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   August 12, 2013

   Mr. Jack Hartley

   (Address withheld)

   (Address withheld)

   Re: Advanced Class Amateur License K4WSB

   Warning Notice


   Mr. Hartley:

   In June of 2013, the Commission received notification from the Official
   Observer (OO) program that during a recent contest you had attempted to
   work an operator who was stationed on Kwajelin Atoll in the South Pacific.
   According to the OOs, the operator refused the contact noting that you
   were not authorized to be operating in the band. This was your 4^th
   attempt to contact this operator. As a result of your three prior attempts
   to contact the operator, the OOs had sent you three OO advisory cards for
   out of band operation. Rather than sending you a 4^th ^ advisory, they
   contacted the Commission and asked us to remind you that your continued
   attempts to contact the operator on Kwajelin Atoll constitute a violation
   of our rules as you are not authorized to be operating in that band.

   You are cautioned that continued operation outside the parameters of your
   advanced class license privileges could lead to enforcement action. Such
   action may include license revocation, suspension of your operator
   privileges, or a monetary forfeiture (fine).^ It could also jeopardize any
   attempts to obtain an upgraded amateur radio license. Unauthorized
   operation of this radio station must cease immediately.

   You may contact me at (717)338-2577 should you wish to discuss the matter.


   Laura L. Smith

   Special Counsel

   Cc: Tampa Field Office

   South Central Regional Director

   ^ Fines normally range from $7,500 to $10,000.