitter at your CB station. Use of a transmitter which
   is not FCC certificated voids the authority to operate the station.
   Therefore, any person operating a CB transmitter that is not FCC
   certificated or that has been modified internally or who attaches an
   external radio frequency power amplifier (linear amplifier) to a CB
   transmitter is by rule an unlicensed operator and is subject to severe
   penalties. The FCC presumes that you have used a linear or other external
   RF power amplifier if it is in your possession or on your premises. The
   FCC also presumes that you have used a linear or other external RF power
   amplifier if there is other evidence, such as on-scene monitoring
   equipment or power measurements that suggest you have been operating a CB
   station with excessive power. Violation of these Rules also voids the
   authority to operate a CB station. In addition, the Rules prohibit
   communicating or attempting to communicate with any CB station more than
   250 kilometers away or installing a fixed antenna more than 60 feet above
   the ground or more than 20 feet higher than the highest point of the
   building or tree on which it is mounted.


   You are hereby warned that operation of radio transmitting equipment
   without a valid FCC authorization or license is a violation of Section 301
   of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended, and may subject the
   operator to substantial monetary fines, in rem arrest action against the
   offending radio equipment, and criminal sanctions including imprisonment.
   Because unlicensed operation creates a danger of interference to important
   radio communications services and may subject the operator to severe
   penalties, this warning emphasizes the importance of complying strictly
   with these legal requirements.

   Section 302(b) of the Act provides "No person shall manufacture, import,
   sell, offer for sale, or ship devices or home electronic equipment and
   systems, or use devices, which fail to comply with regulations promulgated
   pursuant to this section." Section 2.803(a)(1) of the Rules provides that
   " person shall sell or lease, or offer for sale or lease (including
   advertising for sale or lease), or import, ship or distribute for the
   purpose of selling or leasing or offering for sale or lease, any radio
   frequency device unless: (1) In the case of a device subject to
   certification, such device has been authorized by the Commission in
   accordance with the rules in this chapter and is properly identified and

   The Cobra 200 GTL DX transceiver is not authorized by the Commission and
   as such you are warned that you may not sell or lease, or offer for sale
   or lease (including advertising for sale or lease) the Cobra 200 GTL DX

   You have ten (10) days from the date of this notice to respond with any
   evidence that your station is now in compliance with the Rules. Your
   response should be sent to the address in the letterhead and reference the
   listed case and document number. Under the Privacy Act of 1974, 5 U.S.C. S
   552a(e)(3), we are informing you that the Commission's staff will use all
   relevant material information before it to determine what, if any,
   enforcement action is required to ensure your compliance with FCC Rules.
   This will include any information that you disclose in your reply.

   You may contact this office if you have any questions.

   James D. Wells

   District Director

   Dallas Office


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