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                               Enforcement Bureau

                         Spectrum Enforcement Division

                              1270 Fairfield Road

                      Gettysburg, Pennsylvania 17325-7245


   April 18, 2007

   Anthony M. Amato

   P. O. Box 2280

   Chester, VA 23831-8444

   RE: WARNING NOTICE: Amateur license KR4UQ Club Call Signs; Case #

   Dear Mr. Amato:

   On June 28, 2006, we wrote you concerning the following club call signs in
   your name as trustee, sixteen of which were granted on the same day:

   WC4VAA Virginia ARES RACES Inc. Area 4

   W4VSR Virginia Races Inc for Southern Virginia Regional Medical Center

   N4DHF Virginia Races Inc for Henrico Doctor's Hospital-Forest

   K4MVH Virginia Races Inc for McGuire Veteran's Hospital

   WC4RH Virginia Races Inc for Retreat Hospital Mountain Rptr Association

   KC4CMC Virginia Races Inc for Chippenham Medical Center

   W4VCU Virginia Races Inc for Virginia Commonwealth University Medical

   KC4JRM Virginia Races Inc for John Randolph Medical Center

   K4SRM Virginia Races Inc for Southside Regional Medical Center

   W4CMH Virginia Races Inc for Community Memorial Hospital

   N4HRH Virginia Races Inc for Halifax Regional Hospital

   K4MRM Virginia Races Inc for Memorial Regional Medical Center

   W4SMH Virginia Races Inc for Saint Mary's Hospital

   N4SCH Virginia Races Inc for Southside Community Hospital

   N4JWH Virginia Races Inc for Johnston-Willis Hospital

   W4DHP Virginia Races Inc for Henrico Doctor's Hospital-Parham

   WC4RC Virginia Races Inc for Richmond Community Hospital

   You supplied information to the Enforcement Bureau indicating that the
   call signs were not requested for club stations and that Virginia RACES,
   Inc. is not a club but, instead, is a Virginia Not-For-Profit corporation.
   Our June 28, 2006 letter notified you, however, that the applications you
   filed for these licenses were for club station licenses, and that there is
   no provision in the Commission's Amateur Service Rules that allows for the
   licensing of not-for-profit corporations. Our letter pointed out that the
   types of station licenses that can be granted in the Amateur Service are
   shown in Section 97.5 of our rules, and further that section 97.17(a) of
   our rules provides that only a "person" is eligible to apply for a new
   operator/primary station, club station or military recreation station
   license grant."

   The June 28, 2006 letter afforded you 45 days to conform the licenses to
   Commission rules. You responded by letter dated July 13, 2006 stating that
   your counsel would reply to the Enforcement Bureau regarding this matter,
   but no response has been received. We are affording you 30 days to
   properly license the entities listed above or submit the licenses for
   cancellation. Failure to take action in this matter will result in
   enforcement action against your license.


   W. Riley Hollingsworth

   Special Counsel

   cc: FCC South Central Regional Director