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   August 6, 2012

   Mr. Darrell K. Jordan

   (Address withheld)

   (Address withheld)


   Amateur Radio License KJ4ITR


   Dear Mr. Jordan:

   By letter dated June 18, 2012, the Commission notified you that it had
   received a complaint concerning the operation of your amateur radio
   station. The complaint alleged that you had been heard on multiple
   occasions breaking into ongoing communications of other amateurs using
   "duck quacks" to interfere with the QSO.

   You responded to the Commission's letter on June 22, 2012. In that letter,
   you acknowledged that you interfered with the QSOs using "duck quacks" but
   argued that you were "not the only station doing it." In your response,
   you mentioned that you would apologize to the stations for interfering
   with them and that you would not do so again. Finally, you apologize to
   the Commission and requested leniency on the part of the Commission as a
   result of the acknowledged rule violation.

   Your operation as described above is contrary to the basis and purpose of
   the amateur radio service as set out in Section 97.1 of the Commission's
   rules. Please be advised that the Commission expects you to abide by its
   rules. This letter serves as notice that, if operation of this type
   reoccurs after receipt of this letter, you could be

   subject to severe penalties, including license revocation, monetary
   forfeiture (fines), or a modification proceeding to restrict the
   frequencies upon which you may operate.


   Laura L. Smith, Esq.

   Special Counsel

   Enforcement Bureau

   Cc: Norfolk Resident Agent

   South Central Regional Director

   See 47 C.F.R. S: 97.1.

   Fines normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.