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   August 5, 2009

   Gene M. Stockdale

   4311 SE Ellis Street

   Portland, OR 97206

   Re: Vanity Call Sign WH7G


   Dear Mr. Stockdale:

   According to Commission records, in April of 1999, you received the call
   sign WH7G as a "former holder" of that call sign. By letter dated June 17,
   2009, the Commission notified you that it was unable to find documentation
   that you were indeed a former holder of WH7G and requested that you
   provide documentation that you held WH7G prior to your April 1999 grant.

   You responded to the Commission's letter on June 25, 2009. In that letter,
   you noted that you did not knowingly make the claim that you were a former
   holder but that instead you must have inadvertently checked the incorrect
   box on the form not understanding the question.

   A review of Commission records indicates that in your application of April
   1999, you did indeed request the call sign WH7G pursuant to the "former
   holder" exemption. While this may have been an error on your part in
   completing the application, you did receive a call sign under an exemption
   for which you were not eligible.

   Accordingly, you have twenty (20) days from the date of receipt of this
   letter to voluntarily file an application to modify your current call sign
   back to your prior call sign of WB7CVX or to apply for another call sign
   for which you are eligible.

   Should you fail to do this within the prescribed time frame, the
   Commission will initiate a license modification proceeding against you and
   will so modify your license on our own motion. In addition, the Commission
   would have the discretion to pursue possible enforcement action against
   you for knowingly and willfully making a false statement or concealing a
   material fact with respect to your original application incorrectly
   stating that you were a "former holder" of the call sign in question.

   Please call me at (717) 338-2577 if you have any questions about this


   Laura L. Smith

   Special Counsel

   Cc: Portland Field Office

   Western Regional Director

   See 18 U.S.C. S: 1001; see also 47 C.F.R. S: 1.17.