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                               Enforcement Bureau

                         Spectrum Enforcement Division

                              1270 Fairfield Road

                      Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245


   May 1, 2007

   Henry A. Stange

   31205 Nicolas Road

   Temecula, CA 92591

   RE: Warning Notice: Amateur Radio License WA6RXZ; Case #EB-2007-3046

   Dear Mr. Stange:

   The licensee of the K6GE repeater has requested in writing that you
   refrain from use of the repeater. The letter was issued as a result of
   your failure to follow operational rules set forth by the licensee/control
   operators of the repeater system for its users. You were previously
   requested verbally to refrain from using the system, but have apparently
   ignored both verbal and written requests.

   The Commission requires that repeaters be under the supervision of a
   control operator and not only expects, but requires, such control
   operators and licensees to be responsible for the proper operation of the
   repeater system. Control operators may take whatever steps are appropriate
   to ensure compliance with the repeater rules, including limiting the
   repeater use to certain users, converting the repeater to a closed
   repeater or taking it off the air entirely.

   Please be advised that we expect you to abide by the request to stay off
   the K6GE system and any other such request by a repeater licensee, control
   operator or trustee. If you use the repeater again after receipt of this
   letter, we will initiate enforcement action against your license, which
   may include revocation, monetary forfeiture (fine) or a modification
   proceeding to restrict the frequencies on which you may operate WA6RXZ.
   Also please be advised that use of the output frequency of the repeater to
   interfere with its operation would be considered deliberate interference.
   There are numerous frequencies available to you for simplex operation.

   Please call me at 717-338-2502 if you have any questions about this


   W. Riley Hollingsworth

   Special Counsel

   cc: FCC Western Regional Director