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                               Enforcement Bureau

                         Spectrum Enforcement Division

                              1270 Fairfield Road

                      Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245

   October 16, 2007

   Anthony M. Amato

   P. O. Box 2280

   Chester, VA 23831-8444

   RE: Amateur license KR4UQ Club Call Signs; Case # EB-2005-2711

   Dear Mr. Amato:

   On February 16, 2005, we notified you that our licensing records indicate
   that you have at least 17 club call signs in your name as trustee, all
   licensed to Virginia RACES clubs. We requested information related to the
   club stations and have reviewed the information you provided in various
   responses over the past two years.

   Although the number of such club licenses appears more than necessary, we
   have accepted your responses. You are reminded that the only types of
   station licenses that can be granted in the Amateur Service are shown in
   Section 97.5 of our rules. Moreover, Section 97.17(a) provides that only a
   "person" is eligible to apply for a new operator/primary station, club
   station or military recreation station license grant." There are no
   provisions for the licensing of not-for-profit corporations.

   Additionally, in view of the fact that the above licenses are for club
   stations listing you as trustee, and were granted as club stations, you
   are responsible for the proper control of each station, and each club must
   at all times be composed of at least four persons, have a name, document
   of organization, management, and a primary purpose devoted to Amateur
   activities consistent with Section 97 of our rules.

   You may be periodically requested to document that these club stations
   comply with the above rules.


   W. Riley Hollingsworth

   Special Counsel

   cc: FCC South Central Regional Director